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Dog - Heart Worms

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 11:32 am    Post subject: Dog - Heart Worms Reply with quote

Dog - Heart Worms

I have a client who is asking if anyone has used black walnut for heart worms and if so how much and how long. Is there any other alternative to arsenic type drugs given by vets for this condition. She has a small dog about 10 lbs. -Leila North
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You can use the Worm Balls that I had posted about a few month ago. Take about 12 capsules of Herbal Pumpkin and empty them into Brausenweiger ( it is like liver worst). Mix throughly. Then take about a 1/2 spoonful into your hand and roll it into a ball. Place each on onto a cookie sheet, then freeze. Transfer frozen balls to a zip lock bag and store in freezer. Each day take one out and give to dog. You can thaw it out or give to them frozen. This works for all worms in dogs. -Gwen
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Natural heart worm treatment
Actually, there is testing to determine what level of infestation and vet's don't use arsenic anymore. Here is the program I used for my dog. You can look at my website for details and good links. I am not a vet and cannot diagnose or prescribe, but I am sharing the program that worked for my dog.

Bandit's Program The following is the herbal program used for Bandit...average weight of 12 lbs (all herbs are Nature's Sunshine brand):

Months 1-4:

Upon waking and nightly before bed: 2 Artemisia Combination on an empty stomach

AM and PM Meals: 1 Coq10 Plus (10 mg) and 1 HS-II and 1 Black Walnut mixed with food

As needed for coughing: Yucca

Months 4-10:

Upon waking and nightly before bed: 2 Artemisia Combination on an empty stomach

AM and PM Meals: 1 Coq10 Plus (10 mg) and 1 HS-II and 1 Black Walnut mixed with food

Months 11-12:

Nightly before bed: 1 Artemisia Combination on an empty stomach

AM Meal: 1 Coq10 Plus (10 mg), PM Meal: 1 HS0II -Robin Snelgrove
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My sister used Herbal Pumpkin, Black Walnut, High Potency Garlic and I believe some Artemisia Combo. She just tested daily for a month to see what he needed and at the end the test came back negative. -LeRae McBroom
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The Heart worm Hype If your dog or cat is on a daily or monthly heart worm preventative, or your vet has tried to sell you one, read this. For years consumers have been mislead on the subject of heart worm. Here are the facts. Most veterinarians will have you believe that giving a daily or monthly pill to prevent heart worm is safer than the treatment to cure it. Once again, the veterinarians may not have the right answer here. Let's look at the bottom line:

The majority of these preventatives kill the heart worms before they mature. So every day or every month you give your animal that pill, you are actually administering the cure for heart worm, you're not really preventing it The cure for heart worm is not safe, it has toxic consequences These "preventative" products are just that, cures

Sure, the dosage is much smaller when given in a preventative dose. But when you give it to your pet month after month, this is where the toxic effects become a serious health risk

And they expect us to believe this is safer? Heart worm prevention treatments are a chemical insecticide, no matter what brand or what type. The chemicals alone are enough to potentially cause disease. Here is how:

These pills beat up your pet's immune system

Your pets system recognizes the chemicals as a foreign toxic substance

The system then works harder to eliminate the toxins

The major organs (such as liver and kidney) become strained unnecessarily

The system becomes run down, suppressing the immune response

When a real disease or virus enters the animal's body, it can not fight it off and the animal is consumed by sickness

Side Effects The chemicals used in most of these heartworm preventatives can cause serious side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, weakness and convulsions even in the healthiest animals. It is not uncommon for pet owners to rush into vet offices confused about what is wrong with their pet. Here is the irony, when the vets see these symptoms, they usually want to start your pet on a heart worm "preventative" medication thinking the symptoms may be heart worm, and they want to take precautions. Thankfully, a portion of the veterinary industry has acknowledged these dangers. Known as "alternative vets" they are open to re-examining treatments for the safest and most effective "alternative." Some actually recommend not giving your pet the chemical heart worm preventatives. And many of those alternative veterinarians believe that long term use of heart worm prevention is a link in the chain of diseases such as skin allergies, arthritis, liver and kidney diseases and many types of cancers. If your pet is on a heart worm preventative, the mosquito's will still bite them. True prevention would mean you have to get to the source of the problem, the biting mosquito.

Stock up on an all natural insect repellant spray (citronella works great). [So does Tea Tree, Eucalyptus & Tei Fu Oils - any of them in water, sprayed on]

Spray your animal before going into mosquito territory. This will keep the mosquito's away.

Put your pet on Black Walnut (liquid or capsules).
Note: We like the liquid because it is so easy just to put a few drops right down the back of your pet's throat. These herbs not only keep the mosquito's away, but they also kill any worms or parasites that enter the body. So if a mosquito carrying heart worm does decide to bite your pet, the worms will die before ever reaching the heart. Find these herbs at any health food store or vitamin shop in your area. Ask them for dosages and frequency for your specific pet.

We continue to remind you, don't get caught up in the hype. As you can see there is always a healthier choice to chemicals that can work. However, if heart worm is prevalent in your area, you should consider contacting an alternative veterinarian for additional natural support. Copyright 2000,
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"Roy, my little rescue Beagle has been on the herbs for heart worms for about 3 months now. I started him on this program about the first of May. I just can't get over how his coat is so shiny and vibrant looking. It was very dull and dirty looking all the time and now it's like he's just had a bath all the time! His eyes are so much brighter, too. And the energy....I can't believe he has SO much more than ever before. He was so sluggish and just laid around. He actually had started to have seizures or some type of "spells" and was falling out on the ground before the herbs. I plan to have him tested later and see what the vet says, but thought I'd go at least 6 months on the program. It wouldn't surprise me if the vet would say he doesn't see any sign of it, but I do want to keep him on the herbs. He's like a NEW DOG! " -Dottie Lowe Source:
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