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E.O. - Raindrop Therapy

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 10:55 am    Post subject: E.O. - Raindrop Therapy Reply with quote

E.O. - Raindrop Therapy

Does anyone know about this treatment? My daughter had a massage today, the woman was very interested in the fact that I know a lot about herbs and such, she is going to call me as they would like me to come and speak to a group of them. I haven't done this as yet and would like any advice from some of you that have. I could go off into dozens of different topics, but want to keep it simple and easy to understand, also she asked my daughter if I knew Raindrop Therapy, now I have heard of it, and read about it quite a while ago, but cannot recall it. So does anyone know about this? I really thank you for any help I can get. Should I take literature, if so what kind? -Jeannette
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That's a Young Living essential oils treatment. There are lots of articles on the Net including instructions, just do a search. A friend of mine into their oils did this on me. I did not like it, the oils used seemed harsh. I really don't like the smell of their oils. -Chottsie
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Larissa was very "thumbs down" about this treatment, as the oils used (YL) are very harsh and people actually get burned by the oils. She has developed a safe alternative with NSP oils that is just as effective, and gave me her protocol a couple of years ago, but I was asked not to share it since was planning to publish it herself. I don't know what came of that. Maybe Laura (Herb Allure) could let us know, or get permission from Larissa to post her protocol to the group.

More reading: (from Steven Barrett, so of course he is negative, but there is some interesting background info here) -Sharon Grimes
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One of the main things the massage therapist was interested in is the Essential Oils, so I suppose this would be a great thing to zero in on. So I guess I could take some products and literatures on that, also pass out recipes? Does this sound like a good way to go, I don't have the latest book by Larassia, but I have other's, if anyone has tried something simple that has helped them a lot using the oils, probably along the lines of massage, would you mind sharing it. Also I will point out Natures Fresh, and how it helps to push in the oils, liquid herbs, minerals or whatever is put on the skin. She doesn't carry any vitamins, herbs, minerals, essential oils, just skin care things, so I can go into our things quite a bit, she might even carry some of them. Again, thank for any help. Again, Thank You. -Jeannette
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A massage therapist came and taught several of us the 'Sunshine Touch' treatment which was WONDERFUL. I've pasted in below the notes that I took and have followed to do this to my family. I'm not a massage therapist and you don't need to be one to do this. This is very therapeutic - I loved it. '2 thumbs up' for this.

Sunshine Touch Therapy

1. Wet a large thick towel, wring it out, fold it and place it in a crock pot. Fold it so that it can be rolled out on the back and then in thirds so it can fit into the crock pot. Set the crock pot on `low'.
2. Assemble the EOs (CelluTone, Frankincense, Guardian, Marjoram, Deep Relief, Thyme Lin., and Peppermint). The person can be muscle tested on each of these individually and possible replacements chosen.
3. Prepare the massage base (1 Tblsp Aloe Gel, 1&1/2 Tblsp NSP massage oil, ~1/2 tsp Capsicum Extract, 1/2 tsp Lobelia Extract) Each of these ingredients can be muscle tested and substitutions made.
4. Have available another large towel and a small hand towel. Loosen the lids of the EOs and place them in the order they will be used.
5. Have client lie prone covered with a sheet with a pillow under the feet.

1. Generously apply the massage base to the back, neck and shoulders. [This will dilute the EO immediately upon contact] Apply each of the following EOs and massage for about 3-5 minutes.
2. Cellu Tone (3 drops to the lower spine)
3. Frankincense (4 drops down spine)
4. Guardian (3 drops)
5. Marjoram (3 drops spine, 2 drops shoulders). Using nail side of fingertips, lightly brush up the spine several times.
6. Deep Relief (3 drops spine, 2 drops shoulders) Flare fingers and do fingertip massage using small circular motion going up the spine.
7. Thyme Lin (3 drops up spine). Use alternating pulling/pushing motion on the sides of the back.
8. Peppermint (4 drops rubbing in as you go) Using both thumbs work as moving a marble from top to bottom of the spine.

Apply towel to back, testing for comfort. Unroll and immediately cover with another (dry) towel, and the sheet to conserve the heat. Move down to the feet and use remaining massage base to massage feet and calves. Use heel of hand to relax bottom of foot and use pulling motion on the top part of the foot.
Those of you who are massage therapists needn't take my massage notations as being necessary - any routines that you are comfortable with apply. -Pat Block
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Kim Balas is also very down on Raindrop Therapy. It is potentially dangerous to put these kinds of really strong oils directly on the spine where they can be absorbed into the nervous system tissue.

I really like the Herbal Back Adjustment therapy, which involves massaging Lobelia and Capsicum Extracts into the muscles along the spine and then following this up with a little Tei Fu Oil. This really relaxes muscle spasms and helps relive back pain. -Steven Horne
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I agree with Chottsie! It is very harsh on the skin and NOT recommended by "reputable" essential oil distillaries or distributors. It can burn the skin terribly and cause more problems. Essential oils need carrier oils to protect the skin.(except lavender and sometimes Tea tree) The liability is very high for people practicing this. -Dori
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This combination I call TLC and I make a bottle up of it with all three: Capsicum Lobelia Tei Fu Oil

Use all the liquids and thank God we have liq. Capsicum back! Fantastic for massaging. -Gale Gravois
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I mix it in an old bottle from one of our Homeopathic products when they are empty. 1 whole bottle of Tei Fu and then I fill it equally with the other two. Always be sure to put a carrier oil on the skin first. It can be too strong for fair skin.

I massage with it and use it for all aches and pains.......fabulous for arthritis! -Gale
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Gee Willikers!!!! I'm so surprised....almost lost for words (not). Time for the proverbial reality check. There are many things that we all do that can be considered 'potentially dangerous' Doctors say that the herbs we give people and recommend here are 'potentially dangerous'....but the precaution that is taken here with the Raindrop or Sunshine Drop therapy is to put the carriers down first. Another step to avoid the 'danger' is to drop the EOs into the therapist's hands and combine them with the carrier in the hands before applying to the person's back. So why go through all the trouble of the Raindrop or Sunshine Drop therapy? Results. I think why some people get such good results from this is that pathogens often reside in the spinal fluid and the actually in any tissue of the body. The EOs are wonderfully anti-pathogenic. Great therapy if you feel a flu coming on. Good grief - I do this to my own kids. Dangerous? I have not heard anyone being damaged from this, especially if the therapists have been properly trained in handling EOs. -Pat Block
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Pat, I assumed Steven to be talking about the Raindrop Therapy, which uses caustic oils (and yes, I know people with permanent scarring from it) vs. the Sunshine Drop Therapy that Larissa taught us. I have had NO problems with that and I also use it with my family. -Sharon Grimes
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Yes, I was talking about the therapy that involves using caustic oils neat (that is straight out of the bottle) on the spine. Diluting them with a little carrier oil is fine. The thing to remember is that essential oils are highly concentrated substances. They aren't whole herbs. -Steven Horne
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I haven't said much about the Raindrop Therapy discussion because I use both NSP & the YL brand - I have done this therapy since 1996 and I've never had one person who did not benefit in some way, from this therapy. In fact, one lady who could not sit or bend for any length of time - began to move body parts without pain, and for over 6 weeks she received benefits. One lady with sclerosis had her back straighten right in front of both of us - we both could not believe what we saw. And there are lots more testimonies - I have used NSP oils and I also received wonderful benefits. The oils do not go directly on the spine in fact the instructions tell you not to work directly on the spine but next to it. I believe it's a good therapy but must be done correctly and by a trained individual and with so many people doing it across the country - as far as I know, no one has had a serious reaction to the oils. -Barbara Flot
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So, the key here is to ALWAYS use a carrier oil base first, and don't drop the oils directly onto the skin, either on the spine or next to it. -Sharon Grimes
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Yes, this is the best rule of thumb, I always use a carrier oil - and I'm conscious of a person skin and hair color - that has a lot to do with the oils and whether they will be caustic for them. This type of therapy has a lot of training associated with it and should not be done just because a person feel they are qualified in some other health modality. -Barbara Flot
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I'm so glad to see the responses everyone is posting. I personally also do NOT think it is a good idea, but back to the original reason for asking about it (yes the person asked if she knew it), but what if you offer her something the entire group can use i.e. Deep Relief or the Tei fu or Lobelia and show them uses for our products that each and every person can use. Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to get people started . Do a kind of Aromatherapy party and show them how to make it. -kny
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