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E.O. - Helichrysum

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 11:03 am    Post subject: E.O. - Helichrysum Reply with quote

E.O. - Helichrysum

I have used this for nerve repair and used Lecithin and ST. Johns Wort internally. You might look in hart under Helichrysum for more info. -Tonja
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According to Larissa's Book Aromatherapy for Body, Mind and Spirit Helichrysum is called everlasting or immortelle. Properties: anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, antitussive, antiseptic, cholagogue, cicatrizant, diuretic, expectorant, fungicidal, hepatic and nervine.

It is relaxing and emotionally warming and opening, easing emotions like frustration and irritability. According to Gabriel Mojay, it helps remove the most stubborn of wood emotions--jealousy, half-conscious anger, and bitterness of spirit.

It is native to the Mediterranean area. It stimulates the growth of new cells and is recommended for bruises, burns and scars. The claims it says for helping hearing loss and nerve damage are not yet scientifically substantiated but I personally have seen clients helped with it.

It is a stimulant for the liver, gallbladder and spleen. It aids in detoxification of the body and works especially on the lymph glands. Hope this helps. Diane L. Toombs
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Here is some info from Kimberly, and Herbal Dave's CD. There is an excellent handout on the HART CD, but it can only be passed on as an attachment. -G.

NSP Helichrysum Essential Oil
Here is something that I put together quick that may help.

Helichrysum or Everlasting has long been used as a remedy for chronic ailments of the skin and lymphatic system. It acts as a stimulant for liver and gall bladder, kidneys and spleen. It has strong expectorant and cicatrisant properties. It speeds cellular growth and helps with nerve regeneration. It assists wound healing of all types. It reduces old scar tissue, reduces stretch marks and loosens adhesions after injuries. It has both anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties.

Emotionally it helps with cold feet feelings and people that get stuck in their head with thoughts. It transfers the warmth of the sun to people that may have not received warmth and affection as a child. It is also used to increase dream activity and awareness and also stimulates the right side of the brain. - Kimberly Balas
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"In our fast-paced society, the one constant seems to be change itself. Occasionally we can all use a little relief. That's why NSP now offers Helichrysum Essential Oil. With its deep-warming, grounding emotional effect, helichrysum oil helps promote relaxation and balance. The uplifting, comforting qualities of helichrysum oil will help you unwind and find peace of mind.

"The Benefits of Helichrysum
Known as immortelle, helichrysum offers a unique array of benefits. This sharply scented oil is probably best known for its benefits to injured and problem skin. Helichrysum contains antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial compounds, making it an excellent addition to any first aid kit. "Helichrysum Essential Oil supports the digestive system (detoxification and cleansing), helps calm the respiratory system, and it supports the circulatory, immune and structural systems.

"Get the Real Essence
Varied species of helichrysum are found throughout the world, but these do not meet Nature's Sunshine's strict standards. That's why NSP uses only Helichrysum italicum, harvested from its indigenous soil in Yugoslavia or on the island of Corsica. The herb is hand-gathered directly from wild plants, and only when in bloom. No sprays or pesticides are used. Wild helichrysum thrives where it is among all the essential elements it needs. NSP Helichrysum Essential Oil passes those elements on to you! "NSP guarantees that its genuine and complete Helichrysum Essential Oil is 100 percent pure and unadulterated. Rigorous GC/MS testing confirms that our essential oil is of the highest quality. In fact, during our search for the best oil, we reject more helichrysum samples than we accept. And, you'll find that NSP Helichrysum Essential Oil is competitively priced. Stock No. 3943-0 (5 ml)

"Suggested use
Helichrysum Essential Oil enhances massages and baths. use it as an inhalant to help relax the nervous system, and apply it to skin to guard against pain and infection. This oil blends well with Bergamot, Lavender Fine, Pink Grapefruit, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Roman Chamomile.

"This product is for external use only. Pregnant women should not use Helichrysum. Do not apply it near your eyes or mucous membranes. keep all essential oils out of the reach of children." Sunshine Horizons, November 1999. - Herbal Dave's Notebook CD by David Satterly
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Hello-I was working out last night with my exercise bands. "Don't try this at home" Anyway, I put the band over a door that did not close completely needless to say it was irresponsible. Now on my bands there was a solid round hard plastic ball that is suppose to secure it to the door During the third pull and if you can imagine the force behind the pull, it is pretty strong the door opened and the band gave way.

It came full speed across the top of my top of my head toward the beginning of my hairline directly in the middle. I saw stars, and the room was spinning around a gush of blood poured down my face in a dripping mode then a lot more after. I felt like I'd die. I yelled for my husband who was frighten to pieces when he saw all the blood but held it together. I felt him trembling though. I am use to blood as a nurse, but not my own. A head wound always looks bad, and there is always a lot of blood. Plus that is the tender part of the skull. It is right where the fontanel closed as a baby. or better known as the soft spot. It hurt like heck felt like a brick instead of a ball. Well, I have beautiful hair from using NSP products, and it is light reddish brown not as pretty as Kims, red hair, but believe me I had to soak it today, and I have thick, very thick hair.

Well, anyway after the hit and as soon as I could see some again I immediately got out my Nature's Fresh, Colloidal Silver and pour it on the wound, and then I did what Jack Ritchason suggested applied Chlorophyll over it to seal it, but before that I sniffed the Helichrysum EO, because it was pour blood. I rubbed the Helichrysum on my hand and sniffed. Almost immediately the bleeding stopped. I then applied the Chlorophyll.

It definitely needed stitches, because it is approximate 1 inch deep, but it stop bleeding and has not bled since. I soaked my hair today and wound is nice and clean. I applied more liquid Chlorophyll, Nature's Fresh, and Colloidal Silver. Even all the swelling seems to be gone today. Thank goodness for my NSP herbs and EO's! I did not have to get stitches. -Darcy
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Well, the positive is that we now know you are getting exercise....dangerous...but exercise!!! :-) Talk about being hit over the head with exercise!..... I grew up with my mom as a nurse and blood never bothered her either!

You can use Capsicum as a way to seal wounds instead of stitches too. Don't you just love Helichrysum! Take care and watch out for those professional stunts! -Kimberly D. Balas
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Hi as most of you know last week on Monday I obtain a head wound, a laceration and a large hematoma during a exercise session, haha!

I use a powerful essential oil called Helichrysum. I can witness the bleeding stop almost immediately and the swelling decreases significantly. All I did was rub a little on my hand and sniffed it, over and over. The next day the swollen area was almost impossible to find, there was some tenderness, but it was healing at an incredible speed. On Monday of this week you would have never known I had be injured.

Helichrysum has a diketone in it that has antihematoma properties and reduces contusions with great speed, but it also help stop my bleeding. Had I not known anything about herbal medicine I think I would have had to obtain stitches, x-ray the whole bag of horrors; no I know so I am a nurse and believe me I've sent people to the ER for less and they come back with
two or three stitches, so I know I would have had to get stitches, and I would still have them now. However, the good old herbal medicine box, NSP Colloidal Silver, Nature's Fresh, Chlorophyll and my knowledge of herbal remedies and EO s which is becoming a lot greater saved me a lot of grief, not to mention a huge ER bill. Thanks to NSP for making the best products on the market! -Darcy
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