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Eye - Cataracts

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 10:38 pm    Post subject: Eye - Cataracts Reply with quote

Eye - Cataracts

Have been taking 4 Eyebright plus daily for months now and went to opthomologist and my eyes are worse. I also take many other antioxidants. Any suggestions to avoid surgery!! Thank you -Kris
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I have a terigium on my eye. I was taking chickweed and caritonoids for something else, I had been through 2 bottles each and noticed one day that the terigium was shrinking. Don't know if this will help for your cataracts....but who knows. Also you might try Pycnogenol....high doses. -Gwen
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Seven years ago together with a brilliant gentleman - Max Crarer, we researched thoroughly the cause of age related eye diseases. Discovered to our horror that is a lack of certain nutrients that causes most of the problems. Over two years we developed our Triple Eye Therapy of Vitamins, Minerals and herbs using NSP products entirely. Since then, have helped a lot of people not only in arresting the disease but in many cases improving vision. Max printed two books on the subject. For Cataracts and Glaucoma our suggested program is:
Bilberry 1 tablet with each meal.
Super Supplemental Vitamin A and Minerals 1 with each meal.
EW 1 capsule twice daily as well as making up the Eyewash to use 3-4 times daily.
Antioxidants 1 x twice daily.
Zinc 1 x three times daily.

For Macular Degeneration cut out the EW altogether and substitute 2 Eyebright Plus twice daily. Have a Healthy, Happy Day! -Radio Herb Lady
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Lipid peroxidation has a lot to do with cateracts. I usually start with the liver when working with cateracts. EFA's are essential and the ability to break down fats. So try doing H-lipase. Antioxidants are important for the eye but more for capillary structure and not as much for the corneal plaque and the lipid build up with cataracts. Agglutination in the blood can contribute to this as well. Try the blood type diet to remove stickiness from the blood so the nutritives can be carried properly to the eye. Since the lens has neither nerves nor blood vessels, it depends on the internal flow of fluid inside the eye (aqueous humor) to provide oxygen and nutrients, especially scavenger and chaperone molecule to remove toxic products. Vitamin C, Vitamin E, glutathione, curcumin and carotens are important. Garlic is good here as well as the cartenoid product. Dehydration can hasten the development of cataracts. Sodas and coffee rob important minerals and antioxidants the eye needs. Xeno estrogens in pesticides on fruits and vegetables can make them worsen as well as lack of sleep. Some supplement suggestions for this: MSM, Elderberry, Astragalus, Milk Thistle, Garlic and Carotenoid blend. Make an eyewash with EW just for the soothing effects. -Kimberly
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Based on the scientific research I've done, I would consider Eyebright Plus to be an excellent product.

The following nutrients are also very important:

Vitamin C - greater than 1,000mg/day - long-term high intake as been linked to a substantial reduction in cataract risk

Bilberry, along with Vitamin E, were shown to stop cataract formation in 49 of 50 patients in one study

Beta-carotene acts as a special filter, protecting the lens of the eye from excessive oxidation -Laura Clement
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Cataracts are often a Vitamin C deficiency. Make sure you are taking both Bio/C and Timed Release so it's in your system at all times. Make a tea from EW to use as an eyewash - especially before going outside AND take it internally. Although I would take Eyebright +. -Georgiana
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Q: Does anyone out there have information on what works for cataracts? I know Eyebright Plus is helpful but do you know of anything else, something that has worked to reverse this disorder? . -Wild Flower
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A cataract indicate that the person has excess calcium in the body. To help correct this the person should eat foods high in organic sodium, not table salt or processed foods like celery and other vegetables. These foods push out the inorganic calcium. Other things to add are Herbal CA which also pushes out inorganic calcium, EW capsules with cup of pure water steeped and make tea and wash eyes twice daily. Defense Maintenance, B Complex, Pantothenic Acid and High Potency Grapine. Hope this helps. -Paige
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Lecithin will also help. -Laura
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Q: Although I am doing my best to eat well now, my childhood and early adulthood was marked by a mother who was a terrible cook, fed her children A LOT of sugar and had no idea about proper nutrition. She unfortunately died of many and various causes several years ago. She also had a terrible temper and beat her children, so they suffered in more than one way.

After enduring all of this, I have had several health problems, notably cataracts (my right eye was sensitive to light over 30 yrs ago, and now has a cataract growing in it -- my left eye is about to go next). I am an artist and this causes me no end of trouble.

I am also hypoglycemic and now when I eat the "wrong" food I feel like I am burning up all over.

I gained about 30 pounds since Mom died -- and while I was helping to care for her, I ate alot of sweets when I was stressed out.

Now my health is poor. My blood pressure is OK and I don't have diabetes or liver trouble, but generally I feel very wiped out and am a bit overweight. I know I can reverse all this, but where do I start? I am increasing my veggies -- I don't drink or smoke. I am supplementing my Tofu smoothies with Barley Grass, and taking more Beta Carotene. I am not a vegetarian but eat more chicken than red meat.

The healthy people in my family lived into their 90's. I have a lot more yardage to go so I want to be healthier than I am now. Any suggestions? -Azar Attura
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More veggies and fruits sounds great! Can you up that to 9 servings a day? You can still have your chicken! Why? All those good phytochemicals, enzymes, antioxidants. Have you learned your "colors" Some red, some yellow, some green and some leafy every day? If you aren't eating that much work up to it, make it you goal. Now, all the "junk" you ate before just did not go away. For your general health you need to cleanse. Try the Tao He Cleanse first, or even the Para Cleanse. Get rid of some of that old junk while you keep getting the good food in.

For the cataracts, you need vitamins A, E, and C and antioxidants. Super antioxidants, HP Grapine, and especially Bilberry. Add some EW by mouth and in the form of eye drops and some Eyebright Plus. Cataracts ruin your color perception and in advanced cases are like looking through amber glasses, so work hard with these herbs and supplements.

While you were on those sugars, you did a number on your mineral intake. So you might try some of the minerals--pick Mineral Chi, or Colloidal Minerals or Mineral Maintenance. Add some good calcium to that like the SynerPro Calcium or the Skeletal Strength. (Some people say you should not mix the Vitamin C with the calcium, so if you want maximum whammy separate them by a few hours.)

If you add a good fiber source (I am thinking of Nature's Three, LOCLO, Psyllium, Fat Grabbers--do not do more than one kind--if you can't stand it or you don't feel good with it, try another, but give each one at least a week or two following label instructions) you may see a change in the weight problem. If you can get around those 9 or more servings of fruit and veggies, then you won't have a craving for the sweets and in a short time you will have lots more energy--so you can do some good walking or other exercise. Walking will help your art also. Hope this helps. -Marilyn Navarro
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