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Notes from NSP Silver Shield Meetig in Rochester, NY - 6/19

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PostPosted: Jun Wed 20, 2007 1:15 pm    Post subject: Notes from NSP Silver Shield Meetig in Rochester, NY - 6/19 Reply with quote


Dr. Gordon Pedersen (Ph.D. in toxicology with a Master’s degree in wellness)
NSP Rochester Meeting, June 19, 2007

“Based on my research, I have found the new silver solution to be a safe and effective weapon against harmful yeasts, viruses, and bacteria. Its low concentration, high effectiveness, and lack of side effects make it an ideal supplement for the prevention and care of conditions associated with these pathogens.”
Kenneth Friedman, Ph.D. (MIT), M.S. (MIT & Harvard)

“To date, there are no potentially pathogenic bacteria tested that…[this] product has not killed.”
Dr. R. Leavitt, Professor of Molecular Biology and Microbiology
Brigham Young University


A sol is a colloid that has a continuous liquid phase in which a solid is suspended in a liquid.

Many people have used colloidal silver as a supplement for years, but with new technology comes improved science. Recent advances in silver technology have resulted in a silver solution that can be used in an effective daily regimen to prevent and kill bacteria, viruses, mold and food poisoning. It is safe enough to consume every day while powerful enough to destroy the causes of many serious diseases like strep throat, staph, pneumonia, salmonella, dysentery and yeast.

More men died from infections in the Civil War than they did from the wounds they recd in battle. In World War I & II, colloidal silver was sued to treat the wounds to prevent infection.

When hospitals want to kill bacteria, they disinfect things; but even their fumes are toxic! When doctors want to kill things in the body, they use antibiotics. What if we had an internal disinfectant? Now we have a SAFE internal disinfectant, safe enough to take every day!
“Dis” means to kill
“Infectant” means something that infects us
A “disinfectant” is something that kills the things that infect us ---- and everything used in the hospital is toxic to the human system.
A first line of defense could be taken every day, providing prevention before you need a cure. It could prevent the need for antibiotics, could safely disinfect one cell at a time, could help antibiotics do their job better by reversing the damage caused by the antibiotic.
Kills bacteria in the body but protects probiotics
Helps improve wound healing
Kills candida without harming the good flora
Changes the way we treat TB and pneumonia and other diseases
Has been presented before congress as a new technology
It is a totally different chemical entity than colloidal silver water dispersion

When silver is subjected to tremendous amounts of energy it will actually dissolve into water. This produces a stable dispersion of solids in liquids, where the solids maintain a magnetic field; the solids are tinier than water particles and keep their charge while suspended in water – nano-particles.

This entire range of silver antimicrobial properties are patent-protected.
US Patent #7,135,195, Nov. 14, 2006
Yes - it is a PROVEN claim!!!
Elemental silver is used as the core silver nano particle and has a silver oxide coating which maintains a charged silver coat that has antimicrobial properties

Colloids, including metallic sols™ have been studied more than any other category of materials. Faraday pioneered the electrolysis of sols™; Svedberg, Perrin & Zsigmondy all won Nobel prizes studying colloids (2 in 1926); more.
Silver sol™ passes through the organs of excretion and disinfects them.
The name “colloidal silver” still applies to this technology but there is so much more to a silver sol™.
• Kills 99.99% of most bacteria, molds & yeasts within 10 minutes
• Continues to kill pathogens with catalytic, not chemical action
• Can be used internally as well as topically
• Has multiple mechanisms of action to ensure its efficacy
• Is non-toxic and safe at recommended levels
Safety: it would take 72 years to accumulate in your body if you took it daily (.005 mg/kg/day – one ounce) – even if NONE of it left your body!
90-95% of this silver is excreted out o the body on the second day
Non-toxic internal disinfectant – can be taken internally
In 1924 colloidal silver was patented, which expired 17 years later. Our silver is different because PURE silver is used, not 98% pure like people use in their home brews, which can cause significant accumulation of nickel and lead and other metals associated with impure metals. Homemade electrical devices produced silver water that was in the range of 300-3000 parts per million. Side effects began to appear with such inconsistent and high concentrations of silver developed in uncontrolled environments. New patented process supercharges the silver using >10,000 volts of AC vs. much lower voltage at home using DC.

While other silvers can kill bacteria at high concentrations and amounts, ours can kill them at very low concentrations and amount. It takes only a tiny amount (10 to 20 parts/million) to this supercharged silver sol™ to be effective.

US Patent claims: (download this patent in the NSP Advisor files or at the US Patent website)
Anthrax, yeast, TB, wounds, food poisoning, bubonic plague (killed in 2 min.), MRSA, (In Ireland, hospitals are being burned down because of MRSA), much more.
Story about the plague – 1/3 of Europe died from the plague, and when our product was tested on this pathogen, killed it in 1.4 min. 160x stronger solution of the pathogen was introduced, and our silver sol™ killed 99.99% in 2 minutes. This plague lasted for 100 years, and those who survived it used SILVERware. Wealthy families gave their children silver spoons to suck on to protect them fro the dreaded disease; this gave rise to the saying “born with a silver spoon in his mouth”.
Western settlers dropped silver coins into their wells and water barrels to keep the water potable, and dairy farmers often used silver milk pails to keep the milk from spoiling.
In the 19th century surgeons used silver sutures to close surgical wounds; prevented infection and sped up the healing process.
Most hospitals use silver-tipped Foley catheters to prevent urinary tract infection
Many stents and prosthetic implants are made from silver due to its bactericidal properties.
Combats malaria, fungal infections, bacterial skin infections
Respiratory, nasal, ear infections
Anti-viral properties – kills both types of virus and Hep B

First line of defense for our country – as an immune enhancing bio-defense product against bio-terrorism and SARS – recommended by former surgeon general of the AF, Paul K. Carlton. In 2003, Dr. Carlton drafted a letter to the US Dept. of Homeland Security recommending this new silver solution as an important resource in bio-defense against bio-terrorism and outbreaks of infectious diseases. According to Dr. Carlton, the aquasol™ technology “has undergone rigorous testing and has been found to kill anthrax, bubonic plague, hospital staph and SARS:: while still being non-toxic to humans. In addition, Dr. Carlton wrote that the compound has been a protection against the bubonic plague. He wrote that the silver solution “has shown to be a proven, wide-spectrum anti-microbial/bio-decontaminant…that can be used to increase the safety and functionality of healthcare facilities in the event of a bio-terror attack or infectious disease out break such as SARS. In short, we currently do not have anything with such a wide spectrum of efficacy…in our inventory.”

The top infectious diseases in America are staph, strep, pneumonia, and MRSA (resistant staph) – these are the cause of infections of the ears, nose, throat, lungs, bronchioles, eyes, skin, digestive tract and can be fatal…and prevented using your silver shield.
Staph before and after silver was applied (photos) – 1.4 min. to destroy – 1 u/m size

CDC has warned doctors to NOT prescribe any antibiotics for ear infections (Nov 2006) – “They only serve to make the problem worse” – the recommendation is to give analgesics and the ear infection should remedy itself in a few days or weeks.
Dr. Pedersen’s son Nikko was on continuous antibiotics for ear infections (6 heavy-duty drugs) for a number of years until he discovered silver sol™; now a teen with irritable bowel problems due to the damage caused to his intestines by the drugs.

Dr. Pederson felt as though he had swimmers ear one day describe the feeling – laid down and put in 5-6 drops per ear– by AM it was all cleared up. Lay on your side and point your ear to the ceiling and lay there ten minutes or so after applying the drops to allow the silver to trickle all the way down inside the inner ear.

70% of children have had an antibiotic for an ear infection by age 3, and over 90% by age 5 – use 4-5 silver drops in the ear twice a day – let it sit there for ten minutes. In about 6-10 minutes it will kill anything that is growing in there! Keep ear pointed to the ceiling.
Antibiotics are failing because the bacteria have become resistant – Current Science, 2006 – “this silver has helped reverse antibiotic resistance and made all categories of antibiotics more functional”.

Common sense medicine –
• Use 1 t. of silver daily because it is broad spectrum and kills bacteria, viruses and yeast
• If you are getting sick or going to be exposed, are under stress or at risk, take the preventative amount 2x/day
• If you are seriously ill – 3-4x/day

70% of all contagious diseases are obtained by hand contact; you could put this silver on your hands (spritz it on) and have protection for the next 4 hours.
Bottom of purses the second most germ-infected surface!!

Use silver for the prevention of STD’s (which are bacterial)
Soak a tampon in silver and insert it for 30 minutes; you can use an all-natural tampon product. (This would also be effective against yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, toxic shock syndrome, HPV, etc.)
Many ways silver kills pathogens –
• Silver oxide kills on contact with the bacteria by pulling one electron off the thin-walled bacteria cell membrane and rupturing the bacteria cell in 6 minutes or less, and causing its death; photo of strep throat shown = red (bacteria) white (bacteria using healthy tissue for food) ; swish the silver in the mouth and kill the bacteria everywhere in your mouth, which will also help prevent heart disease!
• Magnetic viral DNA disruption – the magnetic charge of the silver acts on viral DNA; the magnetic attraction binds and incapacitates the abnormal DNA of viruses in direct contact or even in the vicinity of the silver; the silver nano particle keeps the DNA from multiplying and thus deactivates it.
• Unique resonance – the new silver resonates at between 890-910 tera hertz (nominated twice for the Nobel Prize); this is the same frequency that is used in labs to kill bacteria and viruses; if you go to a lab that works with bacteria or viruses, you will find strategically placed blue lights that resonate ay 890-910 TH. Its resonant frequency is in the same range as the blue germicidal lights found in hospitals.
o NOTE: The frequency of silver affects the entire body even if it doesn’t touch the entire body. (DEMO with silver pendant/balance) – makes the other calls in the body follow. It is taken inside the red blood cells and transported throughout the body, killing as it goes.- like a bunch of supercharged flashlights safely disinfecting as they go throughout the body. Healthy and unhealthy frequencies (massage vs. jack hammers). “So safe you can drink it, yet so powerful it can kill the most dangerous bacteria known to man.” (Keith Moeller – who uses Colloidal Silver like Windex is used in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”)
• Cellular communication – most cells have a glucose (sugar) coating used in cellular communication that determines intracellular activity. Silver reacts positively with the coating, allowing the silver particle to enter abnormal cells and kill the pathogens.

As an immune booster, there are over 80 published studies documenting the benefits to structures and functions of the body, (partial listing found on p. 3 in the Wellness Report)

What if you could save yourself from an MRSA infection? 51% of all staph infections are actually MRSA. You can drink the silver sol™ and inhale it; take it every day and never feel sick again.

This is:
The vibration of truth - the resonance of a new silver shield!

PART II - Silver Shield Medical School – clinical evidence that Silver Shield kills bacteria, kills viruses, kills fungus, and improves wound healing


Bacteria: Acne (photos) – one application (squirt); 24 hours later visible improvement in seen; bacteria grow, multiply and destroy healthy tissue. Pimples are visibly smaller in radius and flat to the skin; puss center is gone.
Photo of Cystic acne – leave deep scars – one treatment & 24 hours later – shrinks 50% and nearly flat to the skin, demonstrating we are killing the cause of acne; imagine doing it twice a day and continuing for a week.
Photo of MRSA being killed by silver sol™
Photo of ankle sore, treated for 7 years with everything but silver; ready to amputate; begin using silver 2x/day, internal and spray – soaking a gauze pad and leaving it on the wound; by week 2, 45% improvement; week 3, 71%; week 4, 80%, week 5, 90%; week 6, totally closed over and healing!! No amputation necessary!!!!!
Diaper rash – can be turned around in 3 hours – spray the silver solution directly on the rash
Voice Spray – reduce the bacteria that causes sore throats with a liquid spray bottle: 1-4 pumps, 1-10x/day. Gargling or swishing the silver sol™ for 6 min. keeps the silver in contact with the pathogens long enough to kill the bacteria.
Eye or ear infections – 4 drops of silver in the eye or ear for at least 10 minutes at a time, 2x/day
Sinus infections – 1-4 nasal pumps, 1-10x/day

Silver Sol™ is the first line of defense against bacteria – kills the following pathogens with concentrations noted (in parts per million)
MRSA/Staphylococcus aureus (bacteria) – pneumonia, eye infections, skin infections, meningitis, toxic shock syndrome, food poisoning – 2.5 - 5 PPM
H. Influenze (bacteria) – ear infections, pneumonia, meningitis, throat and sinus infections – 1.25 PPM
Y. Pestis (bacteria) - bubonic plague – 5 PPM
Strep pneumoniae (bacteria) – pneumonia, meningitis, sinusitis, otitis media – 2.5-5 PPM
Strep pyogenes (bacteria) – strep throat, impetigo, scarlet fever – 1.25 PPM
Pseud. Aeroginosa (bacteria) – burn & wound infections, meningitis, pneumonia, UTI – 2.5-5 PPM
Strep mutants (bacteria) - tooth decay, dental plaque – 5 PPM
Salamonella (bacteria) - food poisoning, fever – 2.5-5 PPM
E. coli (bacteria) - food poisioning, diarrhea – 2.5 – 5 PPM
Influenza A (virus) – flu – 10 PPM
Hepatitis B (virus) – hepatitis – 10 PPM
Candida albicans (mold/yeast) – vaginal and intestinal yeast (5 PPM)
OUR SILVER SOL™ PRODUCT CONTAINS14 PPM – so it will do all of the above!!!

Can kill bacteria in as little as 1.4-45 min. – can be delivered orally, gel, ear/eye drops, inhaled, topically, intranasal (1-4 pumps prior to air travel), throat spray, in and on wounds.
Pour silver into a nebulizer cup; inhale the mist for 30 minutes, and you coat the inside of the lungs to prevent or cure anything that is in the lungs – do not dilute
For a CPAP machine – dilute 3:1
Nebulizer (inhaler) 50% off for NSP members – see info at the end of note section
VP of the US requested Dr. Pederson to send a protocol for XDR-TB to CDC. “The active ingredient is a silver aquasol™ (US Patent #7,135,195) which kills tuberculosis.
• Drink a 1-ounce dose
• Immediately following the oral, begin the inhalation of 1 oz. of silver aquasol™ (liquid from a nebulizer)
• Do this 2-3x a day


Viruses – kills both forms, including ebola and HPV (cervical cancer)
100% improvement in ability of mice to survive a fatal bird flu infection
Dr. Rustom Roy, Current Science Investigation Journal, 2007 (quote)


Fungus – timber wolf with mouth and snout infections (LOBO, Disney movie); losing fur around now, Dr. Pedersen treated with colloida silver with fast and excellent results! Safe for use with animals
Fungus – app. 25% of all missed days for military comes from foot fungus – the military issues soldiers’ socks and undergarments woven with silver to reduce odor and prevent infection in the field.
Out of control – can lead to fibromyalgia symptoms
Toenail fungus – afflicts 25% of adults; can cause systemic problems if it gets in your blood stream
• Liquid silver needs to be in contact with the fungus for ten minutes to kill it, needs to get below the nail
• Create a toe dressing
• Scrape or sand the top shiny layer, which makes it porous
• Soak a 1/2 inch thick cloth in silver
• Tape it over toe so the liquid can soak into the nail
• Tape a little baggie around it so it doesn’t leak; leave for at least 30 minutes (overnight is even better)
• (Silver Toe Dressing) – the dark fungus will be lighter; will come back in 48 hours; so doe this every other day until the toe nail grows out
• 3x/week – Silver Toe every other day
Silver must be in contact with fungus to kill it.
Silver can kill candida without killing probiotics – yogurt experiment proves that the yogurt starter will still work even when silver sol™ is added to it.


Wound Healing – Injuries, wounds, infections all compromise the immune system inviting potential complications
The immune sys focuses all its energy on isolating, destroying and removing a pathogen
Reduces inflammation and pain; reduces the time to heal serious wounds by half
Half the time, half the scar, half the cost, ten times the benefit!!!

Inhibits pain receptors to reduce pain; silver is often woven into cloaks for racehorses to relieve aching muscles.
Wound demonstration – Dr. Pederson suffered a facial trauma that resulted in 15 stitches to his right eye, stitches on the forehead, and tightly swollen, badly bruised tissues around the right eye, with migrating bleeding/bruising across the bridge of the nose and over to the left eye. Doctors told him it would take 2-3 weeks to heal. He applied:
• Silver – Topical 4x/day (soaked gauze pad over the wound)
• Silver – Internal 2x/day (1 ounce)
Showed photos of Day 1 through Day 6 – each day showed amazing improvement and on day 6 it was barely noticeable that he had ever had an injury. His doctor said it healed twice as fast, or maybe even three times faster, than any other wound like it, with no infection, and no pain!!!!
Wounds heal twice as fast because the immune system does not have to fight the infection first – burns, cuts, infections, radiation burns, many more on list.
Bacteria do not mutate to destroy its activity – no resistance like there is to antibiotics
Thus, it increases the efficacy of antibiotics ten-fold.

Need: delivery systems for the mouth, nose, ears, eyes, lungs, rectum, vagina and others
Solution: nasal and skin spray bottle, ears and eye dropper bottle, throat spray bottle, nebulizer (combinations of delivery methods often help improve healing times, because, until you kill the pathogens, healing cannot take place.)

Nasal spray, oral spray, ear drop bottles – Sound Concepts 888-225-6601
Nebulizer (Omron) – mention NSP – 800-986-0525
Silver Pendant (Quantum Radiance Sol™utions) – 801-331-8107 – available in a variety of colors; will etch NSP across it – use it as a business builder

Q & A – will our colloidal silver help…

Cancer – if caused by bacteria or viral
Parasites – to a minor degree, some limited benefit
Psoriasis – bleeding and painful; helps clear it up by keeping it moist – use the spray 10 times a day and drink 2x a day
Lyme – bacterial; 4x the normal dose plus every other application; intranasal
Epstein Barr Virus – intranasal and oral
Herpes – apply to cold sore with paper towel topically, may turn red but will not erupt; will suppress it. Take orally as well; apply with bandaid to any part of body where there is a herpes eruption
High BP – may help reduce inflammation
Macular degeneration/glaucoma – reduce inflammation – need to penetrate the eye, so minor benefits only may be seen

Dental office water supply contamination (15 gallon holding tank behind the dentist chair – add colloidal silver to the water to kill bacteria!)-
To take it into the hospital for patient consumption --- mix it in water and transport in a Styrofoam cup with a lid and straw

Don’t use large doses for longer than 2 weeks at a time
Shelf life is 8 years

Notes taken and submitted by Sharon Grimes, Regional Manager
Sharon Grimes, CNHC
Energy Foot Spa & Natural Health Educator
Store: 181 York Street, Auburn, NY 13021
Voicemail: 315/729-7765
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