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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 12:47 pm    Post subject: Diverticulitis Reply with quote


Does any one have diet info for someone with diverticulitis? He is in a lot pain so I know he must have inflammation. I have him on a supplement program along with the antibiotics his Dr. gave him. The Drs didn't give him much diet info and I don't really know a diet for this. All help will be appreciated. Thank Rita
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He must mainly stay off of anything that has seeds. Lettuce, and cabbage are also bad for him. I hope you have him on Garlic, Slippery Elm, Flora Force and Echinacea for the infection. -Helen Red
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Think Bland. Nothing spicy, no salads or raw vegetables, processed foods or milk products. Mainly easy to digest foods that do not ferment in the gut. No coffee, soda or wines.

When these pockets that form become clogged, infection starts. I would have them first start with a bland diet. No refuge at this point. Only foods that are easily digested. Next flood the bowel with probiotics. Food Enzymes and Slippery Elm help digest and heal the mucosa of the digestive tract. Also have them start drinking "Whole Leaf" Aloe Vera Juice. This protocol must be followed for 6-8 weeks to heal and cleanse out the bowel. Aloe is a natural liver and digestive cleanse.
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My favorite help for this problem is NSP Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice, Slippery Elm and Spirulina. No fibers at this point. -Suzanne
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Q: I believe I am having a diverticulitis attack. The pain is located on my very lower left side, feels like extreme menstrual cramps or labor pains. I am visiting from out of town and cannot see a doctor locally. Having a hard time walking too. Not sure what to take or even eat. This is accompanied with a headache. I would say it started a few days ago and has gotten progressively worse. -Laurie
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Try Whole Aloe Vera Juice - 2 oz. after each meal. Include Psyllium Hulls - 2 per meal and Herbal Pumpkin - 2 per meal with 2 glasses of water in which there is 1 oz. of Aloe Vera each. Drink 8-10 glasses of pure water daily. Massage area with a tennis ball in circular motion. Lie on your back and do this for the whole large intestine. Start on lower right side and move up to just below the rib cage and then move across and move down at the bottom of the left rib cage then come in to the center when you reach the bottom. If you don't have any of the products, a simple cleanse is 2 heaping teaspoons of uniodized sea salt in a 9 oz. glass of warm water. Take first thing in the morning and do not eat for 1 hr. Stay near a washroom. This will clean you right out. Because of the specific weight of this mixture the salt is not absorbed into the blood so don't worry. It will taste bad but wash down with more warm water. -Mike Zavitz
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Diverticuli are pockets that form in the lining and walls of the colon, due to years of constipation and toxins building up. When that happens the pouches becomes infected and swollen and painful. When the Slippery Elm enters the colon, it will absorb toxins and penetrate with it's wonderful healing chemicals, The Diverticuli pocket or pouch will shrink and become less inflamed, giving the feeling of a healing. BUT the pockets are still there, only very small and not inflamed. So it is important that the client understands that he needs a life time of a small maintenance and a healthy diet of fruits and raw veggies, and to heal this disease to the point of comfort, the client needs to be aware of constant bowel cleansing. I would add Una de Gato, It works well for bowel problems, it helps the body recognize a problem and directs a healing in that area. -Debbie Shook
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Slippery Elm is very healing and it gently cleans out the bowel pockets. I would also use some form of acidophilus to get good bacteria back in the colon. -Jean Kinnett
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I would suggest doing Dr. Jack's Colon Cleanse starting very slowly as per my instructions, but in this case using the full amount of Aloe Vera Juice and Chlorophyll to clean out the diverticuli very gently. I agree that Slippery Elm would be a great addition to the cleanse. -Georgiana Duncan
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Q: I have just been diagnosed with Diverticulosis and am taking antibiotics for Diverticulitis prescribed by my doctor. Is there an herb(s) that I can take for this condition so it won't flare up again? It first manifested right before Thanksgiving with a pain in my left side. I ran a low-grade fever and I took Echinacea and the pain went away. I thought it was an infection of some sort. But, it came back two months later. So I went to the doctor and she diagnosed me. I have been on a bland diet for almost two weeks. I will end the antibiotic on next Monday. I have looked through the NSP information and it recommends Slippery Elm and also a combination herb of CLT-X. Are these the things I should take so I can start eating the foods I love again--in moderation this time without flare ups?
Thank you in advance for any information you can give me. -Leslie Lehmann
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From the 2005 version of Recipes for Success card reference file, here are NSP products specific for this problem:

CLT-X, Intestinal Soothe & Build and/or MSM

for the inflammation
Activated Charcoal and/or Anti-Gas Formula to deal with the gas Probiotic Eleven, L. Reuteri, Acidophilus, or

Aloe Vera Juice to provide natural sodium, the lining of the stomach Cellular Build which supports the entire GI tract PDA or Food Enzymes for digestion.

Poorly digested food can be very irritating to the bowel.

Gradually increase fiber, using Irritable Bowel Fiber to prevent the disease

from advancing.

Irritable Bowel Fiber or Psyllium Seeds
(not hulls) are the most easily tolerated fibers.

Kay Lubecke, B.S., M.A.
Author, Recipes for Success
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Thanks for the input on my problem with Diverticulitis. I am off the antibiotic and feeling better. My problem now is how to put more fiber in my diet without getting "big as a house". I do not have, and never have had, constipation problems. I am afraid that if I add a fiber supplement, it will act as a laxative. My husband takes Cascara Sagrada everyday and it keeps him regular, but I do not have that problem. Thanks for any help. -Leslie Lehmann
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There is more to it than JUST fiber. No, fiber does not give you loose stools, it's a vitally important part of your diet for any number of reasons. I would suggest you follow the program below, given by Kay Lubecke, a National Manager with NSP. The Irritable Bowel Fiber she lists would be excellent. It was formulated with this sort of problem in mind.

Constipation isn't always "not having a BM". Often people have loose, frequent bowel movements when they are backed up. (Which can cause diverticuli to form) Ease into fiber because if this is the case, it can actually cause constipation. You must neutralize the toxicity in the bowel and clean the pockets out. Kay's program will do this. Preferably work with someone near you who can muscle test you to see which products will benefit you the most.
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A post once detailed Red Raspberry to "pull in" the pockets and Hydrated Bentonite to cleanse them.

Some type of fiber in small quantities with lots of water is good.

And probiotics are essential, probably L.Reuteri and Probiotic Eleven since you just came off antibiotics. -Desiree
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