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PostPosted: Dec Sun 17, 2006 10:45 am    Post subject: Ammonia Reply with quote


Does anyone have any idea what would cause someone to have an ammonia smell in the nose? Could it possibly have to do with liver function? This person has been having anemia. They think it is from abrasion type lesions in her small intestine. We have her on Yarrow for bleeding, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Bifidophilus Intestinal/Soothe & Build, Food Enzymes, I-X, Milk Thistle. I do not know what else to do for this lady. Her Dr does not know why she keeps developing these lesions with resulting anemia. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks. -Lindy
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I would muscle test for l- Glutamine. This will get rid of excessive ammonia on the brain. I would wonder if the ammonia has built up so heavy on the brain that is pressuring through the sinus cavities. If you do iridology, check for an arcus senilis it will be a white hat covering approximately the upper one third of the iris. This is a sign of brain anemia, thus showing a shortage of air to the brain. Generally from some kind of blockage in the arteries, etc. going to the brain. Ask if any strokes. I would be curious at to what her bowel movements have been like. Perhaps a yo yo bathroom habit, diarrhea, constipation. Anemia is well known as an iron deficiency. I would MT for Zinc. If there isn't enough Zinc your body will not absorb the iron. Supplementing with Zinc, if a true deficiency, will work to balance the Zinc levels and thus allow the absorption of the iron. It will balance out in time and the anemia will be reversed, if this is the cause. Hope this helps! Have a great day. -Lisa Canon N D
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Q: Ammonia in the body. What is it? What are safe levels? What are symptoms of too high or to low? -Lana
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I extracted info from "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" book. - Excess protein puts undue stress on the kidneys and the liver, which are faced with processing the waste products of protein metabolism. Some of the amino acids in dietary protein are transformed into glucose by the liver and utilized to provide needed energy to the cells. This process results the waste product ammonia. Ammonia is toxic to the body so the liver turn the ammonia into the compound urea. The kidneys excrete the urea from the blood stream. However, if there is too much ammonia for the liver to cope with because of too much protein consumption or poor digestion and/or a defect in liver function, toxic levels may accumulate. Strenuous exercise can also promote the accumulation of excess ammonia. Hope this is helpful. -Lourdes Martinez
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I have been told many times, that the heavy Ammonia smell in urine is from Undigested Protein in the blood.......Jonas Yoder, Sr. Nat. Mgr of NSP stated that the condition is as dangerous as a rattle snake bite to the system......I don't know in your case if it would be the same or not...... -V. LeNore Reed
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Q: My friends daughter is an alcoholic and now has some brain damage which they say is reversible if she stays "dry". She has too much ammonia. How can we rid her of that? Thanx, -Fay
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Ammonia is the last stage of systemic acidosis. See Nature's Sunshine pH Balancing Simplified. Alkalize! -Halina Hladysz
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See Halina's response to ALKALIZE, quickly! And, also use Chinese Mood Elevator, Chromium and Milk Thistle Combination to support that liver. This is the liver's last ditch effort to save the body by trying to alkalize, so it produces ammonia, since it has run out of mineral reserves. She MUST STOP DRINKING IMMEDIATELY! Get her into a good support program, AA or SOMETHING! This condition is SERIOUS! -Jan
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Q: I have a friend who is taking meds for aids. Now there is too much ammonia in the system and it is causing problems with the liver and brain. Any ideas. -Joe
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Your friend would benefit from seeing a dietician who can help determine a diet plan in regards to his protein intake. Ammonia occurs during the breakdown of protein and too much ammonia is going to cause problems with levels of consciousness. You must not eliminate protein but find the right amount to decrease your friends symptoms. There are many websites and books that can guide you in regards to an appropriate diet for your friend. Marisa
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Q: What could be the cause of heave ammonia smell in the urine? -Desiree
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Infection and/or mineral depletion. More than likely this person is extremely acidic. -Inge Wetzel ND, CNHP
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The ammonia odor in urine happens from your body being too acid. Eliminate the acid forming foods. To alkalize your body, increase your greens, drink NSP pH GreenZone twice a day. -Georgiana
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