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Estrogen Overload - Module

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 11:11 pm    Post subject: Estrogen Overload - Module Reply with quote

Estrogen Overload - Module #2


Do YOU have estrogen overload? Half of the women over the age of 35 struggle with hormone imbalance. SYMPTOMS: Osteoporosis Insomnia or Fatigue Allergies Bone Mass Depletion Thinning Hair Facial Hair PMS Migraines Mood Swings Cramps Uterine Fibroids Depression Memory Loss Breast Tenderness Fibrocystic Breasts Fluid Retention Hot Flashes Irregular Cycles Low sex drive Miscarriage Inflammation High Blood Pressure Acne Unexplained weight gain If you have 3 or more of these symptoms, you may have estrogen dominance.

UNTOLD TRUTH #1: Despite the dangers, HORMONE THERAPY (HRT) continues!

WHY? "Well, you see, as you age, you develop a horse-urine deficiency, so you need some Premarin." WRONG!!

"An entire generation of women is being brainwashed. Most women's trust in their own bodies is almost nonexistent." (Christiane Northrup, M.D.) "Breast cancer now strikes 1 woman in 8, up from 1 woman in 30 in 1960 before estrogen replacement therapy was popularized." (Dr. Michael Lam, M.D.)

Anxiety, depression, weight gain women don't know what to do, so they go to their doctor for help, and are prescribed synthetic hormones. 1/4 of women who quit taking synthetic hormones later resumed HRT to relieve their hot flashes, sever fatigue, depression, and other menopausal symptoms. Women don't know any different, so they continue to use the drugs we need to show them the alternatives!! Estrogen dominance affects both men and women; men can have the same symptoms, and it also affects their prostate gland. PSA count will drop dramatically using Pro-G-Yam cream, 1/8 t. 2x a day

Recent studies have shown that HRT can: Cause breast cancer, stroke, heart disease, pulmonary embolism, blood clotting, high blood pressure, migraines, dizziness, depression, heart attacks, fatigue and insomnia Delay the detection of breast cancer by decreasing mammogram sensitivity Stimulate abnormal growth of breast and prostate tissues by stressing the liver with synthetic hormones

Menopause is not a disease or sickness it is a normal part of life. Menopause does not mean you have to have unpleasant symptoms and/or suffering. The symptoms associated with menopause are new to American women within the last 75 years ask your grandmother some time about her menopause experience. It probably was quite different from what women are experiencing today! Japanese women don't even have a term for "hot flash" in their vocabulary; while 50-85% of American women will suffer from them at some point. This is also true of third world cultures. THE DIFFERENCE?? Diet and lifestyle!

43 y/o woman discovered a small lump in her breast. Had radical mastectomy, removed lymph nodes; edema; chemo; finally came for nutritional help; died 3 weeks later.

UNTOLD TRUTH #2: You Don't Need More Estrogen, You Need More Progesterone! "Estrogen production drops 40% at menopause, but progesterone drops to 90-100%. Menopause problems are caused by lack of progesterone, not estrogen. And "synthetic progesterone" [PROGESTIN] isn't doing any good --- the liver changes it in the body, so estrogen rages on, unopposed." (Tim O'Shea, The Doctor Within)

Estrogen is produced in the ovaries and is valuable in regulating the menstrual cycle. It guides development during puberty, and helps with cell growth during the menstrual cycle. Think of estrogen as "pro-growth." The menstrual cycle requires a balance of hormones. Estrogen MUST have a counter-balance. Progesterone, or "pro-gestation" is that counter- balance Progesterone supports the development of a healthy fetus in the uterus When estrogen levels climb too high, progesterone is overwhelmed. Estrogen-dominance affects the uptake of your thyroid hormones A baby can be born with estrogen dominance usually because of what we eat!! Any woman who has a hysterectomy needs progesterone she has had a hysterectomy because she is estrogen dominant (unless injured somehow in an accident, etc.) Fibroids Pro-G-Yam, Comb. V-X as a suppository (insert capsule vaginally); also need to clean up dirty blood clean the colon and the blood (BP-X)

WHAT ESTROGEN DOES/HOW PROGESTERONE BALANCES THAT ACTION Enhances salt & water retention --- is a natural diuretic - "Don't you want to be bloated? Have nice thick ankles?" Stimulates breast cysts --- Protects against breast cysts Restrains osteoclast function --- promotes osteoblast function, leading to bone growth and improved bone density (food enzymes, synerpro cal-mag, DHEA-F [start with 1/day] if over 39 you will test low) Increases blood clot risk --- Normalizes blood clotting Increases endometrial and breast cancer risks --- prevents breast and endometrial cancers Increases body fat --- helps use fat for energy

It's Not Just a Problem with the Middle Aged! Today's young girls are hitting puberty at a younger age. Early puberty is a risk factor for breast cancer. A 1997 study of 17,000 girls showed that nearly 14% of Caucasian girls had developed secondary sex characteristics (breast development and pubic hair) by age 8. For African American girls that rate was 50%.

Average Woman in 1900: Started menses at 16 Got pregnant earlier Had more children More time lactating Between 100-200 menstrual periods

Average Woman in 2000: Starts menses at 12 Gets pregnant later Has fewer children Seldom lactates Between 300-400 menstrual cycles... ...dramatically increasing the risk of infertility, cancer, fibroids, anemia, migraines, mood shifts and more. What a difference a century makes!

How do you become estrogen-dominant? Fat stores estrogen. As you gain weight, your body naturally retains more estrogen. Chronic stress causes your body to produce excess cortisol, which boosts your estrogen level. Our food is loaded with the estrogens from steroids fed to animals. This includes chicken, beef and many dairy products. Absence of menses or other menstrual regularity (throw out the BC pills, stop the shots will mess with your cycles and increase your risk of breast cancer; "I made a decision when I first got married that I wasn't going to put that stuff into my body and obviously I didn't I have six children!" - Julie) Xenoestrogens plastic bottles (drinking water), household cleaners, pesticides, laundry detergent and more; causing many YOUNG women to have trouble conceiving or carrying to term

TIPS PMS stands for PRETTY MEAN SISTER You want to get your monthly cycle balanced out to keep everything normalized. You will feel so much better! Julie MT's with chapstick containers (different doses) to determine how much Pro-G-Yam a client needs Apply neck up right onto the thyroid, for thyroid adrenal types For humps on the back, and they are struggling with their weight; (if donuts and pie were health food we would be very health!) PCOS address the thyroid!! Support the thyroid and adrenals Do things vaginally E-tea (4 caps to 1 cup of Taheebo tea) & douche; you can also add thyroid-stimulating herbs E-tea helps balance the hormones; especially good for hormonal cancers Open Vitamin E and spread it over the breast; mix some E-tea with it Warning labels may cause breast cancer (only in CA!!) ;-) Synthetic progesterone [progestin] in a pill form (provera) is not the same as a natural form of a progesterone pre-cursor; it is meant to confuse you! They want to stop the sales of progesterone! The chemical structures are not at all the same!!

(JULIE'S OPINION: Throw Melaleuca in the trash! In Julie's experience it does not MT well has never tested strong for any woman who was using it. Red food coloring in the mouth wash; check for other synthetic ingredients.)

GET BALANCED! Reduce estrogens: lose weight overcome stress eat organic foods manage monthly cycles decrease xeno-estrogens (chemicals) - make your own cleaning solutions (Larissa Jones) - distilled white vinegar and baking soda + essential oils (wonderful energizing, mood-lifting, anti-depressant spritzers 20 drops bergamot, 10 drops pink grapefruit in a spritzer bottle, fill with purified water in a 2 oz. Bottle). Get rid of the aerosal room fresheners, glade, etc. Story of 104 y/o woman in excellent health, worked for years in an herb & spice shop natural aromatherapy ! One day she was feeling sick and her husband told her she should stay home; she went to work anyway, and just being in the shop with all the various aromas quickly got her feeling well again! Increase progesterone Add natural progesterone cream

UNTOLD TRUTH #3 Harmful Estrogens are Found Everywhere

Did you get your xenoestrogens today? It is estimated that the average person eats fruits and vegetables that have been sprayed with illegal pesticides 75 times a year. In the past 100 years, several hundred million pounds of pesticides have been released into the environment. From 1950-1970, some four million pounds of DDT was dumped into the ocean in Los Angeles. Product of modern society, where everything is chemically preserved, enhanced, or treated to make it bigger, brighter and fresher. Our body uses these foreign substances as unopposed estrogen, overwhelming progesterone with disastrous health consequences.

Foreign or xenoestrogens are found everywhere: Baby bottles (breast feeding is vital significant lack of DHA which affects sight and brain development) Plastic cup holding your morning coffee Computer chips at your work desk Disposable water bottles PVC piping used in your homes and lawns Soap, clothes, pharmaceuticals, detergents, cleaners, pesticides, lawn fertilizers, meat, unfiltered water, cosmetics, and spermicides

The Effect of Xenoestrogens on the Animal Kingdom: Male alligators showed gonad shrinkage and a 90% drop in reproduction levels Sperm counts in male panthers were reduced by 90% Researcher found seagulls' eggs were thinning; gonad shrinkage; overdeveloped ovaries in females and feminization in males

The Terrifying Next Level: The Effect of Xenoestrogens on Humans: In the past 100 years the average age of menarche (first menstrual flow) dropped from 16 to 12. About 30% of women with endometriosis are infertile. Breast cancer strikes 1 in 8 women, up from 1 in 30 just a generation ago. Male sperm counts continue to drop in the U.S. Population. Increasing numbers of young boys are reporting development of female secondary sex characteristics, with delayed development of male characteristics. Between 600,00-1,000,000 women have hysterectomies every year. Of these surgeries, 90% are unnecessary! Human sperm counts have dropped by 50% over the past 30 years due to environmental xenoestrogens. (TO REVERSE: Pro-G-Yam, Vit. E, Men's Formula, and possible add X-Action for Men)

Estrogen dominance reverse roles! Women - Hair loss for women, growing facial hair Men growing breasts

Alternatives to Chemicals and their harmful effects:

Affordable organic produce, to get away from the harmful xenoestrogens? Use a Johnny's Seeds sprouter - alfalfa, red clover, and broccoli grow organic for pennies on the dollar ( a garden) Grow your own wheat-grass; commercially grown All you need to do is plant wheat in a shallow container, like the bottom of a flower pot; layer newspaper over to start it sprouting; water it as it grows. You can do two clippings to get maximum benefit of nutrients; have another batch started in an alternative crop so you always have fresh wheat grass to juice in a Champion or Omega juicer. Nature's Sunshine Concentrate make your own cleaners Larissa Jones' book - "Is Your Home Safe?", available through HART ( Paw Paw Lice Shampoos eczema, flea baths, anti-fungal; any kind of mold on plants or in the house.

UNTOLD TRUTH #4: Your Diet Is Increasing Your Estrogen Levels

The food we eat is loaded with hormones and steroids. It takes only six weeks to grow a chicken to "market ready" size. In 1940, it took four months. 25 million pounds of antibiotics are fed to livestock each year. It takes 60 pounds of feed to produce a single pound of beef. Feed is laden with hormones. Even fruits and vegetables aren't exempt.

How can what you don't eat increase your estrogen levels? Estrogen receptors carry hormone messages from the blood to the cells The stronger the estrogen that plugs into the receptor, the more powerful the message sent to the body. Xenoestrogens are the strongest form of estrogen. Combined xenoestrogens can have an effect that is 100-1000x more potent that estradiol, the strongest estrogen made in the body.; It's important to plug as many of your receptors as possible with weak, gentle estrogens. Weaker estrogens prevent the stronger xenoestrogens from attaching to the receptor. Phytoestrogens are found in plants. Spinach, lettuce, beans and legumes, fruits, soy products, etc.

The Vicious Cycle of Estrogen Overload and Nutrition: Consume fatty foods Excess body fat, inability to eliminate estrogen Weight gain, stress, anxiety Estrogen abundance stops menstruation (and progesterone) increasing cravings, hunger, mood swings, and inactivity The cycle starts over again Pesticides are estrogenic compounds. Wash and clean fruits and veggies if you can't get organic At least clean off the residue and work toward a more organic source

XENO very powerful and dangerous PHYTO gentle and safe

It's important to plug as many of your receptors as possible with weak, gentle estrogens Weaker estrogens prevent the stronger xenoestrogens from attaching to the receptor Phytoestrogens are found in plants spinach, lettuce, beans and legumes, fruits, soy products, etc. Cook your beans with baking soda to help with gassiness Pintos, kidneys, lentils, add brown rice to create a complete amino acid (protein); make salads with beans, serve with WW pita (Bible bread); pita and hummus (easy for traveling) What do you combine to make a complete protein??

Summary: Untold Truth #1 Despite the dangers, hormone replacement therapy continues. Untold Truth #2 You don't need more estrogen, you need more progesterone! Untold Truth #3 Harmful estrogens are found everywhere. Untold Truth #4 Your diet is increasing your estrogen levels.

You can beat estrogen dominance the natural way! Nutrition is essential in fighting estrogen overload: High-fiber diets help eliminate estrogen. Phytoestrogens weaken the overall estrogen load of the body. Vitamins A, C, B12, E Magnesium, selenium, calcium and antioxidants

ESTROGEN OVERLOAD FIGHTER #1: Progesterone Cream (Pro-G-Yam 500 mg.)

500 mg of natural progesterone Base of wild yam Chamomile and aloe vera for maximum absorption Patented delivery system to ensure continuous prolonged release

Helps with infertility, fibroids, cysts, depression & much more! Micronized compound bio-identical hormones, go according to a saliva test vs. blood test; are they using natural progesterone and estrogen? Don't combine the two!

ESTROGEN OVERLOAD FIGHTER #2: Female Comfort great for PMS, cramps, discomfort; may also need thyroid support; increases fertility (woman in forties conceived) Supports the overall female reproductive system, young and old Regulates a woman's cycle Reported to aid with the discomforts associated with PMS Nutritional support for menopause

Ingredients: Dong Quai Ginger root Red Raspberry Licorice root Black Cohosh Queen of the Meadow Blessed Thistle Marshmallow root

ESTROGEN OVERLOAD FIGHTER #3: Flash Ease Proven remedy for hot flashes 100% safe alternative to HRT 80 mg of Black Cohosh Time-release 1-2 pills a day Concentrated and standardized 200 mg Dong Quai

Hot flash therapy: Start with progesterone first, and Super GLA, then adrenals and thyroids before you go to Flash Ease.


Contains evening primrose, black currant and borage oils. Each capsule contains 130 mg of gamma-linolenic acid. Provides nutritional support to the female reproductive system. Is great for mood changes, breast tenderness, cramps and swelling. Aids nerve development and function. Supports the circulatory system and liver.

If you don't have enough essential fatty acids you are not producing enough hormones!! Pregnant Omega-3 or DHA; 90-day challenge, add 1 folic acid per day, and red raspberry You won't need morphine for after-birth cramps (common in most hospitals today!)

ESTROGEN OVERLOAD #5: NATURAL CHANGES (combination of herbs, pre-packaged)

Balances hormones. Provides an even, constant supply of nutrients to the female glandular system. Addresses both immediate and long- term needs. Helps with mood swings. Strengthens the structural system, including the bones.

5 products: C-X (2 caps) Wild Yam & Chaste Tree (1 cap) Flax seed oil (1 softgel) Skeletal strength (one tablet) Nutri-Calm keeps that poor woman from having out-of-body experiences! ;-)


Produced by the adrenal glands Called the Mother of Hormones It is not a hormone itself but is used to create scores of other hormones. Helps the body produce hormones it is lacking After age 25, DHEA production declines. In a base of wild yam, chaste tree and false unicorn Helps with the cortisol build-up, along with siberian ginseng + Metabo max e-free. -Sharon Grimes
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Q: I have a lady who is seeing a doctor that is telling her that her body is making too much estrogen and he wants to put her on meds to suppress the estrogen for 5 years. She's already tried progest but it hasn't helped. Anyone have any ideas?? -Jeanne C.
- - - - - - - - - -
Estrogen dominance is often from diet, etc. Certain chemicals mimic hormones.

BTW, is she using OUR Pro-G-Yam 500 Cream? Brand and strength make a difference. -Georgiana
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Have you checked her liver and adrenals? The liver helps control excess estrogen. The adrenals also keep hormones in check.

Xenoestrogens could also be a problem, which I think this is what Georgiana's post and link may be alluding to.

These are environmental things that cause "bad estrogen". So, support the liver if her body needs it and you may see what type of detox she may test strong for like Enviro-detox or liver cleanse or all cell detox, maybe even V-X. -Lourdes Martinez
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