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Eye - Broken Blood Vessels/Hemorrhage

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 10:38 pm    Post subject: Eye - Broken Blood Vessels/Hemorrhage Reply with quote

Eye - Broken Blood Vessels /Hemorrhage

Q: I was playing Basketball yesterday when my left eye was injured by someone's fingernail. Now I have a bloody eye that fills half of my eye from the outside of the blue all the way to the corner near my nose.

Anyone have any idea what to do? Anyone ever have this happen to them? It is not very painful, but looks scary. -Catherine
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Yes, it happened to my oldest daughter -- maybe in her 30's. Once it happened, the time in-between occurrences became shorter. She went to an eye doctor -- who told her once the capillary became weak, it WOULD keep breaking. He said there was nothing that could be done.

I gave her Bilberry and that takes care of it. I just called her to ask how many she takes. She said one, twice daily. She said she can skip one once in a while -- but if she goes off of it or cuts down to one daily, she will have an eye Hemorrhage.

In the beginning, it would just be a yellow spot, then faded pink -- finally a flood. If she quits, she goes the same route. Yellow, then pink, then hemorrhage. Hope this helps you out. -Georgiana
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I am on vacation and just woke and found that my right eye is full of thick red lines that look like blood is flowing through it. I don't want to do anything drastic if it is just a symptom of something minor, so your help would be appreciated. Thanks. -Nolee
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Formula EW is exceptional for eye infections and injuries. It contains herbs that stimulate circulation to the eyes to promote healing, shrink inflamed tissues, absorb toxins, alleviate pain and fight infection. It would be a great formula to keep on hand for spring allergies as it quickly soothes dry itching eyes that have been irritated from pollen. It can be taken internally and used as an eyewash. -Jewel
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Nolee, I'd like to suggest using Colloidal Silver directly in the eye. It doesn't sting and will keep out infection. Use as many times a day as you need to. I'd also suggest MSM + Vitamin C Ascorbates until you can get it looked at. -Carol Martz
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I suggest you read a book called, "Diagnosis Unknown by Randy Smith" The author tells the story of how his wife woke up one morning with a bloodshot swollen eye, she suffered over the next year desperately ill, she and her husband thought she could have gotten a spider bite. Some thirteen doctors were unable to give her a diagnosis and so I doubt very much if anyone here could even speculate on your particular problem, but in the mean time there are many modalities you could start with. I would have a professional herbalist or ND look at it as soon as possible if the problem persists. -Jewel
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Nolee, If you have any Vitamin C with you, Id recommend it. It always helps me short term. Have a selenologist do an analysis when you get back home. Having learned selenology has helped me tremendously in helping others as well as myself explain the broken vessels in my eyes.

A sclerologist is a person that practices the science and study of the sclera or the whites of the eyes. Whereas the iridologist studies the iris or the colored part of the eye. When you combine the study of the two, the resulting analysis is confirmation and more specificity. In studying the sclera, blood vessels are very important indicators of what may be occurring in your body. Similarly to iridology it depends on where it is in your sclera, the shape it takes, etc. to determine the degree of significance. -Sharlene
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In Sclerology if it's in the lower inner - quadrant of the right eye (closer to the nose and looks like a blood mass) you will want to check for heart imbalances. Broken Blood Vessels you may want to try Vitamin C, EW and Thai-Go. -S. Mitchell
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