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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 10:37 am    Post subject: Eczema Reply with quote


I have a client who has a 22 month old child with a dry type of Eczema. What would you suggest for a child this young? The doctor has prescribed a cortisone lotion which is making it worse. What kind of lotion would you suggest to use and would you add any essential oils. -Jeannette Meester
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Feed the child mashed avocados (1/2 to 1 daily).
After each bath, spray them with Natures Fresh and then massage with the NSP massage oil. You could also add Chamomile or Frankincense oil if you wanted to.
You may also check on a bath /shower filter to remove the chlorine from the water. -Miss Sunshine

We have great success with babies and small children with eczema, they can use a few drops of the Eczema/Psoriasis Homeopathic, a few drops of Lavender Oil in Massage Oil or Pau d'Arco Lotion.

Pau d'Arco, children's Bifidophilus are essential, adding Red Clover Blend, the EFA's and Hi Lipase will help clear out. Most kids with this have a digestive problem and slow bowels, address those also and make sure mom uses the blood type diet with the little one. Oh, she can also use Lavender Oil in the bath. -Mary
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I have come to experience many things with my 2 yr. old child. At 3 mos. she began having eczema. About 3 mos. ago I discovered that a low level of sodium and/or sulfur can lead to a fat allergy, so that anything that is high in fat causes flair ups. There is a way to test for these minerals (certain acupuncture points) and muscle test. My girl was low in both sodium and sulfur. I have been crushing MSM tablets and mixing it in her juice or apple sauce and also alternating with alfalfa (open capsules up and mix in juice) to bring up her sodium.

But, then in my reading and investigating about scabies and ringworm (I found pictures on the internet of how each condition looks, very helpful). I started noticing she had some of these traits in her skin. They all look like eczema so I'm sure many of us are thinking are child has eczema when it could be these other things Scabies (mites) and ringworm (fungal infection).

I think because of my daughter's long term skin condition these other two things could easily begin to develop because of her susceptibility and constant scratching.

As soon as I began to give her colloidal silver and black walnut extract internally and applying both topically on the areas (alternating them). Her skin is clearing up slowly. I also have begun to give her bifidophilus.

So, in my experience a child can be suffering with other skin conditions that we may be labeling just eczema. -Lourdes Martinez
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Check his foods for allergies, cut out all milk products, go to soy produces or rice produces depending on whether he has allergies to these products. Then start cleaning his bowels out with psyllium mixed with fruit. To test for allergies. Give him only one food a day, changing the foods each dad. Record what food is being given that day. Then start looking at the areas four days later. Try not to use the same food for a week. Notice what food was eaten four days back. If the skin is broken out leave off for two weeks. Then check again. This will help to check what foods are allergy foods. Also check the preservatives, and food dyes. If this condition started after his vaccinations then do a vaccination detox in the homeopathic until the skin starts to clear up. Good luck. -Helen Red
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We have found with our 13 month old, that dairy products is the culprit.. some Drs. don't believe it, but give it a trial.. as soon as he gets even the slightest milk product.. such as a little macaroni and cheese, the eczema is back. We first found out when he was nursing.. mommies can't have milk products either!!if the baby is allergic.. and it went away in a week when we tried it..completely gone.. one MD. was glad to hear that, as her own children suffer!!.. Try it..!! -Deanna
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I grew up with Eczema. All the above sounds good, but also look to parasites for cause. -Joodi
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I have a 16 month old girl who began to show signs of eczema when she was 3 months old (dryness around the ears). I nursed her until she was 10 months old. I'm not sure what was the irritant that began to cause the eczema (allergic reaction). I am suspicious about the IV of antibiotics that were given to me while I was in labor. This could have gotten into her blood stream and caused some flora problems. Anyway, one thing that I did recently was take her off all dairy products and eggs. I use rice milk and/or almond milk. I also began to give her NSP Flaxseed Oil Liquid (tsp. per day in her juice). It's been about 3 weeks and her skin has never looked so good. I also have kept the problem areas (around the ears, inside of elbows, behind the knees, and near the ankle area) moisturized with the thick Eucerin Cream. If there is a flare-up/redness I use a small amount of a prescribed hydrocortisone cream.

In one of my alternative health books, a Dr. mentioned that with eczema what you see on the outside is also occurring in the colon. He believes this also causes problems with nutrient absorption. This may be so, my girl was having problems with low iron. He suggested flaxseed oil to bring down inflammation and help the internal healing. I've noticed my daughter's stools are better consistency as well. So far so good with my little girl. Hope this is helpful. -Lourdes
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Try NSP's GLA and Skin treatment. Black Currant oil capsules, one two times a day. Yellow dock capsules and aloe lotion as needed to relieve the itching and dryness. -Suzanne
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I got eczema on my hands when I was pregnant with my last daughter. Itchy bumps, splits, dry and cracking, burning etc. Now that she is nine, I am still battling it, but the thing that helps the most is GreenZone drinks (or Ultimate greenzone) and Flaxseed oil. The more flaxseed oil I take the better I am. I think the GLA is probably good too but on Convention I learned that One Tablespoon of Flaxseed Oil is equivalent to 12-14 Capsules. It is much easier to drink it in juice or shakes for a child. Also yellow dock is good in combination with the oil for the itch. Also topically , the Irish Moss hand and body lotion is great. -Eileen
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Yellow Dock for itching? That is great. I also learned that Yellow Dock is a great source of iron and is a wonderful blood cleanser. Thanks, I learned something new! -Suzanne
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It looks like your child has the same thing I have on my elbows. At first I thought it could be psoriasis but it is in fact eczema.

I have found Pau d'Arco Lotion applied directly on the elbows to be very helpful. If it is very stubborn, Pau d'Arco internally in capsule or tea form may be necessary.

You are right about the possible link to parasites. You didn't mention anything about diet, but I have found that since I gave up dairy products and switched to soy, I have had very few flare ups. Eczema and food allergies often go hand in hand. Good luck. -Amanda
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Eczema can also be related to adrenal insufficiency. The body's is having an allergic response and the adrenal cannot respond adequately. Try Yucca and the HistaBlock internally. -Kimberly
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I use NSP Eczema/Psoriasis homeopathic. It might taste a little bad to an 8 year old. It is taken with an eyedropper. This is the only treatment that ever continued to help me, and I have 60 years of experience with psoriasis. Keep the dosage small but frequent. and when progress is seen you can space the doses further apart.
If he has psoriasis he will have it for the rest of his life, which should be long, provided he doesn't pick some bad habits along the way. I am 73 and working like I did when I was 18 and feel g-g-r-reat. - Russ
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For the dry itchy skin I would give Super GLA. Essential fatty acids help with skin dryness. Apply Aloe to areas along with Vitamin E topically. To reduce the histamines vitamin B Complex helps as stress increases the itching. You could also try Vitamin A & D internally to help with the pigmentation. -Suzanne
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I would suggest looking at your diet. In my experience the eczema is usually caused by food allergies. Some of the worst culprits are eggs, all dairy, nuts, soy, wheat, corn. Check yourself for these and eliminating the offensive food or foods will help greatly! -Ellen
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I think there is something no one is considering and that is STRESS. I know from first hand experience that it can help induce eczema with of course poor diet. Several years ago I had a bout of eczema so bad up the inside of my arm I could have screamed. I researched everything I had and then the internet and finally discovered that stress induced eczema was what I was dealing with. Until that time I was treating it like a candida, but getting no where. It took a long time to eliminate it, but I did just that, eliminate it. I started with Bifidophilus which I almost never miss now, blood purifying with liquid Pau D'Arco because it was faster than capsules for me (yes I have lots of empty bottles). I used my own essential formula topically including compresses which felt great and eventually in time it went away and my arm is beautiful again. I have since learned of eating for your blood type which definitely makes a difference. Here is the eczema EO recipe: I used it a lot in lotion so the carrier did not stain clothes because I ruined several. In a 1 oz. carrier 8 lemon, 8 geranium, 4 R. chamomile. Hope this helps someone else. -Nancy Yoakum
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People with eczema are often deficient in essential fatty acids, which are inhibited by high meat, saturated and trans-fatty acids, weakened digestive enzymes, stress and steroids to name a few. As was brought out at NSP's leadership conference last month, signs of essential fatty acid deficiencies are excess ear wax, slow healing wounds, slow physical development, hair loss & dry hair, liver problems, weak immunity & inflammatory process. One speaker gave the recipe for the matix to make skin! It was: 3 grams (up to 6) of Super GLA Vitamin C w/bioflavonoids 500 mg. 200 mg. high-potency Grapine EverFlex (I don't remember the amount) Mineral Chi and at least 32 ounces of pure water a day. He said not to expect results for at least three months. The Vitamin C and Grapine assists the body in making metabolic enzymes. His closing comment was,"Take enough, long enough." -Jewel
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Q: I need information please---Teenage girl has Eczema (bad)....Psoriasis in the family history (grandparents)...I worked with this girl about 4-5 years ago, not knowing about the Psoriasis in family history....Mother decided to go with Medicines from doctor--very strong meds...Now she wants to give NATURAL another try.

The girl does eat pretty well...Lots of vegetables and fruits...Seldom Colas but does drink lots of bottled fruit juices...

My 1st thought was to try her on Paw Paw Cell Reg, but I don't' know if it would be appropriate....Any advise would be appreciated very much...These people live Out of State, so I cannot MT...But the mother will be in my local area for 1 day on the 20th of March and is willing to meet with me...Advise Please....Thank You -LeNore Reed
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First thing is -how much dairy does she eat? I've heard many times that eczema/psoriasis be can traced back to food allergies.

A friend of mine with eczema swears by drinking 4 cups of Oolong tea a day until symptoms lesson and then dropping to 2 cups a day.

My husband has minor eczema and goes to a tanning salon once or twice a week....uses Rescue Remedy and Coconut Oil on the dry patches. He tested negative for Skin Detox. (which surprised me).

Maybe BP-C or some type of blood cleaner? -Trish
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This is tough without muscle testing. What other symptoms does she exhibit? Like does she have digestive problems (acid or food sitting heavy after meal?) too much HCL or too little is a big problem or lack of digestive enzymes. This can attribute to lack of assimilation of minerals and vitamins and/or problem breaking down protein.

Has she had problems with anemia? When HCL is not right in time the person can become anemic because HCL not breaking down iron. As well as other minerals like sulfur or silica which is needed for health of skin.

Does she get a lot of gas or bloating in the intestinal tract? This could be signs of candida overgrowth? Is she constipated?

Does she sleep well, or does she have trouble getting to sleep? If someone is suffering from the adrenals being off, this can cause HCL issues. Which in turn can cause all other issues (in time).

How are her nails growing? Do they have ridges or streaks. Do they grow like spoons (with a dip)? These are all signs of mineral deficiency.

When you can't MT then questions about many other symptoms become help you make a better educated guess on what to do. Best wishes. -Lourdes Martinez
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Try Flax seed oil capsules or Super Oil (Omega 3 EPA). Safe and effective. Silicon foods are important also. Read Bernard Jensen books. -Mike
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
It is important to understand that eczema is an inside-out problem. The skin breakouts are an indication that something is going on inside that is not right.

I agree with Mike - essential fatty acids are one of the keys, but I would encourage you to also look at deeper issues. People who have h-pylori are unable to process fats properly because they slide right through the wall of the gut that is being chewed away by the bacteria. I see this over and over again in the live blood work that I do. Thyroid issues can play a part in the proper absorption of essential fatty acids as well. Perhaps there is a mal-absorption problem in the small intestine.

Oregon Grape is great at cleaning up the blood and is easy to give as it comes in liquid form, however you might want to add a little liquid glycerin to it so that baby can get it down easier. It's a little on the nasty side, taste-wise, but it works extremely well. -Carol
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I remember reading back then that many children with eczema and skin problems are allergic to dairy. I didn't do anything about it at the time.

Around age 5, I discovered that he is indeed allergic to dairy, and every time he has it it gives him asthma! I wish that when he was a baby, I had stopped eating dairy (when I was nursing) and not given him dairy when he started to eat food.

So, I would suggest you eliminate all dairy from his diet. If you need ideas, I can help. We have been living dairy-free for over 2 years now. It isn't easy, but it is worth it not to have a child who is suffering.

In your case, it would be worth a try. If you see no improvement in 3-4 weeks, then you would know that dairy is not the issue. Best wishes! -Ruth
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Q: I have a 15 month old baby boy who has mild eczema when his immune system isn't compromised, but is very severe right now because he's fighting something. I've done a ton of Omega 3 and/or flax oil internally and topically. I've given him B-complex and C ascorbates in his juice (what a diaper!!!!) yet he looks like a little leper and is cracked and dry in almost every crease of skin.....somebody PLEASE help me if you truly have seen something that works. I can't afford to guinea pig him more than I have already. Thank you -Eric
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Eric...stop everything you are are making it worse when you try to suppress the symptoms by applying anything to the drives the inflammation deeper into the tissues. His body is trying to release waste through the skin, so make some fresh juice..carrot, apple, celery, whatever he might like to calm the digestive system and allow the release of toxins naturally. Then try the NSP homeopathic eczema/psoriasis...6 drops under his tongue 4 times a day. It might get a little worse before it gets better...that's a good sign.. it's homeopathic. Also, Sometimes with little ones...less is more. Good luck!: I have a 15 month old baby boy who has mild -Morgan
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
While it is true you don't want to irritate the skin further or suppress the symptoms too much by putting too much on the skin, I have found calendula cream to be especially helpful for infant eczema. A friend of mine used it for her infant and it is the only thing found to clear it right up! Also look into hidden allergies (e.g. to the milk/formula/ foods.) The situation won't get much better if the child is ingesting something he is allergic to. Also check the soap mom is washing baby's clothes in or the soap mom is using on baby's skin-The soap may be irritating his tender skin. Just a thought, but juices can be irritating to many kids, especially to babies--may want to check into this as being an irritant/allergy as well. He could have an allergy to Vitamin C, so between the juices and the Vitamin C he is ingesting, this could be making the eczema worse. Probiotics would also be beneficial here. To boost the immune system All Cell Detox has been recommended for infants with eczema; however, I am not aware of the dosage for an infant. (You could post another question asking this specifically.) EFA's are very good for eczema, so I'm not sure why they are not benefitting, even a little, unless like I mentioned, he is allergic to something he's drinking, eating or coming into contact with on his skin. Hope this helps you. God Bless. -Regina
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I have heard that microwaved food can be the irritant causing the eczema. But it is almost always food allergies, especially dairy from cows, goat's milk is almost always OK.

Is the baby being bathed in water that is chlorine free? How about baking soda in the bath?
Is the baby being rubbed with baby oil? That would be very bad for the skin. Flax seed oil topically on the skin helps heal up cracked skin.

2 or 3 doses of Bifidus Infantis are needed (remember we used to have that chewable Bifidus for kids?), now the only place you can get it is in Probiotic Eleven. Can be given as a suppository.

Second most irritating food is wheat products, that is of course, if all food dyes, preservatives, and artificial flavors have already been removed from the diet.

Aren't skin conditions usually a kidney issue?
Does anyone have Dr. Christopher books or tapes? Didn't he bathe a baby with eczema in a bath with chickweed? or was it Cornsilk?

Do you have anyone who can test the baby for you?
Or do you know anyone who muscle test or tests by using pulses?

I agree about the juices, cut them out completely. The only Juice I would give this child is NONI juice, or liquid chlorophyll. -J. Crane
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I have a 10 year old Boy with Eczema since Birth. Hi is off and on Predasone. He clears up for a short time, than it starts back. At the present time, not even Predasone will clear it up. I know diet is a big factor. Please give me direction on treatment and dosage. Thank you and God bless. -Maria S. Campbell
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
This is not a quick fix, but it seems to be helping our daughter and I know that it has defiantly reduced the severity of the Eczema . In the January 1999 and March 1999 issues of Prevention magazine Oregon Grape Root was recommended for Eczema . It takes, according to them, 6 months to begin to work. It takes up to 2 years to see major improvement, but it does give results according to the herbalists who wrote the two different articles. The problem was dosage. By consulting with NSP Customer service we determined that 2 and one half teaspoons of NSP Oregon Grape Liquid Herb equaled the recommended dosage for an adult. At 12 I would recommend the adult dosage, but at 10--well judge by the weight. 100 pounds plus would be the adult dosage, less than that make it proportional. This can be taken in liquid, divided into two doses or three, or taken all at once--the herbalists differed on this. My daughter takes hers all at once at bedtime. In the months since we began her outbreaks are fewer and further in between with definite provocations and results. And much to our surprise she even wore earrings for two days without a problem. Never before has she had her earrings in for more than 8 hours without troubles--even 24 carrot gold plated. We had to find special platinum over stainless nickel free steel ear wires for everyday wear--they are just simple rings. She broke out from shampoo that was not washed off of her face soon enough a week ago--it cleared up in two days. It is pollen time of year and her scalp is usually a mess. She has some dry areas, no real break out so far. Nothing else has worked long term. The Homeopathic Excema/Psoriasis works, but it has to be taken every few hours--for her day and night, and I like to sleep at night! Other things we do that cut down on the Eczema : We add two quarts of Pau d'Arco tea to her bath water. She does not use soap on her skin--just detergents since they do not bother so much. NSP Concentrate will work as a skin cleaner when needed. Mostly we use water. We use laundry detergent that rinses completely out. NSP Concentrate is great for this also. Hope this helps you. -Marilyn N.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Try BP (Blood Purifier) along with Whole Leaf Aloe Vera juice concentrate. Use Pau d'Arco Cream externally.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
How are his bowel movements. If they are not the same number of times he has a meal then use a little Psyllium Powder in water to normalize. The skin will take off the slack of other elimination channels that aren't working so well, namely the bowels and kidneys.

No white sugar or flour please. Also, avoid processed foods and too much dairy and wheat. Allergies to foods may be present. If you know his blood type, then the blood type diet book "Eat Right 4 Your Type" by Peter J' Dadamo is excellent. Often we have allergic reactions to our foods because they are wrong for our blood type. Take care. -Mike
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
My daughter had really severe eczema for a few years. Right now she is on maintenance and it is under control for the most part. Initially we tried cleansing and then building at the same time. LB extract was used since she was just about four years old. To heal the lesions we used Golden Salve. Yellow Dock worked for itchiness. Oregon grape was added. Also, the Black Currant Oil and Evening Primrose helped a great deal. She was also allergy tested and found to be allergic to corn. This is in lots of things and under so many different names. Keep trying and don't give up. -Laurie
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Eczema Testimony
Thought I'd share, in case this can be helpful.
My 2 yr old daughter began to exhibit eczema at 3 mos., started on the sides of her ears. It slowly progressed. She also was diagnosed with low iron at 9 months, then again at 13 months and once more at 20 months. Her nails were growing strangely too.

I thought, "this is ridiculous there is something really off". I began to muscle test all organs, glands and checked for hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes (the point to test for HCL is the left side of the solar plexus or mouth of the stomach, the right side of solar plexus is for digestive enzymes). I also tested for potassium and sodium (left side of face where your jaw bone hinges to the scull, about and inch below the ear approx. is sodium, the opposite side is potassium) Also tested sulfur (the test point is right were your tonsil are).

By the way a good way to find out if someone needs HCL and you can't muscle test, is if they are having discomfort after a meal, they take 1 tbls of apple cider vinegar, if it gets better they need HCL, if it makes it worse, they don't.

This is what I found:

I found her adrenals were weak. She was low in sodium, sulphur(the "beauty mineral" because it works on skin, hair and nails) and HCL. Well according to a book I have by Donald Lepore, when adrenals are off it affects HCL levels and also it affects the retention of sodium or potassium (when it's an overactive adrenal). Also, according to Lepore, when someone is low in Sodium for a period of time, they tend to have many food allergies this can translate into skin problems or manifest itself in sinus issues... other forms...etc.

When HCL is off you have a difficult time breaking down protein, carbs, fat and minerals like iron, calcium...etc. Well it was highly possible that this is why my baby was anemic and had eczema, she couldn't assimilate iron or sulphur properly and who knows what other minerals. I figured it was like a domino affect.

Anyhow, I was on a mission to change the course of this journey. I would give her diluted apple cider vinegar with a little stevia with her meals, I gave her 2 bee pollen per day (high in pantothenic acid for her adrenals plus other B-vitamins and minerals), I crushed MSM tablets and put it in her drink (1 a day- to help bring up her sulphur). I bathed her in 2 cups of Kosher salt to have her absorb sodium (did it 2x a week for a month. Once the adrenals got better I knew I could suspend this).

I continued to keep her skin clean and moisturized. Every other day I put black ointment on it. Made sure she was drinking more water than usual.

The results 2 months later were remarkable. I noticed that her nails began to grow better, she had more color in her skin, her skin was 80% under control. I retested everything that was off and everything came back fine.

I always keep on eye on these things, so far so good. This child taught me a lot.

This is why if you can't muscle test someone because of distance, I suggested asking many questions about other symptoms. People just tell you about the one problem they are focusing on, but many times there is much more going on and that leads you to the root(s). In my child's case the root was the adrenal glands.

I have my theory of why this happened to her. After I had her some months later I figured out, through a course I took, that I had underactive/exhausted adrenals. My guess is I had this problem while I was pregnant, and since I was deficient or needy in the things that cause the adrenals to get exhausted (b-vitamins, especially pantothenic acid) I may have passed on that deficiency to her.

Anyhow we're back on track and am thankful for the knowledge that others have passed on to me. -Lourdes Martinez
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Most any skin condition is helped by bowel cleansing/liver support. Look at cleanses. I personally suggest starting with CLZ Cleanse or at the very least, Dr. Jack's Bowel Cleansing program.

One of the messages gave information on using Oregon Grape -- but remember, it takes time for the skin to clear. They say 6 months -- I would tend to agree.

Yellow Dock for itching and Eczema Homeopathic both may be helpful. In your diet, an avocado a day + a tablespoon or two of organic coconut oil can be helpful to the skin. -Georgiana
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
If you are blood type A or AB, add PDA or Food Enzymes to your diet (to help digestion), and start getting enough essential fatty acids. -Sharon Grimes
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