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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 10:36 am    Post subject: Edema Reply with quote


I have a bother who is retaining excess water and has swelling in left foot, and now that I am older swelling in right foot for years. I do drink lots of water, no coffee, very little sodas, and have cut back on salt. I have been to several doctors down through the years, and they can't seem to fine the problem. Please can you suggest any thing that may help. Thank You. -Sandra Hopkins
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I had some fluid in my ankles. I took B-complex and B-6, JP-X, and others. Finally did better with KB-C exactly as it says to take it on the bottle -- but still had some swelling on the outsides of my ankles. I read on the email forum how this distributor had given her mother C-X for menopause and her ankles went down. I tried it and it worked. I haven't had any swelling there since I started taking it. I did start with maybe 6, twice daily. . . and sometimes get down to 4, twice daily. Hope this might help you. -Georgiana
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Hi Everyone. This is just to let many know that I use on a regular basis Combination Potassium for water retention. Salt holds on and potassium flushes water. Many of us loose Potassium from a lack of it in our diet. Just be sure there are not any heart problems when using potassium but if one is healthy and just retaining water this product is fantastic. -Suzanne
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In response to "being healthy & retaining water." It would seem to me that this condition of water retention is a red flag from the kidneys rather than an indication of "health." The sodium/potassium ratio is crucial in maintaining proper fluid balance in the tissues thus preventing serious conditions such as high blood pressure, strokes and even cancer. If fluid retention is a problem, it would seem to suggest that this delicate ratio has been disrupted, indicating that attention should be given to the diet. Most likely there is too much sodium being consumed in the form of processed foods. There is a big difference between the healthy sodium found in natural foods as opposed to inorganic sodium that causes fluid retention. When I studied under Dr. Bernard Jensen, I will never forget him stressing over and over again the importance of organic mineral balance, diet and looking for the "cause" of a health problem rather than simply treating the symptoms much the way allopathic doctors do. -Jewel
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Not so in some cases. For those who are eating whole foods and do have healthy kidneys there can still be what is called inherited water retention. It is a basic electrolyte balance true! But for some reason even eating healthy foods we are not consuming enough potassium or the healthy foods we consume do not provide enough to sustain this delicate balance. It can also effect those who suffer from hypothyroidism. This really upsets the fluid balance. And hypothyroidism as well as diabetes is on the upswing and effecting even those who are very young. From studying allopathic as well as Chinese medicine the thyroid can cause problems in those who are also coming of the age of menopause. This is when we see so many thyroid caused symptoms even though all blood values show the thyroid is functioning. It can be just enough of an upset to cause water retention. Our water is causing many of these problems also. I like the Combination Potassium as it also contains a small amount of kelp for the thyroid. Just my opinion as well as many seasoned Herbalists from the AHG. Blessings -Suzanne
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Sluggish metabolism when related to hypothyroidism is more likely to respond to exercise due to slow lymphatic drainage. So in conclusion the condition of fluid retention is indeed an indication of a body system or diet that is not being properly addressed, NOT an indication of "health." -Jewel
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I suggest you go to and read some of the posts. You would be surprised to find that exercise, no matter how hard does not in any way aid Lymphatic drainage.

Inherited tendencies even in "Health" can result in improper fluid balance. It does not mean there is a dis-ease present. Adding a little potassium as in "Nutrient Supplementation" is not using the "Shot Gun" method of using potassium as a "Drug". If this were the case, we here at the forum would all be using herbs and supplements allopathically. There is an increased up swing of folks with edema and I will continue to suggest Combination Potassium as a "Supplementation" to aid in balancing electrolytes. Blessings -Suzanne
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