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Ankylosing Spondylitis

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PostPosted: Dec Sun 17, 2006 10:41 am    Post subject: Ankylosing Spondylitis Reply with quote

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Has anyone had any experience with ankylosing spondylitis? It is an "auto-immune" disease. We have a friend who has this disease. The ligaments in his spine have become rigid and have fused several of his vertebra. He has trouble sleeping at times. He is on lots of pharmaceutical medications. We would like to help him get off these medications that just treat the symptoms and get to the core with some natural herbs. That is about all we know about this disease. Thank you for any kind of help. Patsy Secrist
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A question out of curiosity, did he start taking antacids many yours ago. Did he have digestive problems and continue?

I know of two people who have this. One is my mother. Both these people took antacid type meds. for 20+ years. My theory is that because they suppressed their hydrochloric acid (HCL), they slowly became mal-nutritioned. HCL is imperative for protein breakdown and mineral breakdown and assimilation.

My mom is taking a lot of mineral supplements now, alfalfa, mineral-chi-tonic, yucca...she says it has really helped her in general. I don't know if the ligaments can ever loosen up. Best wishes. -Lourdes Martinez
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I also asked about this subject a while back and the only response I received was to use Yucca for pain and MSM. Today I was reading about Probiotics in Alternative Medicine: the Definitive Guide by the Goldberg Group and it had a short entry on The role of intestinal bacterial in rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. "Two major health problems, rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis, have been found to be associated with overgrowth in the intestines of particular harmful bacteria, proteus, and klebsiella respectively. Both of these can be controlled by healthy bowel flora. The natural antibiotics manufactured by Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus acidophilus and the bifidobacteria kill both of these bacteria. British research shows that people with ankylosing spondylitis benefit if they go onto a diet low in fat and sugar and high in complex carbohydrates--the very diet that enables friendly bacteria to perform efficiently. Rheumatoid arthritis patients have been shown to benefit in recent Norwegian trials from a vegetarian diet something which also dramatically improves the health and function of friendly bacteria." -LaVerne Cribbs
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I have had AS for 20 years now. I've tried the old NSAIDs and ended up having surgery on my liver, gallbladder and duodendum. I tried the Cox 2 inhibitor, Vioxx and had major heart palpitations. I tried Mobicox an alternative Cox 2 and my arms and legs went numb.

I'm now taking Cod Liver Oil, Lakota (an herbal combination), Kelp for minerals, Vitamins B & C, a digestive enzyme and just plain extra strength Advil.

I wake up feeling great but I still get a little sore in the evening. My head is a lot clearer now. I can focus, concentrate and remember so much better. A good bed is a MUST. A gel pillow is better than the old foam neck pillows. Warm baths in epson salts are soothing to sore muscles, gentle massage...key word gentle.

Search out Cod Liver Oil & Arthritis on the Web. A scientific study was published in 2002 confirming the benefits of Cod Liver Oil. It is a natural Cox 2 inhibitor that is good for your heart. You have to watch the amount Vitamin A if you're taking other vitamins.

An excellent web site for the latest research on spondylitis is -Christine
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NSP has Triple Relief that replaces using NSAIDs. It's worth trying. . . .

Do consider trying NSP's Omega 3 EPA rather than cod liver oil -- Yes, it will do WONDERS and you know you are getting the quality when you use Nature's Sunshine. -Georgiana
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Michael Corrigan talks about this in his NHC course "Solving the Mystery of Autoimmune Diesase" available through (on sale through April!!) Excellent course.

He said that Bowel Flora is step one. Rotate through one bottle of Bifidophilus (3-6 daily), then Probiotic Eleven (4 daily), then L.Reuteri (2-3 daily), then back to Bifidophilus... etc.

Step TWO is Omega-e EFA's. 3000mg daily.

Step THREE would be adding minerals. I would suggest Richard Ask's WoW Drink for best results:

Thai-Go Noni Mineral Chi

Mixed in equal parts. Then drink 1 oz of the blend per 100# body weight twice daily.

That should be all you need. You may wish to apply Capsicum, Lobelia, Nature's Fresh and Tei-Fu externally to help relieve some tension. The internal herbs will work on root causes. -Desiree
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My mother developed ankylosing spondylitis.

She has had it for years, recently we figured out much of her problem...and she is getting better by the month.

In my mothers case since she was taking so many medications including pain killers and anti-inflammatories (for years) she developed "leaky gut"...I have since found out that a leaky gut can lead to anklosing spondylitis and other diseases.

So one thing that is very important is to check what foods are causing a lot of irritation in the body and causing the liver much problem in having to neutralize all these foods that are hitting the system partially digested!

By the way she is no longer on any pain killers or anti-inflammatories.

Her blood work showed that she was anemic and had very high levels of ammonia in her blood (her liver was not neutralizing the waste material that comes from meat and the ammonia was becoming a toxic and irritant in her body).

My mother's body does not like wheat, oats, corn, pork, beef, yams, cow's milk, cow's cheese...

Also, no canned foods or deli meat.

She drinks rice milk (she didn't like the goat's milk), she eats sheep's cheese, rice, chicken, some fish and many products that do not contain all the grains that her body is having a hard time with...

The supplements she is on are intestinal soothe and build (3caps 3x a day), colostrum, bifidophilus and protease in between meals, she did a liver cleanse, and is on Milk Thistle, she also takes Red clover (soothing to intestinal tract as well) and drinks plenty of water.

She also tested low in magnesium, B12 and zinc...And she had to take iron for 1 month because she was anemic...She's been fine for 3 months.

Also her adrenals were exhausted and she took Nervous Fatigue for 4 months and is now sleeping like a baby.

Another thing that was suggested by a doctor in Mexico that has dealt with patients that have ankylosing spondylitis is cervical traction...She began to do physical therapy here and then they gave her a traction machine to use at home...She does her traction and neck exercises at home 3x a week...

We have seen much improvement in the last 4 months that she has been on this new program. Her pain level has decreased 60%. Her neck movement is improving.

You could tell my mother was a mess...but the drugs and the diet were what were keeping her in a vicious circle where her body could not recover.

So in a nutshell,

Check your clients tongue...if the tongue has a more red color rather then light pink...that is a sign of irritation/toxins...Your client needs to cleanse the liver, need to change their diet drastically, and then needs to help the body repair and rebuild what is off...

liver, intestines...etc. Best wishes. -Lourdes Martinez
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