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E.O. - Guardian - Testimony

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 11:04 am    Post subject: E.O. - Guardian - Testimony Reply with quote

E.O. - Guardian - Testimony

Last Saturday while talking to my Mom on the phone, I noticed that she sounded a little raspy and congested. I asked her what was wrong and she said she had a cold. Well My mom is under all sorts of medications including Coumadin. So having problems thinking about what she could do I remembered the Guardian EO. I told her to mix a few drops with some Olive oil if she couldn't find any almond and massage it into the bottoms of her feet. She said ok she'd give it a try. Well, Monday evening while on the way home my cell phone rings. My Mom is on the phone raving and going on about how great the oil was. She went on and on about how energized she felt, that she actually cleaned up an area that she'd been avoiding for months. And of course that the cold went away overnight. Anyway she was very funny and it was so rewarding to see this first hand. -Kiyoshi Matsumoto
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Same with my dad. I made him a Guardian hydrosol a couple weeks back and mom sprayed it around him and it improved his breathing and helped I think boost his immune system. I love it and I swear by it myself. I highly recommended it, but keep in mind EO's can also interact with prescription medicines especially the ones going directly on the skin they go right into the blood stream this is what I was taught. -Darcy
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I know, I know, you're absolutely right this is why it's so frustrating for me with her, my hands are all but tied. Mostly all I can do is give her info on better food choices. The Coumadin is the one that's really got me in a bind. She has an artificial valve and the docs say she has to keep her blood thin or it will malfunction. Now here's the kicker, twice since being placed on it she's been hospitalized for internal bleeding. She is supposed to keep the green leafy veggies low, high glycemic indexed foods low due to type 2 diabetes. She had half of her thyroid removed back in '62. I'm certain her cholesterol is off. there's diverticulitis and the list goes on. I'm trying to get her blood type and a list of all the meds. I did tell her not to use the EO too much. About 4 years ago prior to the valve replacement, I placed her on a food plan that stabilized her blood sugar, took her high bp down and weight. The docs almost took her off of most of the meds until my cousin committed suicide. This of course threw Mom off of the program I had her on. Ok I'm ranting now but you get the picture -hoteptoday
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I'd be interested in WHO taught you that. Was it a medical person? I've never heard of EO's interacting with prescription medications of any kind. :) I use them together all the time and check with my upline who is a Naturopath and she has always said to go ahead. -Nolee
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Well, it will a lot of EO's will lower BP and if your client is taking BP meds it can cause hypo-tension a sudden drop, and the person could faint and hurt themselves or worse.

Also, many of the EO's have properties that are anticoagulant or coagulant. Helichrysum for one is an EO that can cause the blood to clot, so if your using blood thinners it would not be wise probably to use this excessively it would defeat the purpose of the drug.

If you are using blood thinners you would want be careful of those EO's that have blood thinning properties because it could increase the medication synergistically. There are so many things people do not know regarding EO's, and no medical doctor told me this, Kim Balas taught me plus if you buy any good resource book on EO's it will tell you this in it.

EO's are the purest part of the plant or herb and they are very potent. Over in Europe they are used as drugs. I could go into detail if you want but my suggestion to you would be to proceed with caution. -Darcy
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Hello Nolee: You have to be very careful safety is your number one priority for your client. Now with that said, this using applies to the oils you are using on the skin like in a rub, because they absorb and go directly into the bloodstream, and also the frequency of use. I love EO's and I use them a lot.

We learn how to determine if an oil will be a benefit to a client or not during our training just with the smell test. We pick several oils that fit this person's particular case, and we have them smell each using coffee to clear the nose each time, at this time we are feeling the pulse of the person smelling the oil if the pulse begins to race or beat funny then we do not use it. So there is an example of an oil that can raise the heart rate. Some people use Lavender Oil for relaxation, it cause the opposite effect on me and has me walking the floor.

Never assume that an EO has the same energies of the whole plant it is derived from. Also using some oils may have opposite effects of the herbs you are taking at that time, and the energies will block each other. If the client doesn't like the smell although you told her it will benefit her, she will have a negative response to therapy.

In Europe we use EO's as drugs example: Lemon grass is used to treat MRSA a serious infection. They may not seem like they are harmful, but seriously they can be and using them directly on the skin is using them for medicinal purpose. You know they are the purest part of a plant the most potent, and all it takes is a drop or two to work wonders. As I said, look in a good reference book on Aromatherapy it will say not to use them if your client has this condition, it should tell you to many reasons to be alert, i.e. if using other chemicals. If not you still have to use common sense if a oil has the ability to lower BP and your client is already taking prescriptions for that and possibly herbs to you must be aware that there is a potential to cause hypo-tension which can cause dizziness, and possibly the person may faint.

I know during my Aromatherapy studies while using the oils I would develop a headache and nausea many times that was from using them too much or over dosing, and I would even feel bad achy at times. Some oils that I liked in the beginning turned against me in the end of my training.

I've been a Nurse for over 10 years and I specialized in acute medicine. I am certified in both MS and cardiac telemetry. To be perfectly honest those oils can change the telemetry readings. They are so powerful they can reverse the negative effects of radiation on the cell from an x-ray. It usually takes the cells 2-3 weeks to recover from a MRI if they do, but if you use the EO's after, the cells will recover immediately. You know during this recovery time anything can take place, i.e. cells can die or they can be damaged or even change, so this is why x-ray exposure over time is very dangerous.

Essential oils have the highest vibrational frequencies on this planet known to man. Rose Otto has a frequency of 320 hertz's. However, most are 90 htz -. they contain ozone and negative ions which make it very hard for disease to survive in their presence. They are very powerful stimulates among many other things. They can actually increase the velocity and decrease the viscosity of the blood. People who use these oils will recover faster with them than without providing you know what oils the person will respond to.

EO's are not like drugs per say but they do have drug-like effects and are considered in other countries as drugs, because of their potency. EO's have the ability to penetrate the cells and actually prevent the premature death of the red blood cells before the 120 days life span which is wonderful for people who have a potential toward anemia from chemotherapy drugs used for cancer.

I highly recommend the EO's but I also take in consideration many things as well for many reasons.

I recommend you to get yourself a safety data sheet on EO's and some really good reference guides. If your going to sell these products you need to take the responsibility for the outcome, and learn as much as you can. It is really up to you not your upline or your ND. Ultimately, you are selling the product to the customer.

I don't know everything either, so this is why I am trying to help you, and I hope you do not see me as anything else but a person who is trying to help. -Darcy
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Well, I certainly appreciate all the time you took to put into that, Darcy. There was a great deal there to learn and we are always learning, so I thank you for passing on your knowledge. -Nolee
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
What was the formula proportions on this again??
I just now am getting into the oils more and wished I had paid attention sooner!

And will this work in the roller bottle we have? We are traveling soon and I thought this would be good to have for our hands and throat--- Thanks. -Ardis
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Ardis, I make a spritzer with Guardian Oil for traveling; can add to Nature's Fresh or water. This is SO easy to use!! We also rub it into the bottoms of our feet. -Sharon Grimes
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ok, how many drops of Guardian to the Nature's Fresh in the brown spray bottle!
Great idea because we are flying!! Thanks. -Ardis
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How do you put this spritzer together for traveling?
Can you use aloe with Nature's Fresh with Guardian as a spritz or waterless anti-bacterial hand cleanser? -Angelica Pattison
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