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Teeth - Root Canal

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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 2:17 pm    Post subject: Teeth - Root Canal Reply with quote

Teeth - Root Canal

My husband Bob has just had his 2nd root canal on the same tooth. He keeps getting a sore right above the tooth - showing that the canal didn't work. Is there anything that might help kill this infection - possibly save the tooth? We are looking for all options. Thanks! -Anita
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Have you tried Clove Oil? -Nancy
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I took Olive Leaf Extract and was able to wait 3 months for my root canal. It took the pain away immediately. Also, There is a new root canal method called "Bio-Calix" It cleans the tooth canal much better and is all natural and no more costly. ASK YOUR DENTIST TO LOOK INTO IT. It is available. -Eileen
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People I know have used VS-C, as well as, Clove Oil and Deep Relief to avoid the need for a root canal. Still no need to this date, even after months. One other person used Colloidal Silver, swishing around in the mouth periodically throughout the day. -Deborah
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Dentists Offer Alternative to Root Canals
Dentists say they have a less painful option to the traditional root canal, a procedure undergone by more than 20 million patients each year. Root canals may be preferred to removing the decayed tooth, but they are still invasive and painful. The move now is toward a new nerve repair treatment that may be a more pleasant experience for the patient, dentists say. Richard Hansen of Fullerton, Calif., has developed a laser technique that allows the removal of diseased tissue inside the root canal chamber without having to drill through the tooth and remove the infected nerve, surrounding blood and lymph vessels. "When working on the inside of a decayed tooth with an infected nerve, we can remove layers of the disease with a sterilizing laser and keep the live nerve underneath very comfortable and very healthy," Hansen said. "The laser nerve treatment invigorates the blood supply necessary to repair the nerve completely. -Richard Ask
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You know, years ago when I had my root canals, my mother told me to have them pulled. Of course, I knew better at that time, so I had the root canals. Knowing what I know now, I have to say it's amazing how smart my mother was then!!!

It wasn't just me, but person after person has gotten infections on the tip of the root of teeth with root canals. I had thought the danger was the infection just getting into your system at the time. . . . but not so -- it develops at the end of the root of "dead" teeth. They also get very brittle over time, so then you need a crown (another can of worms) -- and when they get pulled down the road, they are so brittle, that they often break off and have to be dug out.

As I said in my earlier post -- I would have it pulled and NOT have a permanent bridge -- because then you have two good teeth on either side ground down and capped . . On the bottom, they have to make a "removable" bridge. On the top, they can make what they call a "flipper". They say it's temporary, but they last years. . . . it's like a retainer with a tooth on it to hold your space.

Hope this helps. To me, having a tooth pulled is a difficult decision. . . . . but knowing what I know now -- I would do it in a heartbeat!! -Georgiana
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My personal experience is that I was told by my doctor who is an MD, HMd, for the past 5 yrs that my root canals were causing me health problems. I believed him but has so much money in my mouth I didn't want to give up and have them extracted. To make a long story short. In Oct. I had 9 teeth extracted 6 were root canal teeth. The dentist wanted me on antibiotics and I refused due to reactions to drugs in the past. 2 weeks following I woke with an enormous swollen neck on my left side. This turned out to be the worse night mare I have experienced. The infection was totally out of control. It took 6 weeks, 3 different antibiotics at one time, 3 (surgeries) to drain and clean out the infected area. Pain that was beyond anything ever, sleeping only for min. at a time sitting up for over 4 wks. I am just now doing better.

I know now the seriousness of root canals. Of course mine were 8-10 years old. Never the less you guys, please be careful when having these extracted. The MD told me that the infection harbors in the tooth area until it is moved or extracted and then it goes all over. I was on every herb and natural remedy known to man (I think) and even doing that with the drugs it took so long to get it under control. Now I have nice scars to show for it.

Get all the info. you can and read, read, read and ask questions if you are even thinking about having a root canal. I will tell anyone who even thinks about it my experience. -Edna Maniord
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I worked with a client who was having MS symptoms 4 years ago. We did lots and lots of herbs and she had her root canals and amalgams removed. I remember that several of her symptoms left after each RC was removed. It took 2 years of faithfully staying on a program and eating properly. I believe she has bridges for them. LeRae
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That's what my Dentist told me 35 years ago, but I had it pulled anyway. I have a gap where the tooth (molar) was pulled but I can't tell that any tooth has moved. Sometimes I think Doctors and Dentists say teeth shift because of economic reasons.

Would I have a root canal? No way... No... No... No... but everyone has to make their own decision. Assuming it's a tooth that can't be seen when I smile, I would have it pulled and then forget it. .. just my opinion... -Norm
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Dr. Jenks recommends a Clorox bath for removing the vibrations of aluminum, mercury, arsenic, fungus, poison ivy, and poison oak. And he also recommends using a salt and soda bath for removing vibrations of x-ray, radiation therapy, cobalt, uranium, and carbon monoxide. -Dawn Pfaff
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Clorox is a chemical!!!! I don't even allow this in my house much less for a bath where you would be breathing the chlorine gas off of it. -Kimberly Balas
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These baths are a temporary fix and everyone has their opinions on what works best. The baths may get the metals out. Chewing your food will send metals into your body again. You will not get rid of the metals in the body until they are removed from your teeth. The root canals can cause health problem. If a root canal is in your month it is a very good chance that there is an infection in your mouth that may go to the bone. Worse, it could go to the brain too.

In Mexico the prices are much cheaper then the states. There are very good dentists there. Check the internet. I have had mine removed. I took out a loan. I do not have much money. I just knew how important it was to get this done. I hope this helps anyone who might be contemplating what to do... -Brenda White
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I have had persons use VS-C to avoid the root canal. The infection has not returned. They many capsules at a time. -Deborah Fischer
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With all that we know about root canals and what they can cause wouldn't it be better for her to have the tooth removed??

2. A SHORT INTRODUCTION to the Interview with Drs. George Meinig & Michael LaMarche from the Laura Lee Show...

Laura Lee: Have you ever looked at fossil remains of dinosaurs or those of early man and noticed those rows and rows of perfect teeth still intact? Have you ever wondered why modern man can't seem to get through a lifetime with all his teeth intact, it doesn't seem fair does it? What are we doing wrong? No doubt you've heard and we have covered in depth on this show the problems arising from mercury and silver amalgams. It's so well known in fact that 50% of the over 1,000,000 amalgams placed in teeth of Americans today are composites. A new material that doesn't contain mercury. You probably thought that mercury was the big issue and that now you know about it you're safe in terms of what's safe in your mouth. I'm sorry, but there's more. There's much, much more.

And we have tonight two gentlemen who are experts in their field in some of the newest research, actually it's old research, but it's just getting the attention today that it deserves. And that is problems with root canals; apparently there are bacteria that can be harbored in root canals no matter how perfectly they're done. These bacteria mutate and become toxin factories, they can get out into the bloodstream and cause degenerative diseases or make them worse.

Also cavitation is a new term you're going to learn tonight and that is the space left in the jawbone when a tooth is extracted. If an infected tooth or simply a wisdom tooth that needs to come out to make space, problems can arise with dead tissue in the jawbone and you're going to learn tonight what you can do about these conditions.

We have with us Dr. George Meinig, the author of Root Canal Cover-up. It's a book that details this work from the 1920's done by Dr. Westin Price. Research that has been done recently and confirmed. He's a specialist in root canals and a dentist. We also have with us Dr. Michael LaMarche. He's a dentist that is in practice today specializing in mercury removal. He has worked closely with Dr.Hal Huggins who's a leading researcher into mercury toxicity and silver dental amalgams and also Dr. LaMarche is one of 13 dentists selected nationwide selected for research into cavitations. And we're going to find out some very important and useful information tonight.
To continue this interview, go to:
[Editorial Note: This book is available new and used at]
-LeRae McBroom
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I have found the Enviro Detox and Algin together work wonders! -Kimberly Balas
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I agree with Kay. I thought of Dr. Hulda Clark when I read these messages. We have wonderful and safe NSP products to detoxify metals that we don't need to resort to unsafe measures such as alcohol or clorox. How about Mega-Chel, Algin, and Barley Juice Powder! -Chottsie
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Root canals have been controversial for many years. Now researchers are asking whether root canals may be a source of illness and weakened immune system - based on research indicating the presence of residual infections even after the root canal has been performed and completed in a tooth. Should you find yourself needing this type of treatment, in "Root Canals" Flora Parsa Stay D.D.S. alerts you to a new approach. The root canal is filled with a calcium hydroxide mixture, which expands to six to nine times its original volume. This helps induce calcification of the root, therefore, not allowing bacteria to penetrate along the canal.
-Georgiana Duncan
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I have someone who recently had to have surgery for an abscessed tooth from a root canal done about 10 years ago. For the past few years she has had a number of health concerns. Poor digestion, irritable bowel, sinus problems/infections. I'm thinking she has probably had a low grade infection for a long time, due to the tooth. She has been on some type of antibiotic also without results. -Kate
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