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Effexor/Side Effects/Getting Off/

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 11:35 pm    Post subject: Effexor/Side Effects/Getting Off/ Reply with quote

Effexor/Side Effects/Getting Off/

I would like to hear any testimonials that anyone who has been on this Drug, Effexor (for increasing serotonin levels) and has successfully gotten off. I have an 18 year old friend who has been on it . She was on a different drug before that for 4 years. She is at a pretty high dose (225 mg.) She is afraid to stay on the drug, but afraid to get off. Please help with personal stories and ideas on how you got off. Thanks, -Diana
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Over the years I have helped many women get off some antidepressants similar to Effexor, such as Prozac. Since both drugs are serotonin reuptake inhibitors you should not use 5-HTP or St. Johns Wort until the person has weaned off their medication. Have your friend speak with her doctor as to how she can safely reduce her dosage as she begins to feel better, it is important that she does not suddenly stop it. Since serotonin is depleted under stress, herbs and vitamins that support stress will help build her levels up so she will be able to reduce the medication. I like to use Adrenal Support and Nutri-Calm. Also the Chinese Mood Elevator can be used in small amounts with these types of drugs, this formula really helps the person stay stable as they fade off their medication. I usually start with 4 per day and increase it as their medication decreases. I have also found Colloidal Minerals or Herbal Trace Minerals helpful to bring up energy levels. Remember she needs to speak with her doctor as to how to safely reduce the medication. -Valerie G.
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I haven't gotten off Effexor but I've gotten off plenty other drugs and antidepressants. The best thing is to have her doctor work out a plan for her to get off. I have seen customers whose doctors would not give them a plan and I can see where as young as she is it would be hard to stand up to him, but she should try. She should definitely NOT just stop taking it! That would be very bad.

If she does do this on her own tell her to go very slowly over at least a month if not 2 months. I have tried all of our products for depression and have to say the best help for me is the Omega 3 EFAs. I have suffered from depression since 1988 and the EFAs work better than any drug I was ever on and believe me I was on them all! My best wishes for this young woman, tell her to stick to her guns! -Mandy
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What I would do for myself is support the liver, and help with toxin removal. I love Chinese Blood Build I use it to help enhance the elimination of toxins. It's been suggested Kava, Kava for it nervine effect in the morning, and St. Johns wort (takes a while to build in the system) in the evening. To ease the withdrawal of Effexor. Alternatives: I use 5-HTP because it is similar to Effexor. Another famous one is SAM-e I heard a lot of success stories with it's usage. Lavender EO for relaxation.
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Clell Fowles in his book "Drugs and Natural Remedies" suggest Co Q10 supplement, because it is utilized by the CNS and is easily deplete under times of stress. He recommends the EFA's also, and B-Complex. This is under the section for depression. -Dee
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Q: I was switched to a new antidepressant called Effexor. I have had many side effects. One of them is pain in the kidney area, bowel problems and flatulence. I was wondering what product is good for the kidneys and for the bowels and flatulence. -Debbie
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My advice to you is to get your doctor to prescribe a different medication. There are tons to choose from. Meanwhile, I'd look at herbal solutions for the depression, rather than for the antidepressant's side effects. Depression can have multiple and varied causes ranging from digestive and blood sugar issues to toxicity. And others that I could never enumerate. If you are not O blood type, try St. Johns wart. Get checked out by a good natural practitioner and keep searching. -Kimberly
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What does O-blood type have to do with taking St. John's Wart? I tried Kava Kava and it made me crabby. DHEA worked for three months, then I started getting hair thinning, mustache, depression, acne, so I went on Feverfew while I was on DHEA. Within a week, 95% of the depression left. I still was not up to par, so finally, I quit the DHEA. I guess I got too much in my system because the rest of the symptoms left. I was so glad to get my hair back too... -Karen Wisniewski
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If you muscle tested for it then it is fine. Many O's don't muscles test for it so if the person is not being muscle tested, the odds are that there might be something better for them. -Kimberly
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Q: I received this mail from a friend. Any ideas anyone? Thank you
A friend of mine is taking a drug called EFFEXOR. When she first started it, the drug's side effects were headaches. Now, her doctor took her off without weaning her of the drug and she's getting migraines and having problems keeping her balance. She's fallen twice so far this week, once by the train tracks.

She called the doctor's office, mentioning her symptoms and the dizziness, and received a phone call back from a nurse's practitioner who told her to "just work through it" and take Tylenol if the headache gets too bad. ::::VERY LOUD SIGH:::

Does anyone have any suggestions on how she can support herself energetically while going through this difficult time? -Lawrence Nicholas
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From the Aromatherapy things try Lavender Fine and Peppermint Oil, equal parts, or twice as much Lavender Fine as Peppermint. First time put a couple of drops of each on a cold, wet face cloth and apply to the forehead and temples. If this relieves the symptoms, then make a "headache stick" roll-on using the ingredients in the "Aromatherapy for Mind, Body and Spirit" book. The recipe makes enough for two roll-ons, and it works. This may help her over the headaches until the side effects have worn off. What a tactless reply on the part of the nurse! Encourage her to give an aromatherapy party as a great distraction! -Marilyn Navarro
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