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Leader's Conference 2008 - Business & Product Notes

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Georgiana Duncan
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PostPosted: Feb Tue 19, 2008 8:09 am    Post subject: Leader's Conference 2008 - Business & Product Notes Reply with quote

Leader's Conference, 2/08

Product Info :

Silver ShieldWe now have the exclusive on Silver Shield in the range of 16?19.9ppm.

The new gel (which is wonderful, by the way) is 24 ppm.

Silver destroys bacteria, viruses and mold from 10ppm to 22ppm. The lower range works best on the viruses and the higher the bacteria. The 18ppm provides an optimal killer for both.

SS can kill bacteria in 1.2 seconds killing 99.999999%. Dr. Pederson said that the six 9's after the decimal point are important as this is the accepted range. Some companies just say 99% and aren't as effective.

For MRSA, use the liquid internally and the gel on the skin.

Silver Shield Gel:24 ppm silver, clear, odorless, no alcohol, non?greasy (a little goes a long way!). Destroys bacteria, virus and fungus including MRSA.

The gel is 96% Silver Sol.

A legal claim we can use for the gel is "Helps iprove natural healing."

Showed a case study. Person with Staph for 18 months (think it was MRSA). It was 99.6% killed in one hour with Silver Shield.

If you have cut roses (and I suppose any other flowers), put a few drops of Silver Shield in their water and they will last a whole lot longer.

I got the new DVD from Sound Concepts, it is awesome.


Collatrim Powder
Citrus flavor, sweetened with xylitol. Provides 4.6 grams of protein and 5.0 grams of hydrolyzed collagen per serving. Tastes pretty good too!


Have a new peppermint gum and a berry mint. The berry mint is good, we got samples!

A lot of people requested a fruit flavored gum for kids.

EverFlex - new with Hyaloronic Acid,
HA provides viscosity and elasticity of the fluid surrounding the joints. Individuals with osteo and rheumatoid arthritis have a decreased level in their joints.

Both Chondroitin and Glucosamine stimulate cartilage regeneration.Cartiledge retains water to cushion the joints and allow flexibility, MSM promotes this.

HA is a polysaccharide that promotes higher synovial fluid and joint cartilage. It lubricates and cushions and inhibits the release of cartilage degrading enzymes. It is also an anti?inflammatory.

Devil's Claw is a powerful anti?inflammatory because of a glycoside called harpagoside. DC is the equivalent to butasoladin.


NSP is working on a product to specifically support stem cell production. Currently stem cell support products include:
Super Algae ? helps build blood and stem cell activity
Thai Go
Green Tea Extract
Glyco Essentials
Cellular Build



Get the CD from Thomas Easley and Jay Vanden Heuval (I know I spelled that wrong!). These were the only two I got to, went to the round tables after that.

Since I'm getting the CDs, I didn't take a whole lot of notes. However, I really liked one of Thomas' statements. He said "If the food wasn't around 200 years ago, don't eat it!" Great explanation!

He also gave a great 3 day fast recipe:
First two days:
2 Proactazyme Plus every hour on the hour
3rd day ? 2 Proactazyme Plus one hour and then 1 oz of Mineral Chi Tonic the next ? repeat for the entire day.


Dr. Amen's talk on the brain was great as were his charts and books. I'm waiting to see if this on the CD's. If not, I'll type up all my notes and post them.

Business Notes
There will be a new renewal process going into effect May 1. The person renewing must place a $40 order for which they will receive no QV but which will be used as their renewal.

Also with this, if they, at this time, place an order of at least 100QV they will get 10% off their whole order (minus the first $40 for the signup) with no limit on the amount! Someone asked if they could place a $1 million order and get the 10% off and Greg said yes. Of course, this does not apply to managers, we just get automatically renewed as usual.

For those of us who are using the multiple person renewal forms, we can continue to use these as usual as per Customer Service today.

Also for those of us who use the multiple person sign?up forms, they are going to be putting the form online which should make it easier and faster for us.


There will be two Rising Stars this year due to having so many people who qualified.

For the new District Managers, starting in 2009 they will earn National Convention by being District and will have an extra day at the start of convention just for them.


The company is still working on getting China open. Poland will be open this year.



Several people complained that their people were being switched from Classic to Legacy without permission. Greg was very astonished by this, said it shouldn't be done. He said that, if this is happening, call Leigh Ann in Order Entry and have her take care of it. Even though there is no deadline ofr a person to make their "oone?time?only" switch, if someone's signup is messed up and they have to be changed, this would not affect their future choice.

My suggestion is that you not only contact Leigh Ann to get things fixed but that you also send an email to Greg at so that he can see the enormity of this problem. Do tell him that you are already contacting Leigh Ann.


The website is up. This is a website to send people to in order to convince them as to why they should signup with NSP. It was announced that a link to this will be put on our myNSP sites but, when I called Customer Service after LaVonna's comment, they said that this is coming but they didn't yet have a date.

When this is put into effect, the person will have a tag attached to their searches through the site that will automatically link back to your account if they sign up. If they go to the site directly, they will need your account number in order to signup under you.


I talked to Mitch Carter about having only Classic showing on my myNSP site as this is the only plan I want to use. He said that, if enough people emailed him, they could put this on the project list and get it done for us as soon as time permitted. How about some emails folks, his email is

DO remember that they are currently trying to connect all the other countries sites to the NSP site. Since the other countries are using different equipment and, in some cases, different software, this is a huge undertaking. After having been in the computer business for about 25 years, I understand what they are going through with this and am willing to cut them a bit of slack. However, having said this, the more people who email Mitch, the faster this will get done for us!


NSP is going to start having a Business Building call on the 3rd Wednesday or every month. The call will be at 6:00 pm PST and will be led by Mary Christianson. If you can't make the call that night, the mail part will be recorded. They are going to have a main part with Mary and then a question and answer session.

The phone number for the call is:
pin #:

They are also going to start going around with Business Building Seminars but these have not been scheduled yet. They will be evening classes in various areas.


Jean Bryant made a wonderful suggestion. When people were talking about the problem of not having ID cards, she said that she signs people up on the computer in her shop, writes their account number and expiration date on the back of one of her cards and tells the people that this is their ID card that they need to show when they come in.
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