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E.O. - Drops

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 11:08 am    Post subject: E.O. - Drops Reply with quote

E.O. - Drops

I'm just starting to use Essential Oils and I'm going to have a Home Spa party, I'm trying to make up mixtures and the drops won't even come out of the perfume ones, like Neroli, and the others come out way too fast. Does anyone know a special way to do this? Thanks. -Christina
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EO are all different. Each has a different heaviness or what is called viscosity so each and everyone is going to be slow or fast when using the European Dropper that is in the NSP EO bottles. When making blends or recipes I find it easier to use a glass eyedropper (you can purchase at the drug store). I use a clean one for each EO that I am using so I don't contaminate the oils with each other. Always make sure to wash the droppers after use and allow to air dry completely. Hope this helps. Kathleen
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Q: Anyone know how many drops of oil are in one EO bottle? -Liz Blackwell
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It depends on the viscosity of the oil. Myrrh is more resinous and Lavender is not so there would be more drops of Lavender in a bottle than Myrrh .I actually do count these when blending as to figure out my cost per blend. I track the number of drops in each bottle so that I know when to reorder, or how many bottles it will take me per a batch of blending on the CLEAR oils, which uses NSP singles. I guess it is time to start taking a counting survey and how are they measuring drops? With the orifice reducer in the bottle and how consistent is the diameter of these or with a measured pipette listing ml on the dropper? The drops are smaller from the pipette so there would be more. The drops are larger from the orifice reducer, which is how I count mine.

The orifice reducer is the plastic insert that comes in the bottle to keep it from spilling. I have even gotten a different size in these in one of my bottles before and it ran out all over the place when I tried to pour it. Pipettes are little wands with a bulb at the end to squeeze the oil up into to measure it. The opening is smaller than the orifice reducer. I can usually get about 160 of Lavender from these. But I was giving info that was assuming that everyone was counting from pouring from their bottles. I have counted the Lavender bottle over and over at least once per month when I blend and never gotten more than about 155 from it with the orifice reducer. -Kimberly Balas
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This is a great discussion, and many individuals have the right dea going. The average number of drops in a bottle is around 165 (or 166), but it is dependant on the viscosity of the liquid. Oils like Sandal-wood or Patchouli are more viscous, and therefore, may have fewer drops (around 150 or less). Oils like Lemon or Peppermint and less viscous, and tend to have close to 165. Hope this will clear things up somewhat! -Rhea LeMaster
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When I called NSP last year with this question, they told me that there are 150 drops in each bottle of essential oil. -Phyllis Merrill
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I was told 165 per 5 ml bottle. Does anyone know if that is correct? -Tonja Wells
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The Aromatherapy school text from NSP states that the average # of drops is 166. -Holly Dodge
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Wouldn't the number of drops vary with the type of oil? Some oils are much thicker and some are much thinner which I'd think would equal either thicker or thinner drops. -herbllamama
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You can figure this out very easily. You take the number of drops per ml times the total ml in the bottle = x; the total price of the oil (direct cost) divided by x = your total cost per drop. I usually double this for blending and add the appropriate price for the carrier oil in the same formula. Don't forget to charge for the cost of the bottle that you are putting the oil in as well. The less viscous oils (thinner) like Laven-der are usually 25-30 drops per ml. The more resinous oils, like Patchouli are usually about 20 drops per ml. Just multiply that by 5 for the total bottle content. I usually base all of mine on 25 per ml. -Kimberly Balas
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