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8 Causes of Disease - Quick Notes from Meeting

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Georgiana Duncan
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PostPosted: Oct Sun 07, 2007 6:10 pm    Post subject: 8 Causes of Disease - Quick Notes from Meeting Reply with quote

8 Causes of Disease; Dr. Gordon Pedersen

Meeting held in Rochester, NY
October 2, 2007

1. Deficiencies
2. Contagions
3. Immune Dysfunction
4. Abnormal Metabolism
5. Stress
6. Injuries
7. Genetics/Age
8. Toxins/Free Radicals

Super Trio; As easy as 3-2-1
* Great health begins with great nutrition
* 35years of the highest quality supplements
* 3 supplements,2 times/day, 1 month supply
* Super Supplemental (w/o iron)
* Super Omega 3
* Super ORAC; one pill equals one ounce of Thai Go

Dr. Pedersen Intro

Renowned scientist, toxicology degree, many years of working for the world's largest pharmaceutical company; went into sports medicine (cardiac wellness & rehabilitation) formulator of more than 150 products; international best-selling author; directed by office of VP to write protocol to treat TB

Prevent the 8 Causes of Disease and Questionnaire ; 65 questions, to
prioritize which cause to work on first (questionnaires did not arrive in
time for the meeting but are available through Sound Concepts)

We need to prevent the 8 causes of disease including the food we eat ; did
you know?

Over the last three decades fast food has infiltrated every aspect of
American society.

Fast food is now served at home, restaurants, stadiums, airports, zoos, high schools, elementary schools, pre-schools, universities, on cruise ships, and even at hospital cafeterias.

Man in hospital with coronary disease ; Why are you feeding me the food
that made me sick?²


2001 - $110 BILLION


Fast food has joined Hollywood movies, blue jeans and pop music as one of Americaıs most prominent exports

3 new American fast food restaurants have opened every day for the last 7 years in Japan ; and Japanese people are catching right up to Americans with poor health statistics.

We exercise 9x less, drink contaminated water, breathe polluted air, eat
infected animals

1970; average teen drank 7 oz. Soda/daily

2007 avg. teen drinks 3x that amount (21 oz) and derive 9% of daily
calories from it

10 t. sugar in each can - 5 or more cans a day

Diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease rising among teens; should it be treated with drugs? No, take away their soda!

(Journal of Dentistry)

Many infants now bottle-fed soda

Pepsi, 7-Up and Dr. Pepper licensed for baby bottles

We bring on 80% of our diseases through poor lifestyle choice, but our body will heal itself with the proper tools, one cell at a time; vitamins,
minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, antioxidants

Healthy individuals can derive benefit from regular use of multi-vitamin
and mineral supplements and everyone should use some sort of supplement daily.² Congress, Public Law 103-417 (DSHEA)

Disease: an impairment of healthy body function

Cause; to induce

Prevention; keep from happening,

Our goal: to stop the origin of abnormal body function or poor health ;
different from stopping the symptoms! We can stop symptoms with drugs
(anti-inflammatories, pain killers, immune-reducing drugs), but we need to
stop the CAUSE.

Prevent the cause of the disease: healthy diet, intestinal cleanse, lymph
cleanse, sleep, stretching, detoxify the joint, reduce sugar intake, restore
good flora.

Take daily supplements that build and rebuild healthy cells.

Vit. E taken on a daily basis reduces the risk of breast cancer by 5 times
(every day for two years; study, British Journal or Cancer, 1989)

Prevention originates in the cell

Vitamins are co-factors for communication

Minerals transfer energy (oxygen)

EFA's make up the cell membranes

Amino acids communicate, give structure and function to cells

Antioxidants reduce free radical damage inside the cell

Video taking us inside the cell showing:
* Vitamins and amino acids are essential for cellular communication
* Crucial for cellular function
* Structural, eyes, brain synapses require O3ıs
* Immune cells require vitamins and minerals
* Free radical damage to the cell

The four leading causes of death can be prevented one cell at a time

Heart Disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes ; reason for 83% of all deaths in
the US

8 Causes of Disease

1. Deficiencies; nutrients, water , sleep, exercise

2. Abnormal immunity; autoimmune, inflammation, allergies,
abnormal cell growth, low immune, vitality

3. Injuries; trauma, surgery, neglect, abuse

4. Contagions; bacterial, viral, parasites, insects, fungus
(70% transferred through hands; 2nd; a purse)

5. Genetics/Age; time and DNA

6. Toxins/Free Radicals; poison, pollution, chemicals, drugs,
environmental toxins, accumulations in intestines, blood, fats, brains

7. Abnormal Metabolism; obesity, diabetes, hormonal problems

8. Stress; physical, mental, emotional, poor habits

Health Risks of the 8 Causes

1. Deficiencies; energy, cardio, brain, bones, muscles, nerves, hormones
2. Abnormal immunity; autoimmune, inflammation, allergies, abnormal cell
growth, low immune, vitality
3. Injuries; trauma, surgery, neglect, abuse
4. Contagions; mold, flu, sore throat, herpes, STD, cardiovascular
5. Genetics/Age; memory, muscles, bones, hormones, energy, reflexes,
enzymes, abnormal cells, pain
6. Toxins/Free Radicals ; allergies, cancers, intestinal, blood, liver,
Parkinson's, rashes, immune disorders, depression, fibromyalgia, MS, pain, autoimmune
7. Abnormal Metabolism - Chronic fatigue syndrome, constipation,
depression, thyroid and more
8. Stress; systemic anxiety, free radicals, obesity, all disease

Each cause promotes a specific health risk

The more causes you suffer from, increases your risk of diseaseSsometimes exponentially (like cancer)

Scientific review of SUPER TRIO ingredients and their benefits ; vitamins,
minerals, EFA's and antioxidants

The reason nutrients work at the cellular level ; kinesans (100,000 per
cell) constantly survey and repair damaged, aging or incorrect cellular

Nutrients are easily absorbed into the cells, where they are readily used to
help build and repair your 10,000,000 cells

Cause #1 ; Vitamin deficiency
92% do not get enough vitamins from food they eat

Photos of alopecia (male pattern balding) helped one cell at a time by high
doses of biotin

Cause #2 ; Immunity
A ; helps increase NK (natural killer) cells

B ; improves T cell activity

C ; helps improve humeral and cellular immunity

E ; helps improve immune response in elderly

E ; shown to provide more long term disease prevention

Minerals benefit immunity

Iron helps improve verbal, learning, memory and energy

Phosphorous helps stimulate the immune system

Selenium ; helps raise immunity and increase cancer defense

Potassium deficient corn leaves (photos); healthy & unhealthy

EFAıs benefit all the causes of disease

Fish oil 33:16 EPA to DHA ; benefit plants as well as humans (remember how the Native Americans helped the pilgrims plant their corn ); benefits the heart, circulation, veins, arteries, brain cells, memory, Alzheimer, nerves, reproduction, immunity, diabetes, and helps prevent cancer daily because cells are being produced correctly (shape of cells ; healthy and round vs. long and pointy where they stick and accumulate in arteries); helps reduce breast cancer growth and metastasis (daily supplementation for six months)

Flax seed oil

CoQ 10

Hawthorn berries

Super ORAC benefits immunity

Quercetin is used to purify blood transfusions as an antiviral (resonant
frequency) ; even the AIDS virus; so what if I took this on a daily basis
and spent 15 minutes a day in the sunlight? HmmmmS

Turmeric Root extract ; anti fungal, anti viral, anti inflammatory,
anti-cancer (all journal documented)

Healing benefits of SUPER TRIO vitamins:

Regular intake of A, C, and E ; 70% reduction in skin cancer

B2 ; required for oxygen transport in every cell; before and after niacin ;
feet ready to be amputated; healed in one month (photos)

Cause #3 ; Injuries and Healing
Mg, CA, ad B12 combined together improve healing of bones, muscles and

Vit K promotes healing and prevents deficiency symptoms

As potassium intake decreases, muscular strength decreased

Silver Shield improves wound healing ; recounted story of own facial wounds, and showed photos

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential in building healthy cell membranes

Super Orac benefit injuries from within the cell ; grapeseed extract 50x
more potent than Vit E, and 20x more potent than C

Cause #4 Contagions
Vit C will add 7 healthful years to your life

Trio minerals will fight contagious disease

Selenium is stronger when combines with vit. A and E ; Vit A for stronger
immune defense, E for longer immune effect

Combined, they Turn free radicals into water and help produce interferon

Silver is the best contagion defense

Silver destroys contagions ; kills bacteria, improves all antibiotic
function as much as ten times, inactivates viruses, kills mold & yeast,
helps improve wound healing

Story of VP of US requesting a protocol for XDR-TB ; 1 ounce dose of silver aquasol, immediately following the oral dose, begin the inhalation of ounce ounce of silver aquasol (liquid from a nebulizer); repeat twice a day! A tremendous tool for pneumonia; get one where you can put the tube right into your mouth. Kills bacteria in 6 minutes

Quotes from Dr. Rustum Roy, Penn State University

Super Omegaıs benefit to contagions ; daily supplementation help prevent
disease and increase healing time

Cause #5 ; Aging/Genetics
B-2 helps retard cataracts

B-12 builds protective sheaths around nerves promoting healthy mental and nervous function

Vit E ; adds 10 or more years of healthy productive life span to the average person

Antioxidants block the formation of tumors

Cause #6 ; Toxins
Vitamin E produces and 85% positive response in women with breast lumps that would have required surgery ; one monthıs time

Vitamin E protects your kidneys against heavy metal poisoning, including

EFA's build healthy cells in the brain which may prevent Alzheimerıs by
preventing the stickiness that affects brain activity

Cause #7 ; Metabolism

B-1 helps make serotonin more available

B6 and magnesium produce amazing changes in autistic children (do not
receive amino and minerals across the blood-brain barrier)

Chromium helps balance hormones and blood sugar

Iodine benefits the liver, thyroid, vision and reproductive organs

Zinc heals the skin (itchy, scaly)

Reduce fat in arteries

Reduce free radical damage in organs and blood

Prevents heart disease

Improve skin

Lower BP


Cause # 8 ; Stress
Emotional, physical, mental and environmental stress can weaken the immune system

B vitamins reduce stress on the nervous system

Antioxidants and exercise help reduce stress

Natural immunity was increased when a person performed exercise in the form of a brisk walk ; 13% increase in NK (natural killer) cells

An NSP supplement caused an 18% increase in NK cells

Combined, 255% increase in the number of NK cells, and they lasted 8x longer

By preventing two causes of disease (stress and deficiency) you receive an exponential benefit to the immune system which results in disease prevention

Trial study: Mice given the supplements and put on a treadmill for 7 days

Given an injection of a fatal viral infection ; 71% survived!

By preventing multiple causes you can have exponential benefits!

Plant photos ; vitamin deficiency

Scurvy photos ; C deficiency

B deficiency ; pellagra photos

Calcium deficient photos of bones ; osteoporosis

Calcium deficiency in tomato ; blossom end rot

Sulfur deficient Tomato, 2 weeks later (before and after, with sulfur

Dehydration ; a condition that exists when the body does not have sufficient water to fulfill all its biochemical needs

Symptoms: Swollen lips/tongue, headaches, confusion, fatigue, constipation, shakiness, tremorsSeventually coma and death!

A recent survey of Americans showed:
* 75%dehydrated
* 37%believe theyıre hungry when they are thirsty
* 3%dehydration results in slow metabolism (weight gain)
* 2%loss ; memory loss and focus
* Children who donıt drink enough water are more prone to obesity and
reduced height

Injuries can develop from trauma, a sedentary lifestyle, overuse or neglect

Arthritis, broken bones, sprains, bruises, brain injuries, pain

A deficiency in O3's may lead to agglutinated cells ; can't give off oxygen,
but can clog an artery, leading to heart attack or stroke!

Varicose veins ; 9 Vit E/day 3/3/3 400 IU for 6 weeks - amazing results
shown in photos

Total Health Institute ; photo of MD, chiropractor, physical therapist and

US Public Law 103-417 ; Dietary Health and Supplement Act of 1994

Posted on the wall with doctorıs recommendation; people will ask you for
these products (Super Trio)

(Here is the link:

Focus on the cause of disease and make sure you are building a healthy
momentum at the cellular level ; then if you miss a day, you won't fall prey to the 8 causes!

RG-Max ; arginine supplement video

Alfalfa sprouts ; RG-Max and Trio ; just 4 days

18% increase in size and volume

6% increase by weight

Slight color change ; darker (purple?)

Slight change in sweetness due to xylitol

RG-Max Ingredients:

L-Arginine ; 5 grams per serving




7-Amino acid blend


Red grape skin extract provides powerful antioxidant benefits, which also
protects the circulatory system

* Helps maintain healthy circulation and thereby promotes stamina during
* Protects against premature cardiovascular aging.
* Provides powerful antioxidant benefits.
* Supports heart function and may positively impact blood lipid profiles.
* Contains amino acids that support the heart and skeletal muscles.
* Offers the low-glycemic health benefits of xylitol - makes RG-Max taste
great without the harmful effects of sugar on the teeth and circulatory

Anti-cancer, anti-tumor ; will stop metastasis

Xylitol Benefits
All natural from corn stalks

40% less calories than sucrose

Glycemic index (7)

Does not effectively raise glucose or insulin

Improves muscles - glycogen and glutathione

Natural Health Expo East 2007 prohibited all products containing artificial
sweeteners ; reactive sugars!! Only natural sugars were allowed.

Notes contributed by Sharon Grimes
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