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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 11:18 pm    Post subject: Enzymes Reply with quote


Millions of American eaters don't digest their food very well. Making matters worse, high-heat cooking easily kills enzymes that help in the digestive process. When food is not digested properly, billions of bacteria and fungi can ferment your last meal.

The body's digestive organs normally produce enough enzymes to make up for those missing in cooked food. But physical stress and age reduce its capability to meet this demand. Raising the percentage of raw food in the diet to about 80% is ideal, but what if you can't, supplements may help, if you take the right ones for your own special circumstances.
Just what are enzymes, and how do they benefit the body? To extract the energy and nutritional elements from food, dynamic proteins called enzymes break down various food molecules, or transform them into new compounds. All of this is done without changing the nature of the enzyme itself!

Although the body can sometimes manage molecules without enzymes, with enzymes the body can process these building blocks of the body a million or more times faster!

Many different reactions are required to maintain health, and more than 2,000 enzymes have been identified so far. Each has a special job to do. But only about two dozen different enzymes are known to affect the digestion of food. Some individual enzymes can process as many as 2.5 million chemical reactions in one minute!

Research shows us cooked food, which lacks raw enzymes, fails to show a major effect in preventing disease. In scientific studies cooked food fortified with mineral and vitamin supplements failed to show significant results in stopping disease when compared with an unfortified diet. Without food enzymes, vitamins would be useless. The common factor in degenerative diseases is inadequate nourishment. Understanding this is the first step to better health.

If disease is present, enzymes can only fight off the condition with leftover enzymes. If a significant number of enzymes is required by the digestive system, fewer enzymes remain to fight the disease.

Since a connection exists between the strength of the immune system and the enzyme level, the greater the amount of enzyme reserves we have, the stronger our immune system. The stronger our immune system, the healthier we are. Our white blood cells and enzymes work together to destroy foreign, disease-causing substances in the blood and lymph fluid of the body.

There are three types of enzymes: metabolic enzymes to help regulate body functions, pre-digestive enzymes to prepare the food, and a third group to finish digestion in the digestive tract. An example of pre-digestive enzymes are those found in saliva one reason for chewing your food well.

Existing within the digestive system are protein-digesting enzymes, called proteases. Carbohydrate-digesting enzymes are amylases, and fat-digesting enzymes are lipases. Each enzyme acts only on a specific group of molecules; it is often named for the food it acts upon.

For example, the enzyme sucrase breaks down the sugar called sucrose, and lactase breaks down the milk sugar lactose. Often one enzyme can't completely break down a food substance by itself and relies on another to finish the job. For example, pepsin from the gastric juice in the stomach splits protein into polypeptides. Later this process is continued by trypsin, manufactured in the pancreas and added to the partially digested mixture. Since digestion is rather complicated, it is often hard to know what the body needs to bolster its enzyme supply. To help us increase our digestive enzyme supplies by natural means, Nature's Sunshine Products has four high-quality enzyme products.

All four products have been specially formulated to meet the demands of the consumer, and are buffered and stabilized to protect them from being degraded by acid in the stomach. This protection is needed because most of the enzymes work in the small intestine, where partially digested food enters from the stomach for further processing. All of the enzymes used in these for products are from non-animal sources.

Lactase Plus
Lactase Plus contains lactase, the enzyme used to help break down lactose (milk sugar) in milk and other dairy products. Many people are not able to properly digest milk sugar because they lack enough of this enzyme. Others can't digest the milk's protein or fat. The enzymes protease and lipase are added to Lactase Plus to help eliminate the bloating associated with consuming dairy products.

Over 70% of the world's population has lactose intolerance, meaning they lack the enzyme lactase, which is needed to properly digest the sugar in milk. This can cause gas, bloating, allergies and other discomforts when dairy products are consumed.

Leguzyme is a carbohydrate enzyme combination. This product is specifically designed to help digest certain carbohydrates in legumes (beans), some vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, etc.), whole grains and other foods that may cause gas. This product includes the enzymes amylase, glucoamylase (maltase) and invertase (sucrase). Leguzyme also contains cellulase to help break down the cellulose in the legume's cell wall, for complete digestion without the gas.

Hi Lipase
Hi Lipase is specifically designed for people who are concerned with digesting food fats and oils. The ability of the body to properly digest fats is important to the eliminative and circulatory systems. Hi Lipase also contains protease, amylase and cellulase to provide more complete digestion.

People who have had their gall bladders removed because of gall stones, frequently get indigestion due to the inability of their bodies to properly digest fats. Such people often benefit from these enzymes.

Proactazyme is a "full-spectrum" general purpose enzyme product to assist in the proper digestibility of all food types, except dairy. It provides Protease, Amylase, Glucoamylase, Lipase Pectinase and Cellulase. It contains no hydrochloric acid.

A general enzyme supplement multiplies the body's recuperative powers in any severe degenerative disease. This supplement may also help people who have weight problems (underweight or overweight).
Traditional Digestive Aids Available

Food Enzymes
A number of different enzymes are necessary to deal with hundreds of differing food compounds. Certain major enzymes are produced by the body to digest large quantities of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and other enzymes are found in foods.

However, some processed foods lack the enzymes needed for proper digestion. This formulation supplements the body's production of these enzymes. One tablet will digest a minimum of 30 grams of protein, 30 grams of carbohydrates and 20 grams of fats.

Special cells in the stomach lining require vitamin B-complex and other nutrients to manufacture hydrochloric acid to break down proteins during the digestive process. As people age, they usually produce less HCL, which affects the amount of protein they can absorb. An additional problem with incomplete protein digestion is imbalance in the flora which feast on these compounds. Each tablet contains 325 mg (five grains) of betaine HCL, supplying dilute hydrochloric acid and 65 mg (1 grain) of pepsin, a natural protein digesting enzyme.

Protease Plus
Protease Plus activates macrophages and natural killer cells. It supports flexibility of red blood cells and improves blood stream flow. It digests protein compounds. It contains the full spectrum of plant-derived trace minerals - minerals activate enzymes.

Source: NSP Sunshine Horizons
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