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Dental Work - Antibiotics

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 1:08 pm    Post subject: Dental Work - Antibiotics Reply with quote

Dental Work - Antibiotics

Following crown work to an upper left tooth I had pain in that area for many months. Approximately four months following the dental work I noticed the right side of my tongue suddenly felt thicker and my right hand was not as steady. I began to notice at the same time that the muscle tone in my right forearm, upper arm as well as the shoulder blade area had diminished. I wondered whether I had had a stoke.

Many years ago a doctor said he thought that I had a heart murmur and explained this to the dentist. He said they normally gave antibiotics prior to treatment for any heart murmur. He then said that if I wasn't sure then it wasn't necessary. Since then I have read the dangers to the heart if antibiotics were not given.

I saw several neurologists who would say nothing. One of them did say that I had in the past, an "autoimmune disease" but it was finished.... He also said there was neurological damage to those areas but he refused to give a diagnosis. I visited also a rhumatologist who prescribed anti-inflammatories as I was experiencing various pains throughout my body; shoulders, knees, elbows, fingers etc. He said the pains would subside after the course of the treatment, which they seem to have. But I still do not have a diagnosis.

I made dozens of blood tests which did show that I had an elevated rheumatoid factor level and also a positive IgG or IgM to Lyme disease. I was told though, that I did not have Lyme disease but out of 5 neurologists and three rhumatologists, no one would give a diagnosis.

I asked a dentist recently if the above symptoms could be related to dental work and he confirmed that they could. I would be most grateful for any help on this matter. Thank you very much. -J FIELD
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I have mitral valve prolapse. I must use antibiotics each time I have dental work. I was told that if you do not that bacteria will travel from the area to the heart and can cause a variety of problems. The problem is that some doctors do not believe in the mitral valve prolapse even though it is proven by the medical community. I'm not sure why, but I've ran into that problem a lot. I'd find a good heart doctor who believes in mitral valve prolapse AND mitral valve prolapse syndrome and get a list of possible complications from him. There are also several dentists who have information on this. Find out the possible side affects of bacteria in the heart and if any of the listed symptoms matches yours, then you have documentation to force the doctors to take you seriously. In your early calls, you might not even tell them about your problem but just ask them where you can get information about mitral valve prolapse problems that occur if treated without medication. Also, look on the internet for mitral valve prolapse syndrome and read the information on untreated dental work. Do not let doctors discourage you. Know going in that some of them don't believe in this. I experienced that myself. But, some do. Keep looking till you find them. I'm sorry that I can't give you the possible complications as I have never had a problem. I have always been medicated when I got medical care, but my doctor believes in the syndrome and he makes sure i get antibiotics each time because in his opinion and in my dentists opinion it is a big deal. Some recent research has said that people need fewer antibiotics. I used to have to take like 12 pills during the day and now I only have to take two, but that new research does not say that you don't need them at all; it only says that you need fewer of them. I would track down this information for you from my doctor, but since you are already symptomatic it sounds like you need to be starting your search now for a good doctor in your area who can help you. You will have to find them any way to get treatment if it is related, so it may be best that you do the footwork. If you really can't find a doctor in your area who can help you, contact me and I'll get as much information as I can from mine. Good luck to you on your search. Roni
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This is real important. The ABX are for infection and bacteria that will be dislodged while doing the cleaning. These bacteria can cause a heart murmur. And if you have a murmur it can be very hard on the heart if you do get an infection. This is being given prophlactally to reduce infection. There are no herbs that can work this fast in time for your cleaning. You can start probiotics, vitamin C, and Citrus Bioflavnoids. -Suzanne
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