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Depression and Anxiety

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 1:07 pm    Post subject: Depression and Anxiety Reply with quote

Depression and Anxiety

We seem to have so many clients lately that are complaining about severe depression and anxiety. They are consumed with dark thoughts. Cannot sleep at night because they are plagued by exaggerated problems and cannot turn off the thought process. All of the traditional herbs do not seem to help much. Has anyone else noticed an increase in clients with this type of problem and what have you used with success? -Ruth
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People are stressed to the maximum because of a combination of a hectic lifestyle and information overload. Being an iridologist I can see the hypothalamus area in the sclera and this part of the brain always shows major stress. The hypothalamus determines our emotional states and responses. It is a relay station between the cerebral cortex intellectual brain and lower autonomic centers. Therefore it is our thoughts that affect our internal organs and vice versa. Combine this with poor diet and little exercise and you have a perfect environment for depression and anxiety. Working with herbs and supplements for the nervous system is key. I have found the Chinese constitutional formulas to be of the greatest help in this area because they work on the emotions. Learn their use, if you have not already. I like Mood Elevator (AD-C) for depression and Chinese Stress Relief (STR C) for stress and anxiety. Others are Nerve Control (RE-X), Stress-J (STR-J) and Stress Relief (Eight). Also people really need high amounts of B Complex and Calcium Magnesium to function in this world. Get them off white sugar, white flour and caffeine. Keep making a difference. -Mike Zavitz
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There are three valuable supplements I have to suggest for depression. Don't know if you muscle test, or not. That would be helpful for knowing IF you need ALL three of these, and if so, at what amounts. Otherwise my suggestions would be as follows:

1. SAM-e - Probably one each morning. Studies show this to be as effective as Prozac, but faster! 2. Mood Elevator (Formerly Chinese AD-C formula) - Probably at least 6 per day, maybe even 9 a day to begin with. 3. 5-HTP - 4 at bedtime (I've found suppertime to be a better time for me)

EXERCISE!!! - I know you may not feel like it, but try to make yourself. It gets those mood elevating endorphin in the system.

Also, consider if your thyroid needs support. Hang in there! There will be light at the end of the tunnel! -Deana
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Have you looked at heavy metal or chemicals in system. They have been doing alot of spraying lately. If they have violent nightmares and sometimes night sweats it is normally a sign. -Linda
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Don't forget to add EFA's I think one of the best for depression and anxiety are the Omega 3epa oils. Also Flax seed oil etc. I would start with Omega oils and take enough to work and it needs to build up in your system to start to help.

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Check out this website for Stress anxiety and depression

Some info: that I am using. Thought I would share

"Attacking anxiety and depression." A self help, self awareness program for Stress, anxiety and depression. Includes video's workbook tapes ect. -Teresa McIntyre
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Q: I've been taking st. johns wart for a couple of months now, and i find that its not working as wonderfully as it did when i first started taking it. It controlled my anger and depression(to a degree) and was actually a herb worth taking. I'm also on clonazapam (benzodiapine) for almost 2 years. Anyways, I find that I get tired in the afternoon (not from the herb) and when i wake up or other times i sometimes have a headache. Could s.j.w. be causing a toxic effect from taking it too long? What else is there that works similarly. I wouldn't bother to list my symptoms because that would take too long. -Dave
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I doubt the St. John' Wort is causing the problems, it just might not be the right herb to get to the core of your issues. I would suggest trying 5-HTP along with Mineral-Chi. Chinese Mood Elevator helps take the edge off too. Also, I would suggest deep breathing techniques, like taught in Yoga and find out what makes you angry. Anger is a secondary emotion that come from fear, frustration or pain, or all three. I have a brain injury and fatigue limits my ability to cope and I am easily frustrated -if I don't stop there i get irritated and angry. so in my case Chinese Mood Elevator helps. But it sounds like your struggle is a bit different. Start with the label recommendations for about 3 weeks and increase slowly if you need to, up to six daily for a few more weeks. let us know how it works. -Nora
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For depression and anxiety...What products are best? There are different St. Johns Wort in the NSP line. I have not seen anything on the differences of them and why or which one works best on what....etc. Any info: on this will help me. Thank you. -Teresa Mc..
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Depression is tricky...if you can muscle test you need to find out specifically what they are low in specifically...

Many people with depression are extremely low in many of their B vitamins. I mean they need mega doses: To test for this in muscle testing just place your fingers on their stomach area and have your client say each B vitamin (B1, B2, B3(niacin), B5, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Biotin, Choline). After each B vitamin muscle test. If they test weak they need that vitamin. Once you find which ones are off you need to test for quantities. Most need at least 500 mg to 1000 mg a day. Which ever they are off on, still have them take the B-Complex formula because all B's work together...just give extra of the ones that were very low.

Also check for Magnesium (test point is belly button) and have client say "magnesium" and test muscle. And check for Omega-3 and Omega-6 (right side base of the neck/shoulder area for both omegas) and Vitamin C (a couple of inches below the left shoulder by your left arm joint) levels.

For anxiety Herbal Sleep may be very helpful because of the Valerian Root and Passion Flower. It works on the nervous system.

Anyhow, best wishes.

If you want to read up more information about how mega doses of certain vitamins have relieved depression go unto a search engine and type in Orthomolecular Treatment for Depression. -Lourdes Martinez
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