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Enzymes - Product Focus Call Notes

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 11:19 pm    Post subject: Enzymes - Product Focus Call Notes Reply with quote

Enzymes - Product Focus Call Notes

Product Focus Call, 12/14/05 --- ENZYMES Speaker: Laurence Smith

(I only heard music until 9:08 p.m., then suddenly heard Laurence's voice and he was already under way. Did this happen to anyone else??? Please overlook my spelling of some of these names!!)

Most doctors laugh at people when they ask they if they need to take enzymes!

Best source of enzymes – fresh fruits and veggies, but very few of us follow proper fruits and vegetable guidelines, even though we know that people whose diets are high in fruits, veggies and whole grains are at much lower risk for cancer – could it be because of the enzymes they contain???

Less than 10% of Americans eat the recommended guidelines of 5 servings a day; 55% eat none at all; 70% eat none rich in Vitamin C; 80% do not eat foods rich in carotenoids. Our body does not have the fuel it needs, and we are RUNNING ON EMPTY!

The long-term storage of fruits and veggies, pesticide exposure etc. reduces the amount of enzymes in fruits and veggies.

The supplement that does more than anything else: enzymes!!

What are enzymes?

They are protein-based substances found in every cell of every living plant and animal – they are the little sparks (catalysts) that start chemical reactions, and make the reactions run faster; speed up the breakdown of food. They remain unchanged even after they have completed the reactions. Just one or two capsules will help digest a whole meal. Researchers have identified more than 3000 different enzymes in the body – they renew and protect us!

How are they named?

Enzymes are a fairly new science; many doctors & people in general aren't even aware of them, or how they work. They gave the enzyme a name, and added an –in; tylin, pepsin, tripsin, etc. Now many enzymes are named to better describe what they do. For example: prote – in +ase = protease (enzyme which digests protein); lipase (lipids), desaccurase (takes away from), delta 6 enlongase (adds to a compound that is in the body), etc. .

How do they work?

By helping take something apart and speeding up that process; we could never digest our food without enzymes. Amino acids, lipids, simple sugars --- all of these rely on enzymes.

How quickly do enzymes work?

Generally they are very fast; lisozyme is one of the slowest, that helps destroys bacteria – breaks down one molecule every two seconds. The fastest might break down 360,000,000 in an hour!

How are enzymes depleted from our diet?

Refrigeration slows down the breakdown of food; freezing does not stop enzymes, it just slows them down (unless they reach –100 or –200 degrees). Our body temperature has a lot to do with it. Therefore, hypothyroid people do not do as well. When we run a fever, some enzymes speed up and kill germs faster. PH is another factor – pepsin helps digest protein in an acid-only environment, but protease works in either acid or alkaline. There are co-factors and co-enzymes that have to be there for other enzymes to work (CoQ10, all vitamins and minerals, magnesium [over 200 enzymatic processes that require Mg to function, yet 80% or more of Americans are deficient!). Enzyme depleters – cooking or milling. Use steel cut oats instead of rolled oats; don't use high heat, etc. Make some jello in two containers; to one, add canned pineapple, and to the other add fresh pineapple - the second will never "set up" because the enzymes keep digesting the proteins. Canning or freezing requires blanching, which kills many of the enzymes, otherwise the food would deteriorate because the enzymes keep breaking them down. Set a fast food chain french fry on the counter for months, and it will never go bad, because it has enzyme inhibitors; now imagine, what happens when you eat these things? Your body's ability to assimilate that food is impaired.

How does a person know you need enzymes?

Enzyme deficiency examples: Blood testing of newborns for the enzyme PKU (affects 1 in 15,000); if they do not produce that enzyme, they cannot metabolize any food with phenolalynine, which is an amino acid. This can cause severe mental retardation. Lactose intolerance – don't produce the enzyme they need to digest dairy products. Lack could contribute to optimal health, and this one factor could cause a deterioration of health Signs of enzyme deficiency: gas, bloating, illness (amlmost any type of degenerative disease or slow recovery from illness)

Nature's Sunshine has an incredible line of enzyme products:

Two broad-spectrum enzyme products: Proactazyme Plus – plant-based, acts on the digestion of all food types except dairy; contains no HCl, even though it creates the enzymes that break down the cell structure of plants. Without these enzymes, about 73% actually came out. Then he added the plant enzymes, and 96% of the nutrients and supplements came out. Capsules may be opened and mixed with foods. Food enzymes – pepsin (protein), HCl, pancreatin (produced by the pancreas, digests protein, carbs & fats in a little more alkaline environment [bile duct]), bile salts, more nature enzymes from fruits, etc. Need to be swallowed whole so the HCl breaks down ONLY in your stomach. This product is more of what our body would do. Each capsule digests 30 g. protein, 30 g. carbs, 20 g. fats.

Which enzyme do you need?

Blood type can be an important factor. A's – produce the least amount of HCl, so don't digest protein well; they need Food Enzymes to speed up the digestion process. O's - - produce the most amount of HCl, so food enzymes would cause them to digest TOO quickly; they do better with Proactazyme Plus. Vegetarian – do best with Pro. Plus. B's digest very well. They usually do fine with Proactazyme Plus. AB's – more like the A's, do well with Food Enzymes.

PDA – Protein Digestive Aid, can be added to Proactazyme Plus at a meal with more protein; very beneficial for A's. For people who have not had problems with digestion, supplement with Proactazyme Plus. If they have continually had digestive problems, they need Food Enzymes, or Proactazyme with PDA If the Food Enzymes make the stomach hurt, there is probably bacteria present which is causing an ulcer; in this case, take Gastro Health 3x/day with Proactazyme Plus to help heal the ulcer and digest the food. This will work very quickly!! A's should take PDA with their minerals.

Protease Plus – designed to help break down various proteins into individual amino acids – they are the back bone of protein, and the body can't do anything with the protein unless it is totally broken down. Protease Plus is helpful for anyone struggling with protein digestion. Each capsule contains 60,000 HUT's, a measurement that tells us about its strength.

Hi-Potency Protease – 1 capsule is the equivalent to three of the regular protease capsules, designed to break down proteins across a wide spectrum of pH spectrums. These can be used between meals for a different action than breaking down foods. In between meals, it is recognized as an enzyme, is carried through the system and deposited into the lymphatic and blood system to help digest cellular debris. This creates an anti-inflammatory reaction, and on an empty stomach is especially effective for people with allergies (which are usually caused by undigested proteins).

Hi-Lipase – for the digestion of fats and oils (lipids), designed for individuals who know they have difficulty digesting fast such as those who no longer have their gall bladder (which stores the bile, mixes it with fats to start the fat digestion). People who crave fats (such as ice cream and buttery popcorn) usually have a need for essential fatty acids, and once they start taking the Hi-Lipase, these cravings stop.

Lactase Plus – contains the Lactase Enzymes, but also protease and Lipase, for improved digestion of milk and dairy products. This is great for anyone with lactose intolerant. A's would need both Food Enzymes and Lactate Plus when eating dairy products.

Enzyme depletion is one of the greatest tragedies in our modern society; everybody should be taking them because they help us get well. When we realize that every body function is dependent on enzymes we would take them every day!

Stock #1970-1 – Enzyme brochure which explains each of our enzyme products, sold in a 10-pack ($1.95). OR, DOWNLOAD FREE FROM THE COMPANY WEBSITE! No other company is telling anyone about enzyme – this is an untold truth we need to share with everyone!!

Take your enzymes as you start to eat with your meal. After you eat, if you feel full and bloated, taking a couple more enzyme capsules. Purpose of HCl – the stomach produces this acid to start the breaking down of nutrients, especially the peptide bonds of proteins, similar to what marinating meat does (tenderizes). If you have an ulcer, the acid will burn your stomach lining and start to break it down. Helps to ionize minerals for better absorption, and helps kill bacteria (one of our first lines of defense); also kills parasites.

Enzyme usage will produce more absorption, and less elimination. Make sure you get plenty of fiber and water as well as enzymes! Get the digestion really roaring with enzymes, and your elimination will be just where it needs to be.

Papaya Mint is helpful after a meal to settle your stomach when you haven't had enough enzymes.

Proteases between meals will help reverse food allergies (caused by unbroken food particles in our blood stream following meals, that our bodies see and attacks).

Children usually do better with Proactazyme and probiotics, rather than Food Enzymes – they don't need the HCl. If they have been on antibiotics they need L-Reuteri as well. Gastro Health 3/day would kill off an ulcer quickly, even in a 7-year-old. (Try the other combination first – Proactazyme Plus, Bifidophilus Flora Force, and L-Reuteri.)

-Sharon Grimes
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