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Ear - Fluid

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 10:48 am    Post subject: Ear - Fluid Reply with quote

Ear - Fluid

Anyone have any info to alleviate recurrent fluid build-up in the ear? My client is 70 years old and the M.D. wants to put tubes in his ears. He's tried the tubes before and it was not very successful. I have been the rounds with him on this problem. He is very resistant to my suggestions because I am not a doctor. I have suggested ALJ, CBG, and an immune system product because there is probably infection. That is the reason why the ear is building up the fluid, Right? -Georgie Albert
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It could be that if your client is on any calcium channel blockers. It may be causing the fluid buildup as they are known to aggravate the sinus cavities. Ask what meds he is on and then look up the side effects. You are recommending all the right things. I say, "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink!" -Nancy
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No dairy products, sugar. These cause more infection and fluid. I use Fenugreek & Thyme successfully for fluid buildup. -Ann
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My husband had that happen and an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist put him on a diuretic with relief. He was not on any other meds and that was before I got into herbs. He does have some hearing loss in that ear since then. They had given him antibiotics that did not help at all. -Naomi
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Support Kidneys. Try CBG and Lymphatic drainage. -S. Mitchell
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Q: I have and a customer also has, fluid in the ear. I have taken massive quantities of Fenugreek & Thyme, Sinus Support, LH, but nothing helps the muffled sound of fluid in the ear. Got any suggestions? -Leila North
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I knew a distributor that often recommended CBG Extract to be used at 3 drops in each ear 2 times a day. She swore that this helped. It could be that they have excess ear wax and when showering the water gets into the ear and behind the wax. Try hot packing below the ear canal 20 minutes 2 times a day with Lavender Essential Oil. 2 to 3 drops on a wet wash cloth. See if this works. Some people do well with ear candling. -Suzanne
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Q: I have had fluid, and a heartbeat in my ear for 5 months. Most of the problem is in my right ear. No one is able to help me. I've been to several ear, nose & throat doctors and an allergist. Do you think allergy shots may help? All sounds are muffled, however, my hearing is still ok. He has also suggested putting tubes in my ear, but I do not want that. Any suggestions? -Diane
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I suffered from this for years and I have finally found something very helpful. The idea is the keep the area dry as you can. Also, your goal would be to keep down any inflammation (and/or increasing inflammation) that seems to be occurring. It could be a fluid retention causing trouble. You may email me at any time so we can talk more. -Denise Griffin
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Bayberry Capsules, two twice daily, will open blocked tubes anywhere in the body and allow the fluid to leave. We have had several children who have avoided having tubes put in their ears by using the bayberry. -Kay Lubecke
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From my Enzyme Therapy class:
If the person does not have acid reflux or hiatal hernia, use large doses of protease between meals, on an empty stomach. I have used this even with children who have fluid trapped behind the eardrum. It may save surgery. -Jan
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Eyebright taken orally 4 capsules every 2 hours until relieved. Eyebright opens the eustachian tubes of the ears allowing them to drain. It also has anti-inflammatory properties as well as anti-allergenic and expectorant properties. For the pain I would put a few drops of Lobelia essence (warming slightly) into the ear canal and/or rubbed with a cotton ball on the area around and under the ear on the mastoid bone. Lobelia acts as an analgesic and dilator. (Make sure that anything going into the ear canal is warmed--the lobelia should still work by putting it externally on the outside of the ear area as it will be absorbed and do it's job. Yucca also comes to mind as it has natural steroidal properties. Hope this helps.-Gina
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Q: I am a 61 year old female and have had fluid in my ears for almost two years. The ENT doctors have given up on me. I have considerable hearing loss. Does anyone know what causes fluid in the ears and how to stop it? -EM
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It could be caused by candida. My dad had fluid in his ears that he couldn't get rid of, as well as eczema and other problems. I suggested he treat candida, and his ear infection cleared right up. I would do some research on candida. There is a good questionnaire at -Brandy
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