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Estrogen Replacement

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 10:42 pm    Post subject: Estrogen Replacement Reply with quote

Estrogen Replacement

Does anyone have a suggestion for a person who would like to replace her estrogen replacement drugs with a natural method? She can't stand the side-effects anymore. I was thinking Phyto-Soy, but I'd like to hear from someone who has some experience with this. -Katrina
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Red Clover, Black Cohosh, Dong Quai -Dee
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I suggest starting her on the Pro-G-Yam first as a single. It will pick up and utilize any estrogen she still has in her system. Use just this for a month or two. If she is experiencing vaginal dryness then add Phyto Soy. -Suzanne
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Q: 1. What natural herbs can I take that will replace the depleted estrogen in by body?
2. How do I know how much to take along with the natural progesterone I already take to have a balanced hormonal level that will protect me and keep me healthy?
3. How do I know if I should cycle the progesterone/estrogen supplements through the month, or take them all the time?
My Dr. tells me that I need to take estrogen and wants me to begin HRT. I have been taking natural progesterone for 2 years and would like to find a natural form of estrogen. I have been taking C-X and it helps with hot flashes/night sweats but apparently it doesn't have enough of an estrogen affect to show up on blood tests. My FSH is very high, my vagina has atropied and is irritated and I have developed a pollop. My skin has become dry and wrinkled in appearance and my nails are weak and full of lines. Please help. -Charlotte
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I recommend that you take Flash-Ease along with Pro-G-Yam 500 progesterone cream. Take according to directions throughout the month. If you need to, according to any symptoms that you might experience, you may increase the Pro-G-yam cream at certain times during the month but you can pretty much stick with the same dosage regardless of where you are in your cycle. Flash-Ease will not show up in your blood test because it contains phytoestrogens, not animal estrogens. So don't be concerned with the blood tests. Just stay on your program. Also be aware that the hormones in meat, chicken and dairy products can throw you out of balance so it is best to avoid these and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Also avoid chemicals as much as possible like pesticides. Drink Nature's Spring RO water and try to stay with a natural diet. Soy is very good. Eat more soy products like Tofu and less animal products. These dietary changes will also help alkalize your body which is also helpful. -Duane
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There are three supplements that you could try that I believe would be extremely helpful for you.
First, take the herb Black Cohosh. This helps with many symptoms. Next, try an essential oils supplement that includes GLA, and most important, start taking Folic Acid. Since the government won't allow it to be sold in pills greater than 0.8 grams each, you will need to take several pills in order to get the dosage that will do you any good. My wife has had great results with about 8 grams a day (ten pills, five in the morning, five in the evening). However, some individuals have taken 50 grams a day or more with no side effects. I would start out with ten pills a day and see how it goes. Don't worry, Folic Acid is rather cheap. At this dose, it is a wonderful estrogen replacement. -Vinton
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Q: I am 44 years old and had a complete hysterectomy (ovaries removed as well) several years ago and was placed on Estradiol .1 ml once daily.
I am now wanting off them and am looking into a natural hormone that I can take.
Can anyone suggest a natural product I can use? Thanks. -Berjean
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For a starter, you can use the NSP Prog 500. Apply it two times a day and rotate the application spot. This will address you need for progesterone. Now you will need something to replace estrogen. I too have had a total hysterectomy and cannot do with out some sort of herbal estrogen. It is not actually estrogen but takes care of the vasomotor symptoms like hot flashes, lack of energy. I would use the NSP Black Cohosh capsules. Now because we need help converting estrogen that the body is making we need DHEA. It also gives us a boost with testosterone that is what gives us out libido.

I stopped using DHEA for 6 months and my estrogen dropped dramatically. I started up again and I have gone from 28 to 65 ng/dl. This is a lab value blood test for estrogen. I wish NSP had a cohosh cream that can be used transdermaly. Maybe some day. Blessings -Suzanne
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