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Colitis -Ulcerative

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 1:40 pm    Post subject: Colitis -Ulcerative Reply with quote

Colitis -Ulcerative

My 17 year old daughter was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 4 years ago. She was placed on prednisone and asacole to get the diarrhea and bleeding under control. The doctor weaned her from the prednisone in last year after she was able to report formed stool and no blood. Although the doctor did not recommend it, we gradually took her off the asacol and used only herbals to sustain her status. However, during a rather stressful time several months ago, she had a setback with bloody diarrhea which we got her through with herbs, essential oils and rest for two weeks. The bloody diarrhea returned, when she returned to school. Currently, she has large sores on her legs and some occurring on her upper body which the doctor believes is (and I agree) related to the colitis. Because she has lost 15 pounds (she was a small person to begin with) and has the sores, she appears to be in failing health. In last month we eliminated red meat, wheat, sugar, and yeast from her diet. She has been juicing pineapple, grapes and apples along with a diet of soups, rice cakes, sweet potatoes, fish, broth (chicken or vegetable) avocado, brown rice, eggs, salads. She tests for and takes Slippery Elm (bulk), Chlorophyll, Intestinal/Soothe & Build, Capsicum, Golden Seal, Sage, IF-X, Flora Force, Bifidophilus, Super Supplemental, Calcium W/ Magnesium & D, Colloidal Minerals, Whole Leaf Aloe, Omega 3's. She occasionally tests for other herbs, but these are the primary ones. Oh, she also tests for artemisia, Herbal Pumpkin, and Black Walnut but not all of them all the time and we have taken her off the Herbal Pumpkin because of the Cascara Sagrada. She also has tested for Colostrum, but we took her off that during this bought with diarrhea because of the dairy connection. We are using essential oils in a bath (until her legs broke out and now she wants to wait till they clear up to get in a hot bath again) and I am massaging her feet, abdomen and back with Roman Chamomile, Lemon, Inner Peace, Peppermint, or Geranium. On Saturday, the doctor put her on an antibiotic for her legs. This is where we are today. Because of her condition and appearance and pressure from family, we are seeing our family doctor. He has agreed to let her utilize herbal remedies if she will check in with him in three more weeks. He has given her a medical leave of absence from school to do home studies for three weeks and then will extend that if necessary. I want her to look like she is making progress so that the pressure to put her back on prednisone and asacol will decline. The sores on her legs began as red, painful bumps and then spread out into more tissue as the bump went down. They got so painful, that she could not walk, and even though the pressure and swelling is down, she is still limping. I noticed a new bump on her arm last night. She has had a fever ranging from 99 to 102. I have been juicing vegetables (beets, cabbage, carrots, celery, spinach, apple, lemon) for her hoping to detox. I am interested in your experiences and input. -Sheri Holthus
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Sounds like you have used muscle testing.....great! Did you ask the questions as to what is specifically causing these symptoms?
Sounds to me like it is a severe parasitic infection. I believe you are on the right track with the Herbal Pumpkin, Artemisia and Black Walnut....very good anti-parasite formulas. But to me (and again this is just my opinion) the program she is on contains many good formulas, and all are beneficial......but most all of these are capsule or tablet forms. I would bet that her digestive system is very weak and probably needs some nutritional support, not only to help body combat these problems, but to also ensure that she is able to assimilate the nutrition she is getting, with the foods and supplements. Try testing her for the PDA, Food Enzymes, Digestazyme, etc. See what kind of support she needs for this area.

Also, back to her large intake of supplements.....I would like to suggest looking into some herbal extracts for her program, if you aren't using them already. Reason being is that extracts are in a pre-digested form, they require little effort and energy to assimilate. The natural grain alcohol base to the extracts act as a carrier for the herbs, and enter quickly into the bloodstream. So if her digestion is weak, which I'm sure it is.....these extracts will help out tremendously. Any energy her body can save would be helpful....especially with digestion.
Extracts, especially in cases of severe illness, where herbal supplementation is very high, make it easier for the person,...not to have to take 100 different capsules each day.

Some herbals I would suggest you look into are the following, (NSP has some of these, but not all)

Black Walnut extract

Pau d' Arco extract

Mugwort extracts

Wormseed extracts

Male Fern extracts

Even more beneficial would be combination formulas, having alot of these herbs in one formula working together. But for her sake, I would definately look into a rigorous parasite cleanse....and ask the body what nutrition it needs to rid itself of this infection and inflammation. What will this do to help balance and heal the body, what will that do....etc. Don't stop with just any one herb....keep asking....for example: if she takes a lower bowel cleanser, liver and blood cleanser, and mugwort and wormseed,....what will this do for her body to rid itself of this infection? Keep going until you find the right combination for her. The simpler you can make her program....the better it will be for her.

Hope this info can help you out...feel free to email me for more questions....or post another response to the forum. Hopefully others can offer some advice to help you out, also. -Stacey
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