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High Blood Pressure

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valerie Steiner
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PostPosted: Dec Sun 31, 2006 2:05 pm    Post subject: High Blood Pressure Reply with quote

This is concerning, I had a spell in 1999 when mine went sky high twice in a couple of days. The second time I had a friend drive me to a Drs. He prescribed me a drug. My friend then took me to a chemists where I sat and pondered for 20 minutes while she did another call. My decision made, I waited for her return and home we went. There I took 12 Dong Quai and 12 of a parasite combination of another company that I had at that time and in 1 and a 1/2 hours I was back to my normal 100/60.
I had come to the conclusion that after 18 years on herbs alone with my vegetarian diet "HOW COULD I SUDDENLY POLLUTE MY BODY WITH ANY DRUGS"
This had, I believed, happened a week before when we had 2 Archaeologist lecturers from USA for 3 nights and 2 meetings. I had to miss the 2nd night's meeting as I was just too off colour.
That night my friend and a patient stayed with me and mixed Dong Quai powder into Aloe Vera Gel so I could get it down to improve enough to get the men a feed when they got back from the meeting. The feed was fresh corn!
Dong Quai also kills parasites so I have wondered since if that was the problem? I do not really know. But Dong Quai also lowers blood pressure.
I know that they say do not take Dong Quai in lots of different circumstances. Like one that comes to mind is when one is bleeding! BUTTTT, I used 12 along with C-X years ago after so much flooding and it Stopped permanently! I got up in the middle of the night flooding, went searching for open bottles of these two. Found one open but had to open the other.
I put over Merisha Tei's testimony over her continuous bleeding the Drs could not stop, and her success after taking 60 in ONE DAY!
Dong Quai also will kill certain parasites and also is rich in Vit E. Maybe that is why [if not partly] it works on the blood pressure!
I have used it alone successfully for that. I cannot think of any patient's name, at the moment, who used it when pregnant. But I know several have though it was years ago.
It could be the Vit E for the heart that's needed?
Then look at the blood types, maybe the baby has a blood type her body cannot handle?
Just a few things to consider... sincerely, Valerie P.S. Just a little more.... I was travelling From Christchurch to Napier once. A LONG-G-G... Journey! [ A LONG day's journey including a ferry ride that took time according to the weather. ] Before I left at the start I took 12 Dong Quai and 12 of that parasite mix. By the time I got to Blenheim between my breasts was inflamed and 'crawly'. I called on an old friend and distributor. After he left to go to a meeting, I told his wife what was happening! She mixed up a couple of Weleda [natural] ointments and I put them over the area. By the time I reached the ferry I was quite comfortable. No more crawling feelings and the inflammation was subsiding! Though you could see nothing but redness I fully believe minute parasites came out of the heart through the skin to escape the affect of the herbs taken!
Now I fully believe a friend who had told me she was having a similar problem only over a larger area of her body. Most people thought she was Weird! I also had another Lady eventually confined to a wheelchair who experienced similar Crawling. She had a rare problem cuaght from dealing with Chooks. Her sister had it too but was caught early and recove
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