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Dog - Fleas

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 11:35 am    Post subject: Dog - Fleas Reply with quote

Dog - Fleas

Hi, I really need some help here our dogs have fleas. One dog has sores from scratching so much. Are there any good natural solutions to get rid of them? Thanks. Annette
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I bath my dogs with Eucalyptus added to the shampoo. They don't mind the Eucalyptus but they hate Tei Fu. They refuse to eat Garlic and dislike brewer's yeast. (picky, picky) This is the first summer we had not had fleas. -Elaine Nerland
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I have used natural methods on my pets and have great success. Brewer's yeast tends to aggravate the itching in dogs, but I recommend Garlic in their food or by mouth. One very important thing is to have your pets on healthy food, not the junk with chemicals and colors and rotted meat. I bathe my dog with shampoo that I put some Tea Tree in and I also use a tablespoon per gallon as a dip. It not only kills fleas and ticks but is an antiseptic type for the skin. I put Chlorophyl in the pet water to keep their blood healthy and keep a spray bottle of water and Tea Tree that I spritz my dog with and comb through after he has been romping around in the grass. The key here is that you have to keep on using it and have the pets on good food. I don't know the url but on the website for theherbsplace. They have a pet section that you might find helpful. www.theherbsplace com. -Robin
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You've got some great advice going. It'll take quite a bit to get rid of a bad flea problem. I know, I live in the south. Here are a couple practical ideas as well. Make sure you're taking care of the outside with some form of natural pesticide. Also watch that other dogs and cats don't have access to the area where your dogs are outside. Next, if you can go from carpeting to tile do so in every area you can fleas will breed in anything furry including your floor coverings. Lastly don't forget your cloth furniture can be breeding grounds. Also by keeping your pets' fur trimmed you'll be able to see the fleas and take care of them. Keep dog brushes washed and don't let their pet hairs accumulate. These and those great natural remedies will help. It's just going to take patience. -Chris
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I'd just like to add that when dogs and cats are fed a natural diet which means real live food and not processed. They will not get fleas. Fleas to a dog are much like parasites in our systems. If we, they are healthy the parasites will not find us an attractive host. I feed my dogs raw meat, grated vegetables and soaked grains to simulate the type of diet their digestive system is meant to have. Consider the wolf. In addition to the raw diet they get Proactazyme, three Garlic and Hawthorne Berries to prevent heart worm. In the past I had severe flea problems but when I changed them to a healthy natural diet they have never had a flea on them. Their coats are shiny they shed very little and even the old dog has tremendous endurance. I suggest Chinese Trigger Immune for all older animals. -Gail
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Garlic and B Vitamins work well for the pets specifically. If the fleas get into carpet in the house sprinkle table salt liberally and leave in place for about 3 days (it is not visible) then vacuum up. The fleas will be gone. -Carolyn Conley
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I have helped many dogs with Herbal Trace Minerals (combination Three). For a large dog (Rottweiler, Doberman, Shepard) start with 3 caps 3 x a day for the first two weeks. Then decrease to two twice a day. If you add regular Garlic capsules it will help too. You may give this to your dogs year round it will feed their glands and make their coat nice too. There is no need to buy any vitamins either because Herbal Trace Minerals has Alfalfa, Dandelion and Kelp so it is nutrient rich. The way I give it to my dogs is I put the capsules in some wheat bread and ball it up. Then I coat it with a little butter which makes it taste good so they pretty much swallow it immediately without chewing. -Jim Duffy
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One of my friends swears that she can actually see the fleas jump off her dog when she applies a drop of Eucalyptus oil to his neck. -Michelle Clampit
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Fleas hate vitamin B1 Thiamin, it makes the dog's blood taste very nasty. Just open a capsule of B-Complex and sprinkle it on their food. I give my 70 pound German Shepherd and my 60 pound Rottweiler each some each day, and it seems to give them lots of energy, healthy shiny coat, etc. Garlic is another good one, I give them each a capsule of NSP Garlic (very potent high quality) on their food. You can also rub the powdered Garlic right into their coat for more immediate results. They smell pretty fragrant, but it doesn't hurt them to lick it like commercial flea powders. -Robin Pearsall
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I use liquid Chlorophyll in my dogs water & give her Garlic pills, we have not seen a flea in months. -Kim Muovich
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Don't put salt on your grass, it'll kill it. If your animals are resistant to the fleas it won't matter if they're in the yard. I've been giving my dog Garlic and brewer's yeast for a couple of years and she hasn't got fleas since even though she romps around the fields. Right now the cat and she is on Garlic and Herbal Trace Minerals (Three). -Chottsie
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