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Ear - Ringing (Tinnitus)

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 10:43 am    Post subject: Ear - Ringing (Tinnitus) Reply with quote

Ear - Ringing (Tinnitus)

Ears Ringing I am working with a man with constant ringing in the ears. He's been working with traditional medicine for quite some time now but is ready to pursue some natural ways. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. -Jennifer
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Ginkgo and Hawthorn has worked for some people. -Mike, N.D.
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Hello Jennifer, I've also heard Ginkgo can help as well as CoEnzyme Q-10 (CO-Q10 from NSP). Your client should also be aware that an allergy to wheat or rice has been said to cause tinnitus. The place to begin however may be to eliminate white refined sugar and caffeine and to make sure he doesn't have excess wax build up. Best Wishes. -Ernie G.
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My father has suffered with ringing in his ears for going on 20 years. He still suffers greatly and has often been at "wits end," so to speak. Sleeping is now his only relief. My father found a technique known as "Ear Candling" in which a long, narrow cylindrical tube, made of gauze and dipped in beeswax, is placed in the ear, lit, and acts like a vacuum. This is the only relief my father has ever received, and the wax build-up that has been removed from his ears is unbelievable. This may help your friend if his/her symptoms are somewhat like that of my fathers. In anyway I or my family can be of assistance, or if you have any alternative ways, do not hesitate to e-mail me. -Devra.
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If when you first noticed the ringing, it was occurring on the left side, the odds are very high you are low in the mineral manganese. If this is the case, you may also be experiencing muscle aches or joint aches, maybe even some carpal tunnel if you have a type of job that causes you to do a repetitive motion.

Yucca is high in manganese. I have had 4 clients low in manganese who had ringing primarily in their left ear and then eventually start up in the right ear. The dose that most of them took was 1 Yucca 3x per day w/ meals for 3 weeks then down to 1 Yucca 2x per day. Hope this is helpful. -Lourdes Martinez
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Many good ideas have been mentioned, but I haven't noticed that "deficiency in magnesium" being mentioned. I read an article several years ago saying many people had found relief from ringing in the ears with a simple magnesium supplement. Sorry I can't locate the article just yet, to advise on dosage, etc. But, you could try experimenting with different dosages. I believe everyone should have a magnesium supplement every day any way. It's good for so many things. Hope this helps. -Ann
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Q: My ears have been ringing for five years. Gingko didn't work. Does anyone have real success with eliminating this problem, -Sheryl
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I suffered from tinnitus for years, I suffer no more. Gingko by itself is not enough to do the job. Try Ginger cap 3x daily for six weeks to make sure you do not have an accumulation of liquid in the labyrinth. It won't make the sound go away however at the same time and for the same weeks take Gingko/Hawthorne. It requires the combination/ I had results for the sound in only four days but kept it up for weeks because Hawthorne doesn't show its full strength before then. Since then I have had occasional bouts with the nasty sound, usually at night, usually associated with allergy or cold. I then take Gingko/Hawthorne. Usually I forget after a couple of days because the sound doesn't come back. Research on my part came up with an interesting theory. As to the cause, a virus, cold, flu or the like damages a nerve in the ear but does not destroy it completely. The body makes a new nerve pathway but you get feedback, ringing sounds. The Gingko/Hawthorne combination opens up capillaries and they reinforce the circulation to the best pathway and the feedback stops. In an emergency, at a hearing clinic, I learned that any local anesthetic can be introduced into the ear canal to shut the horrendous chorus up. When it is set in motion by a loud sound I have never had to try it but they even stated that common over the counter sore throat analgesics can work. That might work in an emergency, but it will do nothing for the cause. Ginger, Gingko, Hawthorne and six weeks did it for me. -Marilyn Navarro
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Have you ever tried ear candling? It can be quite successful in eliminating tinnitus. Find someone who is certified in ear candling. They should be able to help. -Laura S
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I just muscle tested someone yesterday for that. He MT'd for Gotu Kola ATC am, pm and Black Walnut. Because of minerals and especially mineral magnesium, also Black Walnut has a effect on the brain. -Virginia
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Usually ringing in the ears is caused by tired undernourished heart. First check the heart. Use Hawthorn Berry. Next check adrenal glands. Use Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula. -Dr. Donald H. Smith
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Tinnitus is a ringing in the ears which can sound like a hissing noise or an avalanche. In my studies I've come across a wonderful book by Donald Lepore, N.D. and he has found that WHAT ear the tinnitus occurs in is an indication to what is wrong. He found that Tinnitus in the LEFT ear is usually caused by an allergy to rice and the "rice allergy food group" which consists of cinnamon, blueberries, grapes, rice, strawberry, watermelon, wine, and pumpkin. This allergy can be corrected with the mineral Manganese, Vitamin B-6, and the amino acid Arginine. The herb Yucca is also good for it, is an excellent source of Manganese.

A ringing in the RIGHT ear is caused by a "wheat allergy" and can be corrected with Vitamin F (which can be found in safflower oil, olive oil, and sunflower oil), the mineral Magnesium, and the amino acid Histidine.

Dr. Lepore continues to say that each ear is affected by a different allergy and has found that the antidote to each allergy consists of a vitamin, a mineral, and amino acid. By correcting the allergies and replacing these missing nutrients the problem can be corrected. However, if a person has had this problem for a while, he recommends that they have patience and continue on a complete nutritional program with the proper supplements as a synergistic back-up for the remedies mentioned before. It usually takes 1 month for every year the person has had the condition. -Nancy
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Gingko/Hawthorne will help. Sometimes this ringing is caused by an injury to some of the nerves and as the injured nerve gets well or tries to, it causes problems because in order to hear the body already built new nerves. There is a difference of speed along these nerves that causes a feedback or ringing effect. Gingko/Hawthorne increases good circulation and this feeds the better nerves and the old damaged ones are allowed to wither away by the brain, thus getting rid of the ringing sound. Ginger may help also because this ringing can also cause the victim to feel dizzy. Ginger reduces the amount of liquid in the innermost part of the ear called the labyrinth, less liquid, less noise. It also is no quick cure, but it does help older ones to get better balance back which is very important. -Marilyn Navarro
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The ringing in the ears may be caused by a tired heart or low adrenalin. You might want to try Hawthorn Berries or the Cardio Assurance to feed his heart. He may also need a liver flush. you may want to try Chinese Liver Balance. -Brenda
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If Ginger doesn't work fast enough have him leave a radio tuned in-between stations for a while at night to keep his ear "busy" until the Ginger takes effect--can take a couple of weeks. If after 6 weeks on Ginger he is not all better, then he needs to add Gingko/Hawthorne to help his head choose which nerve to use and which to loose, then the echoing noise (can sound like feedback in a microphone--very annoying) will be done away with for the most part. I have to go back to Gingko/Hawthorne every once in a while but it works within the day now and I don't have to stay on it. -Marilyn Navarro
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Q: I have a customer who has ringing in the ears, most of the time. What can he take to stop it?
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Ginkgo/Hawthorn has been used for this but it could also be a reaction from Candida so check for that too.

Another possibility would be an allergy, possibly to food. Make sure your customer is eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water! -Mike D
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