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Digestive Issues

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 12:49 pm    Post subject: Digestive Issues Reply with quote

Digestive Issues

I have a client who always has digestive issues---lots of gas, bloating, acid reflux---has used and tried all the enzymes, anti-gas, etc---with partial good results-----but enzymes do not really agree with her as when she takes them she gets a hoarseness in her throat----this hoarseness is quite an issue----it seems like the acid reflux is --like she says--kinda seeping back up into her throat and keeping the throat and esophagus irritated-----she needs digestive help, but it in turn seems to irritate also------So many products seem to work opposite on her-----she gets leg cramps, etc which calcium seems to help and magnesium hinders-----and she has a very hard time assimilating calcium--partially due to lack of being able to take enzymes, etc----I do believe there is a connection with the Synthroid she takes for hypothyrodism in regard to using the calcium--she has worked on health issues all her life and we just can't seem to pin it down as to digestion issues which need to be taken care of first-- Any good ideas out there?? -gh
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She definitely needs Food Enzymes, Proactazyme or PDA. But, she may have a hiatle hernia causing the reflux that is affecting her throat. (Serach FAQ page) Safflower encourages your body to produce HCL. That may be a consideration.

I had laryngitis once really bad and get it very easily now. I use "Sore Throat/Laryngitis" Homeopathic and it immediately eases the throat issue. Sore Throat/Laryngitis is a natural homeopathic medicine for the relief of sore throats, hoarseness and laryngitis. -Georgiana
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It sounds like your client may have an overproduction of HCL acid instead of an underproduction. With hyper acidity the acid splashes up into the esophagus lining where there is no mucus lining to protect it. Symptoms may include the following: (sudden excess of saliva) Dysphagia (the sensation of food sticking in the esophagus, Chronic sore throat, difficulty or pain when swallowing, laryngitis, sudden excess of saliva, Inflammation of the gums, irritation in the throat, Hoarseness in the morning, A sour taste, bad breath, and Belching MSM - has been shown to help correct symptoms of hyper acidity, GERD, and heartburn. MSM balances the production of stomach acid back to normal levels and also helps in repairing the lining of the stomach. Studies have shown that people prefer MSM for controlling hyper acidity over antacids and it has no side effects. I normally recommend starting with 2 per meal for 2 weeks. To improve digestion of your food I recommend you add in the enzyme Proactazyme Plus which does not contain any hydrochloric acid, so it will not cause burning. I'd also use Slippery elm at 2 before meals to help soothe and rebuild the stomach lining. One last thought, if she is under a lot of stress this is very likely the cause of the overproduction in stomach acid. If stress is a factor support the stress with Nutri-Calm or Adrenal Support. Note: A simple test for acid production involves taking 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a meal, if digestion is improved you are likely suffering from low production of stomach acid and Food Enzymes will help. But if the heartburn is made worse, then it is likely you have either reduced mucus production (need to rebuild the stomach lining) or excessive acid production and should follow the programs outlined above.

Once she has gone thru a month or two of healing the stomach and reducing stress, she should be able to tolerate Food Enzymes once again. -Valerie G.
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