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Baby - Eczema

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 11:02 pm    Post subject: Baby - Eczema Reply with quote

Baby - Eczema

This baby is 4 mos. old and has dry, scaly, red patches on his arms and legs. He has not been to a doctor, he has not been diagnosed. We are assuming that it is eczema by reading about the symptoms. What would be best for this? -Kaye
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Usually caused by an essential fatty acid deficiency of the mother during pregnancy & beyond ­ add Super GLA to the babyıs diet (and momıs, assuming she is breast feeding!); can also rub the oils into his skin. -Sharon Grimes
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Lavender oil works very well in calming the angry patches. -C&W
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How would you give the baby Super GLA and if I don't have any, could I use the super omega three? Also, how many per day? This baby is -Kaye
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Then you have just hit on what of the problems right there --- the formula. I highly recommend switching the baby to goatıs milk or a natural formula mix from the health food store (I am sure such a thing must exist). Get the baby away from the estrogen --- that can contribute to skin flare-ups like this! You open the capsules of Super GLA and add to the goatıs milk. Flax oil would also be beneficial. You could start with one capsule a day and see how the baby responds; what is the babyıs weight? -Sharon Grimes
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Should I use the goat's milk that you get in the store? I don't have access to any other kind. They do have an organic formula that I can get in the health food store but it says for toddlers 12 mos. plus. The baby weighs about 21 lbs. -Kaye
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Goat milk is fine for all children regardless of age - it is alkaline like mother's milk - cow's milk is acidic

We sell the Meyenberg brand which is available in most stores fresh or powdered - some farmers will sell raw goat's milk as well - but they can be hard to find -Kasara D'Elene
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Get off the good start because it is wrongly named

Poke the gel caps with a sterilized pin or needle - and squeeze it into the milk - that is what we did for my son when he was younger - he went directly to goat's milk after he was breast fed -Kasara D'Elene
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It's very easy to give kids fats and oils. If you poke a sterilized pin into a gel cap and squeeze the contents directly into their mouth, they'll usually swallow them right down. I've done this with babies with Vitamin A&D, Vitamin E and Omega-3.

My kids would actually chew up the soft gels as they got older or take spoonfuls of oils straight.

Kids crave fats because their developing brains and bodies need them. So, give 'em flax seed oil, fish oils (Omega-3), organic butter and cream, avocados, nuts, hemp seed, etc., just keep them away from the greasy-fried fast foods and the hydrogenated margarine and shortening. -Steven H. Horne
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Q: My 9 month old nephew has eczema. I have him doing Pau d' Arco Lotion with Lavender, Chamomile and Myrrh oil. He is also taking Flax Seed Oil internally. What else can he take to speed things along. They want to put cortisone cream on him. -John
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Stop using any kind of detergent or soap on the baby's skin. A nine month old will come nice and clean with olive oil. When you can get it pure lanolin will also work--if it is pure it has to be warmed to become liquid. Both of these will hold moisture in the skin and help it heal. Try washing the baby's clothes and bed clothes with Nature's Concentrate. Let this child have moderate amounts of morning and evening sunshine on naked skin--sometimes this clears it up quite rapidly. If there is a possibility that fungus has grown in the skin the sun will certainly make things better. Try natural fibers rather than synthetics--hard to do in store bought baby clothes. -Marilyn Navarro
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I have learned many babies with eczema are allergic to milk. A local Peds Allergy Specialist takes baby eczema patients off all dairy for 1 week, just to see if that is the problem. My son had eczema from age 1-3 until I tried this, and it worked. -Julie
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My daughter had baby eczema while she was breast feeding and we didn't find out until she started eating food other than breast milk that she was severely allergic to all dairy, eggs and nuts. I had been eating all of those food while breast feeding. She was diagnosed by an allergist to have these food allergies. She then developed asthma as she grew older and the allergist said that is the usual progression from eczema then if the allergies are still present it will be followed by asthma. I took her off all dairy, eggs and nuts for 7 years, and had her retested for these food allergies and the skin tests showed no allergy to the dairy and eggs. So we slowly introduced both foods back into her diet and she can tolerate eggs well and a little bit of dairy now and then. I also put her on supplements for allergies as soon as I could mashing them up in applesauce until she could swallow pills. They have helped a ton. -Ellen
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During the last trimester of pregnancy women tend to become very low in zinc. When this occurs the women tend toward yeast infections, and they have problems keeping their blood sugar stable. They are also the ones that may have thyroid problems at the end of pregnancy and are unable to loose the weight after the baby is born. Low levels of zinc suppress thyroid function.

These same women tend to have babies that develop cradle cap, thrush, or eczema. Because zinc is needed for enzyme production, and for keeping yeast under control the babies are more prone to stomach upset, colic, and poor digestion in general. I recommend you try adding a couple zinc per day, and taking food enzymes when you eat to make sure you are not passing any undigested proteins thru to the baby in your milk.

When eczema is present, so is yeast on the skin. It is likely the baby's level of friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract is low. Babies are supposed to get their Bifidophilus from the breast milk when they first start nursing, but if the Mom is low in friendly bacteria she can't pass it on. You could start by taking about four Bifidophilus Flora Force daily, in order to pass it thru to the baby in your milk. Also essential fatty acids are very important for clearing up eczema. You could take 1 Tbs. twice daily. -V.G.
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I have worked with breast-feeding Moms and given then chlorophyll and the baby's skin has cleared up, it might be a good supplement for the baby directly as it cleanses and strengthens the blood at the same time. -Nadine
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Try Chlorophyll liquid internally and Colloidal Silver externally on areas. Also, determine the root cause which is probably an allergy, whether it be to formula, food, something touching her tender skin (e.g. soap, detergent clothes are washed in, etc). Also, giving her probiotics will be very beneficial. I believe that even vaccinations and antibiotics may have a contributing cause in some children. I pray this helps in some way. Gina
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