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Ear - Infection/Child

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 10:46 am    Post subject: Ear - Infection/Child Reply with quote

Ear - Infection/Child

My friend has a four-year-old son with hearing problems which the doctors are saying are caused by fluid pushing against the eardrums. (He also gets vertigo and throws up easily.) His nasal membranes are so swollen he cannot breathe at all through his nose. The doctors don't seem to know what to make of all this, and gave her a steroid spray for his nose. Has anyone run across this? I am suspecting allergies and told his mom she needs to change his diet. -Laura
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This sounds exactly like my problem when I was at this age over 30 years ago plus massive ear infections continually. The doctors tried everything, adenoids removal, tonsils removal, vitamin supplementation, removing the problem foods from my diet, all for nothing. I still have the hearing loss. I have heard that taking the B vitamins in mega doses (according to the age) helps to minimize the hearing loss. I don't know if this works for everyone though. Good luck. -Linda
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Such deafness can affect pronunciation for years, even for life. Has she tried feeding him Ginger in whatever form? Ginger dries up the fluid in the inner ear. For the middle ear we use Tei Fu Oil, every two hours gently stroked on the OUTSIDE--from just in front of the ear, past the end of the jaw, and gently curving forward to the middle lower throat. The Homeopathic Earache (not available year around) works great also. And we use CBG, not in the ear canal as some do, but straight, by mouth. Adjust for age. Explain that it tastes just awful (I mean really awful!) But that it needs to get to the back of the throat to do its job. It doesn't have to stay there! Just swallow it and then water. Lots of water helps to eliminate fluid also. Some little ones have an ear canal that just accumulates fluid easier than it dumps fluid out. Ask and ear nose and throat specialist for some help with this. Some recommend certain types of exercise or manual expression of these fluids, and if the doctor knows how to do it, it also helps. I could never describe the one we found works, but it was learned from an old chiropractor. -Marilyn Navarro
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Q: Can anyone help me with a client whose toes curl towards his body and the tendons extend out across the top of his foot? I started him on Skeletal Strength and the muscle cramps in his legs went away but I can't get the toes to relax.
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My niece is going through a similar problem. I've been told that if a muscle won't relax it's because it's not getting the energy it needs. Consider magnesium separately, Flaxseed oil (if nerve involvement), and Fibralgia to bring energy to fatigued muscles. She also continued with minerals and potassium. Also consider structural issues like spine being out of place, shoes causing problems, massage therapy/stretching, etc. Check pH of client - is acid muscles a condition? -Jane
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My three year old has an outer ear infection. She has been swimming a lot so that is why I think it is outer. Her is is very painful to the touch and she says when she opens her mouth real big it hurts. She was an ear infection child but usually not this time of year and with the internal ones she had, it was always accompanied by fever and lethargic. The only pain is when you touch her ear. Anyway, I have been using the swimmers ear stuff and hydrogen peroxide in her ear and nothing seems to help. I am going to the doctor today b/c it has been a week and it has gotten worse. Any suggestions?? -Missy
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CBG Liquid is great for ear problems children. Internally and place a drop in the ear as well. Also garlic & Mullein Liquid. Bifidophilus - open a couple of capsules and place in food daily. -Janice McComb
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Q: My daughter recently got an ear infection after a 4 year break. We have cleaned up our diet and everything has been going well until now. She caught a bug from school and had a low fever. We started giving her some herbs. She then got a sore throat. Last night she got an earache and we started treating it with garlic oil, CBG and colloidal silver. We think her ear drum burst, because she has had bloody drainage and has felt some relief. We used an otoscope to look in her ear and it looks horrible. Our question is this, can we still put drops in her ear, or is it not a good idea if the ear drum has burst? If anyone has had experience with this and could give me some pointers I would really appreciate it. Thanks. -Charlotte
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My daughter's eardrum burst and I still put colloidal silver (the only thing I put in ear). I might have given her flora. She recovered fine.

Don't know about the other products. You can give her these other things orally if you are not too confident about putting in ear. -Lourdes Martinez
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Q: Ear Infections: Childhood
My son just had a mild ear infection. We nipped it in the bud with Colloidal Silver, High-Potency Garlic, Garlic Oil, and Vitamin C. He took 1 teaspoon Silver 4x/day. I also put Silver in his ears (while he was lying down) 3x/day, using Garlic Oil in his ear with cotton, at night. He took 2 High Potency Garlic morning and night and 5 grams of T/R Vitamin C daily, as well as he could eat as many Chewable C's as he wanted. Lots of water. Oh, and (he didn't know it), but I added 2 LBS-II to his normal daily regime of supplements. Wanted to get them buggers out of his system quickly.
Wednesday night was the first time he told me his ear hurt. It is now Friday afternoon and he is 100%.
It sounds like your client has an ear infection that is much more established. But I still think these are the right products to recommend. You might need to be a bit more aggressive, JUST DON'T GIVE UP!
If they have been on antibiotics, it would be very wise to also add Bifidophilus Flora Force, 5 each morning on an empty stomach. -Peggy
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I've found CBG to work great for ear infections. I even use in place of swimmer's ear products as a preventative. I would use it for the next week or so, just to clear up anything left in the ears. Pour 1-2 drops into the ear canal 2x daily, or at least just after evening bath. Then once a week every week or 2. Remind mom to keep the head out of the water when washing the hair. My aunt even runs a blow dryer on low across the ears after a shower.
As an immune builder the children's elderberry chewable is good too. -Chris Swadley
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I have had several moms start their kids on Elderberry Plus Chewables to build their children's immune systems and have said they don't catch everything like before. I have also used liquid Una de Gato for my son and Garlic Oil in his ears if I suspect an infection. Acidophilous is very important as well. Surely it would help to cut out the dairy also. See page on milk. -LaVerne
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Q: HELP!!! A friend of mines son was diagnosed with an ear infection, and they want to put tubes into his ears. That sent up RED FLAGS in my mind. Isn't there some NATURAL way to cure this problem? I heard that about 50% of all Myringotomies (placing tubes in ears) are unnecessary!! What causes ear infections anyway? All responses will be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!! -Dee
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Initially, you need to ease the pain of the ear infection. NSP CBG Extract, topically in the ear and internally should help. You can open one of the NSP gel caps and squeeze the Garlic Oil into the ear also.

THEN you have to get rid of the underlying cause. I would think think they have been giving the child antibiotics or some other medication. If antibiotics, it just encourages the growth of candida, which then encourages the return of the infection/fluid in the ear.

I would put the child on Vitamin C to bowel tolerance, and lots of Beta Carotene. Elderberry may be helpful also (Chewable or adult). I would definitely rub some immune boosting oils on the bottom of his feet. (Oregano or Thyme come to mind) Diffuse oils in his room at night. Breath Free or Guardian might be good.

I really like Olive Leaf Extract . . . but it depends on the child's age how you would administer it. My daughter slips all kinds of things past my less than 2 year old grandson by opening capsules and putting the herbs in his organic applesauce. My granddaughter is harder to fool, but she swallows any sized pill and has since she was just 2. Another sneaky way I found to get things down them is to use organic peanut butter, take a little bit, mix the opened herb in it and stick it in their mouth. They can't get it out. I know, it sounds horrible -- and my grandson screamed when I did it the first time, but it worked. I was baby sitting and was supposed to give him whatever it was - and I couldn't figure out how to get it down him. Another way is to butter up the capsule and insert it in the rectum. My daughter does that with her babies. Hope this helps. . . . -Georgiana
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Q: Several months ago I came down with what Doctor's diagnosed as a Viral Inner Ear infection. Today, the vertigo I was experiencing has passed however I still have nearly 100% percent hearing loss in the left ear. My Doctor, a highly recommended ENT physician has told me I can hope for a 10% return of hearing at best. What alternative supplements are available to treat this? At 29 years old I'm not ready to be deaf in one ear! Please advise... -Brent
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I suggest Essential Oil Helichrysum applied around the outside of the ear twice daily to help in restoring nerve function to the ear. Also internally VS-C & Pau D'Arco or VS-C & Olive Leaf and Mineral Chi. Have you been checked for low blood sugar? This can be a cause of Vertigo and this issue needs to be addressed in order to restore hearing as well. -Janice McComb
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I second giving the Helichrysum a try to restore the hearing loss. I have heard from several others that it could possibly help in this area. There are also really good suggestions for helping the ear infection in this thread as well, check it out. -Mandy
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I was just diagnosed with a possible inner ear infection myself. I had to find out the hard way that I had this. It was News Years Eve night and I was at some friends house with my husband. I stood up to go home and completely blacked out. I hit my face on their table and fell to the floor hitting my head. Once I was on the floor I started convulsing. After I came to I got up only to do this again plus convulsing again only this time my husband caught me before I had a chance to bash my head of the floor or table again. I was rushed to the E.R. by ambulance and they ran a CT scan, X-rays & did a spinal tap but still found nothing wrong. The following day I felt completely sick to my stomach and I kept telling my husband I feel drunk all the time...(I don't drink) but felt like I was blitzed. I kept stumbling and running into the walls. I went to the doctors to be told I have an inner ear viral infection and put on a med for motion sickness. Has anyone else taken this and if so does it normally cause headaches? I discontinued taking it for one day to see if it was causing my migraines and found it was. So I am wondering if I can withstand the dizziness or the migraines more. I am being sent to see a Neurologists next week and having an MRI done since I have a consistency of headaches anyhow. My doctor says its either and Inner Ear Infection or I have a growth in my head we will see next week. I just came across this site and thought I would tell my story. Sometimes it can be more serious than they actually will tell us. Not at any time was I told I could lose my hearing over this. -Beth
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Brent, The same exact thing happened to me last week. Let me first say that I sympathize with you. It is a horrible experience to say the least. I am including several web sites for you to visit. Some offer hope of at least some hearing recovery. Unfortunately most lead me to believe that the hearing loss is most likely permanent. At least in my case they say it is since I have complete loss in my left ear. Some treatments are prednisone (usually early on). You'll have to ask your doctor about this. As far as the vertigo, that should eventually leave you. I personally am going to pray very hard as there seems to be no real medical solution to the problem. People who completely lose hearing in both ears consider cochlear implants. Here are the websites. I hope you are doing better. D.
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Rub Tea Tree Oil on the outside of the ear. Then rub Helichrysum around the ear. The Tea Tree kills the germ that caused the infection and the infection and the Helichrysum repairs the nerve damage. Good luck -Helen Red
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If you feel it was viral I have had great success with NSP's VS-C and Colloidal Silver. But I also know Dr's mis-diagnoise that stuff so... just recently a client of mine has a sudden loss of hearing, I had had success with the Yeast/Fungal Detox that I suggested it to her in high doses like 3/3x a day and by the next day her hearing was 70% better, she continued and in a couple days it was 100% better. Now it was acute, caught it right away. Since yours has become chronic it might take longer. I would continue to use the essential oils. If your sinuses are a bother at all add ALJ or Fenugreek & Thyme. -Virginia Dassler
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Q: My daughter has been on antibiotics since she was born and has the tubes and they haven't helped. Can I put something in her ear even though it has the tube in it. What specifically can I do for her? The Dr's office has no more antibiotics to give her and a week ago had a shot and liquid antibiotics...helped for a week and now it's back. -Mary
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Mary and all who will hear, Clean the child's bowels! This is a must for chronic infections in the sinus/ear areas.

At first sign of rising temperature give a warm water enema. This will almost always bring down a temp and relax all other symptoms, especially in children. To move a child's bowels you can...

a) massage their abdomen gently beginning at the appendix and moving around the colon

b) crush a 1/2 tablet of magnesium into their food and increase to 1 tablet if needed to encourage a stool (magnesium will relax the bowels and the lymphatic drainage from the ear)

c) take liquid LB-X as directed on the bottle for the child's age and increase if needed to produce a stool (do this only if the child does NOT have diarrhea as a result of the antibiotic damage)

d) do a warm water enema

e) all of the above

Be vigilant and pay attention to the frequency, consistency and odor of your child's stool. Notice what food constipates them.

Second order of business is to give that child lots of the chewable kid's Bifidophilus (6/day)

Third thing to do is to gently massage the lymphatics on the sides of the neck under the ears and down to the collarbone.

If you major on the majors (digestion/bowel) all else will be minor. -Pat Block, ND
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Q: My daughter recently had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. (The short verse is---she had nine ear infections by age one. Many, many antibiotics. Drugs stopped, herbs used, infections stopped and haven't returned.) So you ask, why the surgery.......she snored like a sailor on a combat vessel, could be heard breathing from across a 20 foot room, and she woke up gasping for air between 15 and 20 times per night.

Both her tonsils and adenoids for some reason began to swell at Christmas time. We returned home (overseas) in Mid-January and took her to the doctor. After several consults to specialists, we decided to allow the surgery, but refused ear tubes. Doctor confirmed presence of a really nasty bacteria during the pathological exam of the tonsils which was responsible for the swelling. However, did not treat her post-op with any antibiotics. It's been almost eight weeks since the surgery, had her follow-up this week, and both ears have fluid but no infection. Hearing tests reveal normal hearing at this stage (she's three).

She takes Ultimate Echinacea, CBG Extract, and ALJ---all liquids at 20 drops each, three times daily. She also takes Herbasaurs Multi-Chewable, and Elderberry plus. Any suggestions for getting rid of the fluid? -Wes
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Wish getting rid of tonsils would make my husband stop snoring! He is bigger, so he is louder! His esophagus collapses if he doesn't take herbs--with herbs he is tolerable! To get rid of that fluid in the ears the answer for many people is Ginger--ginger ale, ginger snaps, ginger bread, ginger sprinkled over beans (stops the gas also, and if sprinkled just before serving hardly has any taste) Depends on the child, but it should not take an awful lot of Ginger since and adult only needs one or two capsules to get the same effect. Use NSP encapsulated Ginger--it is finer and much more pure than the ginger from the spice shelf. If your child likes pumpkin pie that is a good source of ginger also--it is the basic spice in the pie, if you don't want your child drinking sodas make ginger ale the exception! You should see results in a few days to a couple of weeks. Once our daughter was hospitalized with pneumonia (she was complaining of earache at first, the pneumonia was secondary.) After a month, most of it on a ventilator (they let us use herbs) she still had the earache! (She had been on very heavy doses of antibiotic the whole month.) It turned out we had not been giving her enough ginger. We doubled the dose and the pain was gone overnight! We use ginger at the first sign of earache now and have no more problems from fluid build up. My mother, when she was "only" 75 had some horrible earaches--again the fluid did not go away until we used the Ginger. Ginger is especially good to get the fluid down in the labyrinth, but it seems to work well in the middle ear also. -Marilyn N.
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The tonsils don't CAUSE the infection, they just catch the infection that is already present in the body. Removing them doesn't remove the infection -- just stops it from collecting in that particular lymph tissue (the tonsils are lymph tissue).

I have found Elderberry helpful with respiratory, but when it helps - it takes LOTS of it. May 10 or 12 for an adult. My granddaughter at age 2 would need 4 of the chewable at a time to do the job.

Some times the CC-A with Yerba Santa does a good job too. I started my grandchildren on it when they were visiting by taking it myself and saying "NASTY - ugggg" The older one thought it was so funny, she would want to take it also. (She's 3 now). So, my daughter hasn't had any trouble getting her to take it since. -Georgiana Duncan
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