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PostPosted: Dec Sun 17, 2006 10:57 am    Post subject: Alcoholism Reply with quote


Someone asked me this weekend what to take to help someone quit drinking. Her son drink a lot and she is looking for what herbs and/or EO to use to help him stop. Any suggestions? -Claudia Caya
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Kudzu is traditional and can be found in the NSP combo Kudzu/St. John's Wort. One of the best EO's would be the "Guardian" blend. Best wishes. -Melody
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About the only thing that can help alcoholism is group therapy, such as that found in Alcoholics Anonymous. The alcoholic should not be led to believe that there is something he can "take" to get rid of his problem. All this is likely to do is delay proper treatment. However, recidivism (relapse) in alcoholics is very high and that is where nutrition can help. Clinical studies have shown that recidivism can be reduced by about 50% with proper nutritional supplementation. That is where the Kudzu/St. John's Wort Combination will be useful. In addition to that, he will need high dosages of B vitamins (I'd recommend Super Supplemental), l-Glutamine, something to cleanse the liver such as Liver Cleanse Formula (LIV-A), and 5-HTP Power. If he has suffered from malnutrition due to gastritis or from not eating properly, which is common in alcoholics because the alcohol fills their caloric needs without providing nutrition, a protein supplement such as SynerProtein will also be good. I want to emphasize that he must get to group therapy, such as AA, otherwise the nutritional supplements will do little good. -Duane
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Q: How does a wife live with a husband that always comes home drinking, how does a marriage last. What am I to do?? Please help me. -Sharon
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You have to get outside help. Talk to family members, clergy, school counselors, etc. Find out what services are available in your community - not just for your dad - but for YOU.

Alcoholics can not drink just a little bit nor can they cut back. That may seem to work for a while but eventually they will slip back into the same old pattern. The only solution is for him to stop completely and to seek help from a group such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA.) Unfortunately, this is something that you can't do for him. It's something that he must do.

Usually, alcoholics have to "hit bottom" before they will do anything. Until they hit bottom, they will continue to rationalize saying that it's something that they can control. (They can not!) Don't do things that will keep him from hitting his bottom (such as covering for him when he misses work, etc.) This will only prolong the inevitable and will entangle you more in the disease. He has to hit his bottom and he has to hit it hard. Don't try to protect him.

When you left, that was a kind of bottom for him, which is why he quit for a while. I am assuming that when you left you had a good place to go, such as with another family member. Perhaps you should do that again. It has to get real bad for an alcoholic before he will admit the problem and do something about it. (He needs to go to AA but he is going to have to decide that for himself.)

Look in your yellow pages for a group called AL-ANON. It is for families of alcoholics. If you can't find it, call AA and they will refer you to an AL-ANON group. Go to the group. It's free. To repeat what I said above, you need to get outside help. Don't try to do this alone. -Duane
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I grew up in an alcoholic home and am married to a recovering alcoholic. I have been active in Alanon for 14 years and think it is ESSENTIAL for anyone dealing with an alcoholic. It brought me an unimaginable amount peace and happiness, as well as a priceless support group that can help you get through anything life throws your way.
Look them up in the yellow pages or go to their website for info and meetings in your area:
Go to meetings and get a sponsor! -Eli
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I have a husband who also is a alcoholic. He doesn't think he is and he thinks as long as he goes to work I shouldn't say anything. He believes he should be able to say he is going out for a few hours to the bar and come home when he feels like it (which is always after bar closes, some times even later then that like ...5 or 6am). A week ago he came home with threw up all over himself at 6:45 in the morning our youngest son was up already and saw him come in the house eewwww. My son was quiet and didn't say a word as my husband came in with throw up on his face and all down the front of himself . I have gone to al-anon (one meeting), I got nothing from it seemed like alot of whiners who did nothing but complain and run to a meeting to talk about it. They even seemed to let their spouses ruin their credit...that is crazy. I would never let him ruin my credit. But I do feel foolish letting him keep coming back home and to keep trying and hoping he will stop . I feel he doesn't love me enough to stop. He can tell me he will stop and then ..he just keeps doing it over and over. -Jenny
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Alcoholism is not just a physical addiction it is a mental one and must be treated as such. I too have been in a relationship with the same problems. Alcoholism runs in my family but I never had that addiction it was chemicals instead and I praise our creator that I have been substance free for over 20 years. In the last year I tried everything to help my boyfriend stop drinking and nothing seemed to help until I found the ALL NATURAL ANTI-ABUSE - it is Kudzu the Egyptians used this for hangovers and for thickening for sauces. Most Alcoholics suffer from depression and use this for a cover so using the Kudzu alone will not work. I gave my boyfriend Kudzu, St. Johns Wort and Valerian root and within weeks I could see a difference. Instead of him drinking a case it only took about 4 beers and he would stop because he didn't feel well. He felt this way because the combination of herbs was giving him the same brain response as the depressant beer. Alcohol is a depressant. All Alcoholic's say they don't feel well so I just told him it was herbs to make him feel better. In addition to the herbs a Shaman used a combination of smudging herbs to balance his negative and positive energies and today he has not taken one drink and his minds eye has been opened to what life really is. I can say he is a changed person from within. The only way to stay sober is to stay in balance and mother earth provides everything we need to achieve that balance. Remember a Alcoholic is a inner child crying to be comforted. -Tina
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Obviously you can not force someone to stop a destructive habit. They must admit they have a problem and sincerely want to quit. Along with prayer, counseling and family support Nature Sunshine's Kudzu/St. John's Wort has been formulated for those who want to reduce consumption of or break an addiction to alcohol. Kudzu/St. John's Wort contains herbs which relieve cravings for alcohol, inhibit alcohol metabolism in the liver, and soothe withdrawal symptoms. I had a client who was addicted to alcohol for many years, she used this formula in successfully overcoming her addiction. She used it along with Nutri-Calm, Magnesium and Distress Remedy. She drank warm milk with Licorice Root Extract added in order to keep her blood sugar balanced which is very important. -Jewel
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