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Allergies - Children

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PostPosted: Dec Sun 17, 2006 10:54 am    Post subject: Allergies - Children Reply with quote

Allergies - Children

I have a very dear friend whose daughter was diagnosed with allergies. Allergy tests indicate no food allergies. Her list of allergens include dust mites, mold, cat, dog and mildew. She was prescribed Zyrtec. I hate seeing a young child on such medicines. If I can find something in the alternative medicine field they are willing to give it a try, with doctor's approval. She loves her cat and dog. We can't just throw them out. Thank you to anyone in advance for your help and support. -Laura
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Extracts here would be most beneficial given the age of the child. Would look into detoxing, if possible. Getting excessive pollution and toxins out of the body will help the immune system, raise resistance to other pollutants on the outside. Lobelia is a wonderful herb for relaxing a spastic airway and ridding body of dried mucus which holds toxins in the lungs. Might also look into CC-A, Yerba Santa is a wonderful lung, respiratory formula. Echinacea, Golden Seal will help boost immune system and fight infections, allergens in body. Pau d'Arco extract is a wonderful tonic for fighting bacteria, virus, fungus parasites. Would also still watch the diet, avoid dairy products, white flour products and limit meats during this time, especially pork products. Has been said that small children with asthma or severe allergies look for a possible parasitic infection in body. This is why detoxing is beneficial. Hope this helps a little. Not sure what else to recommend without using capsules. -Stacey Brown
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For non capsule use ALJ liquid herb, get those lungs clean. Use Stress-J liquid herb, stress makes allergies in children much worse. Use the Homeopathic Allergies, allergies animal hair dander, Asthma and Children's Cold. We have a little friend who as a child became very resistant to going to meetings with his parents. We used the Children's Cold Remedy and his attitude soon changed. He even began to enjoy going to grandma's house. Only then did his mom realize that grandma is one of those over users of perfume and that many people attending the same meetings use perfume. He now uses Allergy Homeopathic during pollen season and does fine. For cleaning out the bowel children really don't like to do this so do it in a fun way. Every child either likes a puffed wheat product or popcorn. Give it a try. Popcorn still works with my daughter and she's an adult. Hand out some pumpkin seeds to munch on and make being healthy also fun. You do not have to flavor popcorn with butter. We fix it in olive oil. For ideas there are all kinds of flavorings used in commercial potato chips that are from the spice racks and produce departments that you can easily duplicate at home by steeping herbs in olive oil and fixing the popcorn with that. Try a snack of fruit and popcorn or fruit and puffed whole grain cereal. It is a lot easier to encourage a youngster to learn to eat healthy when it is fun and not hard work. If this child is tolerant of wheat then you can even make cookies with whole grain cereal flakes mixed in and tasty seeds. A bit of dried fruits and they can keep their bowels cleaner. Don't neglect the homeopathics. Use ALJ liquid herb before and after exposure to allergens. Get a plastic bag for the mattress. Wash all pets once a week. For the cat just be firm. Keep the water just a little warmer than comfortable for a human and put some black or green tea in the water. Keep the cat wet for two minutes to dissolve the dander. No soap needed. Keep up a long line of how beautiful he or she is and how well they are behaving and you and the cat will survive. Ours does! Remember that cat dander will stay in the air months or more so rent or borrow a good air filter and get it out of the air then keep it out with regular carpet furniture and pet cleaning. Don't want a damp home. There are a couple of dry carpet cleaning systems available. They even kill dust mites. They dry them to death. Maybe these suggestions might help. -Marilyn Navarro
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