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NSP Biz Forum Notes - Chinese Herb Packs Break Out Managers

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Georgiana Duncan
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PostPosted: Jan Sat 20, 2007 2:00 pm    Post subject: NSP Biz Forum Notes - Chinese Herb Packs Break Out Managers Reply with quote

Notes from NSP Biz Forum which explains how the Pos/Neg Chinese Herb Packs are used to break out managers left and right


Nestor Rivera (National Manager who only uses Chinese Herbs), with Alex Breton

Stress Relief - Epilepsy, phobias
Liver Balance - migraines, gastritis, headaches, losing hair
Anti-Gas - indigestion, paralysis (parasites???), vomiting, diarrhea
Kidney Activator - edema, swelling of the lungs, prostate and hormone problems
Breath EZ - asthma, perfectionists, bronchitis, emphysema; swelling of fingers in AM
IF-C - diabetes, rosacea, bruises on legs, red eyes, glaucoma
Mood Elevator -

NSP Chinese Herbs we donıt see them as vitamins, minerals, or medicines
People take all of these, and can still say sick

Energy a direct approach
Energy and the Bodyıs Organs
Each organ has two polarities positive and negative
Few people are born with full polarity in an organ
We all have deficiencies! What works for one person, will not work for another; what makes one person strong, will make another person weak
Proper energy helps organs work and interact well
Balance of health and vitality

NSP Chinese herbal formulas help reach these conditions

Basic Concepts
-You are what you eat
According to your blood type food:
-Increases energy
-Decreases energy

NSP Chinese Herbs Balance

Proper Nutrition and Blood Types continue all the time, even after you finish taking the herbs the Chinese herbs work even if you donıt have faith in them,and even if you donıt change your diet; but when the people start feeling better they often change their diet.

Nutrition and Blood Type

-Four Blood Types A (40%), B (10%), AB (4%), 0 (46%)
-Blood type determines the enzymes the body produces to digest food
-Remember, if inappropriate food is consumes, you will feel tired, without energy, because of the lack of proper enzymes to digest it

Following is a sample list of food according to blood types (see slide)
Donıt go by the food lists in Dr. DıAdamoıs book, go by what gives you the best energy (MT each food)
We like to see people with energy, and improving their quality of life!
Your stress can be zero if you eat according to your blood type; if you eat the wrong foods, it robs energy from your body! It doesnıt remove just some of your energy, but all your energy! That is why you feel so sluggish when you eat the wrong foods

NSP offers superb formulas
-Your program in two packs Positive and Negative
-Take for three months, all three times (positive)
-Then, take all the negatives for three months
-Focus on the one or two products you need to continue long-term
-This will help you become a successful manager

From the new booklet:
-Start by taking one capsule from each bottle in the morning hours. Never being taking them in the late afternoon or evening. A basic treatment lasts six months: three months with ³negative² formulas (HY-C, Lung Support, Blood Build, KB-C, Nervous Fatigue, Spleen Activator, Trigger Immune) and three months with
’positive’ formulas (IF-C, Anti-Gas, Kidney Activator, Liver Balance, Stress Relief, Mood Elevator, Breathe EZ), or vice versa. Later, when the curative crisis has passed (after the first three bottles of all the formulas), you can start taking higher doses. Chinese formulas may be taken while on prescription medications, but capsules should be taken two hours apart. Natural healing processes are slow and require the clientıs patience and perseverance. These formulas do not require diets or faith in order to produce effects. They simply work!

New brochure covering the two product packs and all of the Chinese Herbs, Stock #050651

Pre-healing crisis examples:
-Chest pain
-Nose bleeds, etc.

The only ones that Chinese herbs canıt help: those who are already dead!
We are all going to die someday but the majority of people who take the herbs will extend their lives and quality of life.

How much is your health worth?

Negative Pack $219.20 (Retail) QV $146.15 Direct cost ($146.15) each
Pack is enough for one month

Difference - $73.05 Sunshine check ($14.61) total savings $87.66
Easy to sponsor a new member with one pack and the Spanish division is breaking managers out left and right to try this!

Manager Program

3 Positive Packs @ $140.55 each) = $421.65
4 Negative Packs ($146.15) = $584.60
Total Direct cost = $1006.25

What do you do with the leftover pack?
We encourage people to buy the manager pack, and then the person who is already the manager will help them to sell the other one

Sunshine check - $271.69 (Classic payout; Legacy would be $201.25)

Negative pack sale (at retail) $219.20
Total return - $490.89

Summary Investment is 1106.25
Return $490.89
Real cost (6 month program) - $515.36

Notes taken by:
Sharon Grimes, CNHC
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