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Sweating - Excessive

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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 4:01 pm    Post subject: Sweating - Excessive Reply with quote

Sweating - Excessive

I have excessive underarm sweating with anxiety. Anyone know of anything that might work? -MS
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It sounds like your adrenals out of whack. Pantothenic Acid, 3000 mg of vitamin C. Calcium-Magnesium. Distress Remedy. B-Complex. Eliminate sugar, coffee, soda's etc. for awhile. Breath deep several times a day. If you use a tread mill or walk etc. This will help too. I hope this helps -Teresa McIntyre
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I had the same problem, try NSP's Nervous Fatigue Formula and replace your lost minerals (electrolytes). The formula will nourish your adrenal glands very quickly ! -Susanne Papalia
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You may suffer from a condition called hyperhidrosis. If anyone is interested there is a nice web site including a patients' forum and medical articles on this condition. I include this web page in my message. -laura
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You can try taking 3 Nutri-Calm prior to a social situation in which you feel "socially pressured". I know many people who love the product and use it regularly. -Mary
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Q: What would you use for hyperhydrosis (severe sweating) This has been going on for years where I have beet red palms in morning upon awakening, severe sweating under arms, at night is mainly the head, chest, under arms, and smells bad. Worse at night sometimes. Feet sweat hardly ever. Face is red in cold or heat. Worse if I am nervous or hot. Thank you all. -Lillyanna
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I will assume that you do not have a thyroid issue. It would be helpful if you give more information of other things that may be ailing you. For instance, digestion, elimination, any blood sugar imbalances. This would help me understand more what may be going on.

Also, the skin is one of our eliminative organs, so I am theorizing that other eliminative systems may be overwhelmed and the body is using the skin to help eliminate some of the toxins.

My husband many years ago perspired profusely, and herbalist friend of mine, had him take 1 tsp a day 5 to 6 times daily. His excessive perspiration went away in about 6-8 weeks. It may be as simple as this for you. You can give it a shot. Hope this is helpful. -Lourdes Martinez
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KB-C, work on kidneys as the root cause -Kim
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Q: Hi, what would cause VERY excessive sweating (mostly under arm) from both my daughters. The older one is pregnant and the younger is 14. Is there anything they can take for this. I don't want to go to a MD for this. Thanks. -Lana
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I had a customer come in and he sweated terribly too. I was then told to look at the liver. Build then cleanse. Try one bottle of milk thistle then one bottle of liver cleanse and repeat until sweating is under control. I don't think Mom should cleanse though until she's done nursing. Hope this helps! -Jeane C.
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Try Dandelion 4 in pm and parsley 4 in am. Low Sodium. -S. Mitchell
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My husband used to sweat profusely. An herbalist we knew back then (10 years ago)...told us that since the skin is an elimative organ, maybe it was something the body wanted to eliminate and found this channel the most available. He suggested high amounts of chlorophyll to see if we could help the body re-route what it was eliminating...My husband took 1 tsp a day in some water, 4-5 times a day for 4 weeks and then 3x a day for the next 3 months. He completely stopped perspiring profusely and has never experienced it again in the last 10 years. -Lourdes Martinez
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Q: My son is a guard at a prison. By the time he makes his rounds, he is soaked. Water is literally running down his fingers and his whole body is saturated to the point of him getting dizzy. I put him on thyroid activator, banana, LH-C. Is this a good recommendation. Sweat pours off him and his clothed stay soaked. It actually puddles on the top of his lunch box when he is carrying it in to work. Help!!!! Thanks. -Rita Thomas
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Hi Rita -- you failed to relate if your son's sweating condition is only present while he is working or if it is a problem at other times as well? If it is only while working, then I would say it is due to job stress/fear and this is more of a psychological issue, in either case I would try supporting adrenal glands and drinking lots of sage tea. You could add it to some brewed green tea, ice it and send it to work with him in a thermos bottle. - Jewel
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He isn't under stress. In church he just sits there and droplets of water roll off him.He helped me for 30 minutes, putting in a air unit and almost passed out from loss of sweat, he was shaking and felt light headed. -Rita
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Greetings Rita, I did some research regarding your inquiry about excessive sweating. It is called hyperhidrosis, it is not a disease. It's a medical condition. If you would like further information, contact the International Hyperhidrosis Society (, 18 S. Third St., Philadelphia, PA 19106.
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Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy surgery was performed on me in 2002 for hyperhidrosis . In 2003 I became arthritic, developed Raynauds, lost thyroid-gained too much weight , extreme pain in arms from shoulders to fingertips, fatigue, a weird rash on my neck, pits in my nails, and constant headache. I was not informed of any of these side effects prior to surgery. Dr has history of malpractice. I have now read reports comparing this surgery to Lobotomy, and side effects mimic fibromyalgia. Numerous Internet forums report all of us feel nothing emotionally anymore—as if we were unplugged. I recently discovered via my medical records that i have an unusual lung condition that sometimes prevents the surgery being done. Instead of canceling surgery--Dr went ahead and cut my nerves(instead of clamping).never told me about my lung--or being cut. -Al Parker
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