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Eye - Glaucoma

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 10:34 pm    Post subject: Eye - Glaucoma Reply with quote

Eye - Glaucoma

Glaucoma: Any of a group of eye diseases characterized by abnormally high intra ocular fluid pressure, damaged optic disk, hardening of the eyeball, and partial to complete loss of vision.

My husband has high pressure and our 25-year-old daughter has high pressure. High pressure is not necessarily indicative of glaucoma. My husband went on drops as a preventative several years ago. Most likely because he was in his mid-forties at the time, the doctor felt his condition warranted the drops. He does not, however, have any nerve or vision damage from the high pressure. When our daughter developed high pressure, my husband insisted that she not go on the drops. We lowered her pressure with 9 Eyebright per day for two months. Her pressure went from 28 & 29 down to 22 & 23. My husband tried the Eyebright and it didn't work for him. He tested for Eyebright Plus, but decided to take the Eyebright instead, so we don't know what would have happened if he had switched. When he went off his drops and on the herb his pressure went back up. I suspect if we had increased the amounts and used the Eyebright Plus it would have helped. My other thought, in this process, was that once someone starts the drops, it is much harder to lower the pressure with the herbs. Any thoughts from others on this? -Glenda Hadley
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Is caused from lack of oxygen to the body. -Richard Ask
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My thoughts with this stem from the concept of not stopping any medication "cold turkey." Any conventional medication is going to have long-term biochemical effects in the body and will need time (and probably cleansing) to exit at the cellular level. I would think that it would be best for your husband to use what he has MT'd for to the full amount required and continue on with both for a while. I would have his pressures checked after having been on herbal therapy in conjunction with the medicinal eye drop therapy to see if there is a (dramatic) drop in the pressures and then gradually wean off of the drops. I believe it is imperative in this case that you let your eye care practitioner know what you want to do and ask that they help you monitor this process with routine pressure readings. -Ewen
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My 55-year-old mother's pupil in one eye was so inflamed that it was near to bursting, I guess from pressure. The eye specialist told her she has only seen this about 3 times. It is caused by at some time in her life having Mononucleosis. The drops she is taking have relieved the pressure and doesn't need surgery now, but was wondering if anyone has heard of this and if something like VS-C would help. -Andrea Trembath
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Have you tried the "glaucoma" recipe? I should think it would help with any pressure in the eye: Parsley, l-Glutamine, Eyebright Plus. We've had great results with this formula both with those with active glaucoma & pre-ocular hypertension. -villherb
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For prevention or treatment of Glaucoma - Eyebright Plus, 4009-9, 400 mg, 60 Capsules, Two Capsules Provide: Vitamin A 2,500 IU, Lutein 6 mg. Ingredients: Eyebright Herb, Lutein, Bilberry Fruit Concentrate, Curcumin (Turmeric Root Extract). Mixed Carotenes: beta-Carotene, Lutein, Lycopenes, alpha-Carotene, Zeaxanthin, Cryptoxanthin. Recommendation: Take two capsules with a meal twice daily. The following information is provided for educational purposes only and is not endorsed by Nature's Sunshine Products. Any references to Actions or Indications describe traditional uses of individual herbs and are not to be used to prescribe any product or herbal remedy.

Actions: Accelerates production of rhodopsin (visual purple), anodyne, antibacterial, anticatarrhal, antiedemic, anti-inflammatory, antinyctalopic, antioxidant, antiseptic, astringent, capillary protectant, decreases vascular permeability, diaphoretic, expectorant, improves vision, powerful antioxidant, reduces and reverses the damage caused by blood vessel deterioration, reduces eye fatigue, Stomachic, strengthens capillaries that feed eye muscles and nerves. Lutein accumulates in the yellow spot of the retina (macula lutea) where visual perception is most acute. Lutein reduces age-related macular degeneration and helps to filter damaging light.

Indications: Atherosclerosis, Bitot's spots (white elevated sharply outline patches on the whites of the eye), blepharitis, blurred vision, cataracts, common cold, conjunctivitis, crossed eyes, degenerative retinal conditions, diabetic retinopathy, eyestrain, failing memory, glaucoma, hay fever (allergic rhinitis), hepatitis, jaundice, nearsightedness, night blindness, ophthalmia, poor eyesight, rhinitis, sinus congestion, sinusitis, stress, stroke, ulcers (skin), varicose veins, vertigo, xerophthalmia Eyebright Plus with Lutein™ is a Trademark of Nature's Sunshine Copyright © 1996-1998 by 3DTX Corporation. All rights reserved. -Georgiana Duncan
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This condition is known as Glaucoma and the following things can be used for nutritional support: Beta Carotene w/Mixed Carotenes 150,000 IU daily, B-Complex, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin E 400 IU daily which helps to remove lens particles, Vitamin C w/Citrus Bioflavonoids at least 10,000mg (reduces Intracellular pressure), Eyebright Plus, Germanium, and High Potency Grapine. -Paige
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Richard Dicks says that when a person developed glaucoma, there was a traumatic event that took place at that time. One woman's case was that her daughter got married and she was not allowed to visit her daughter. Ask when they got the glaucoma, then ask and keep asking "What happened at that time?" until their researching brain comes up with the answer. Could be the glaucoma will go away when the trauma is recognized and dealt with. I know it sounds a little off the beaten path, however, HOLISTIC means mind, body and spirit, working together. -Nancy Gatlin
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Has anyone any testimonies of success with this condition. We are going to do Kay's recipe, but a testimony or two would be a great encouragement. -Valerie Steiner
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I have glaucoma whose basic cause is extreme nearsightedness with severe astigmatism. Since I was a small child, glaucoma has been predicted. I use Vitamin C, Gingko & Hawthorn, Bilberry Fruit Concentrate, EW and Eyebright Plus and dropped my pressures over 10 points overall. I am very allergic to the preservatives used in the eye drops the doctor wanted me to use, so he compromised on Timolol one drop each eye once a day and told me it wouldn't work. He also recommended laser surgery since I am so allergic. I went along with the laser surgery (it is not invasive) and had a bad reaction to the drops he used for that right in front of him! He could only wash my eyes and apologize. (I guess that the patient's word is not very believable when it comes to things that are not that common.) I am also allergic to artificial steroids so he could not use those to clear up the reaction. He wanted to know what I was going to do. I told him I'd go home and take some ephedra herb. (Fen Chi works fine–it was what I had on hand.) It cleared up the reaction in just a few minutes! Then I started on the herbs. T/R Gingko Biloba Extract one twice a day, Gingko & Hawthorn (because Vari-Gone alone doesn't get rid of my spider veins) 2 twice a day, Bilberry Fruit Concentrate – now I know what the label says, but if I take a total of 9 tablets I see no halos at night – ask anyone with glaucoma and they will tell you of the nasty halos that make night driving insane. If I take 9, no halos. So I take 9 a day. I take EW and Eyebright Plus just like the label indicates. Vitamin C, I take to tolerance – just short of diarrhea. What are the results? Well, before the surgery my pressures were 31 and 32. After the surgery they went down to 27 and 29 – not as big a drop as the Dr. wanted. I got on my herbs and last check it was 17 and 18 – not bad. I haven't had pressures that good for fifteen years! And the way my vision is going it is only going to get better for the near future anyway. If I get distracted and don't take all my herbs I can get by for a day or two and since I have the immediate reaction with halos then I know I am on the right or wrong track within days. I sometimes forget to order my herbs – typical Mom – and I really know when one or another is not there. I have learned that Gingko contains an antagonist for Nitrous Oxide 2 – that 2 should be small and under the line as in H20 – the chemical that seems to be responsible for the damage caused by Glaucoma. Vitamin C is stored in the retina so loading up can only help the retina heal. Hawthorn Berries not only helps with the spider veins (along with Vari-Gone) it helps reduce the resistance to the flow of blood through the veins and arteries. That should make it easier for the fluid in the eye to flow through the channels that empty the eye so that more fluid can be manufactured in the eye. These herbs also help make for clean arteries and capillaries – all important for eye health. Anyway, it works for me. -Marilyn Navarro
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I have a client that was just diagnosed with glaucoma and was told by her doctor that she had to have surgery within the next 6 months or she would be in big trouble. She has started taking Perfect Eyes but I would like to hear from anyone that has dealt with this. Can a person avoid surgery? Is there enough time to address this issue herbally? Thanks for your help. -Randi
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My mother has glaucoma...she takes eye drops daily for the pressure..I've read that it can take up to a year for the Bilberry Fruit to show improvement in the eyes (mostly for macular degeneration, I think). According to the Encyclopedia for Natural Medicine, Magnesium is good for lower intra ocular pressure. Also taking Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids is recommended. They even discuss the role of food allergies. You might want to consult an Oriental Medicine physician...I've found that their approach to balancing the whole body works very well. Good luck. -Denise
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With Glaucoma it depends on what time he/she has. There is 3 different times of Glaucoma A. Absolute, B. Chronic, and C. closed angle. Surgery is usually the last alternative. Glaucoma can lead to blindness. I used to work in an Ophthamology clinic and the doctors would tell the patients to try Vitamin A, also Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Beta-Carotene may help. However there is no cure for Glaucoma it can only be controlled with proper medical attention. -Threasa
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Eyebright worked for a friend of mine. -Gwen
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Q: Does anyone have any experience with herbal products for lowering eye pressure. -Sylvia
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I have successfully lowered the pressure in my eyes. I use EW,2 1xday; Eyebright Plus 2 1xday; Bilberry (summer) 2, 3x (winter 2, 2x); Gingko TR AND Gingko Hawthorne. When under stress I double up on the Gingko TT. Why? Because Gingko contains the antidote for the chemical that causes blindness with glaucoma. Remember one thing about glaucoma--it is not just pressure, but pressure and damage to the retina that causes blindness. Many people who are extremely nearsighted have higher than "normal" pressures in their eyes. The danger lies in the damage done by a specific form of Nitrus Oxide that carries a small number 2 with it. There is a substance (long name I cannot spell without doing a major hunt since it is not in a regular dictionary) that stops the Nitrus Oxide2 and keeps the retina more healthy, thus sight is better. I do use the drops the doctor recommended because he has no faith in herbs. However I can "cheat" and go for weeks without using the drops and have no damage as long as I take my herbs. In fact the tests he gives me keep coming back just slightly better--a thing he thinks is impossible to have happen. Don't forget the necessity of plenty of Vitamin C (I like mine in foods, but supplement also), stress relief, good exercise and work on weight control where needed. All these things help. Stop and think a moment: The eye has just so much space in the head. If it is surrounded by too much hard fat it will have high pressure! General weight control can help take off the squeeze! Don't overlook all the other good things that increase vascular (circulatory) health. Every improvement made to the veins and arteries in general will be reflected in better eye health.
Hope this helps -Marilyn Navarro
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I use Ginkgo Hawthorne and IF-C and it has lowered my eye pressure. -Marilyn Nightingale
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Thai-Go Wellness Reports (
Other testimonials/info:
Advanced glaucoma; after two weeks they were normal
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Editorial by Georgiana
Per ‘H.A.R.T. on CD'
Herb Allure Reference has marked the following products. You might want to test which ones are primary. Be sure to take ENOUGH of a lesser number of products rather than too little of more.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Black Currant Oil
Omega 3 EPA
Perfect Eyes
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I've just been diagnosed with Glaucoma and am totally freaked out. I'm 39 years young and have moderately high ocular pressures 20-26 (at least at the time they are checking me). However, I do have some visual field loss in the lower half, especially in my right eye. This indicates past pressure spikes. I remember having sharp pain in my eye at times. There is also a lot of family history of Glaucoma, on Mom's side several people went blind when young. Have been taking
6/day perfect eyes, 1-2 oz Thai-Go, Vitamin A& D and Vitamin E w//Selenium. Have also tried HY-C and Sarsaparilla. Am now planning to take EW and use faithfully as an eyewash. Had been shying away from internal use because of Golden Seal. Any input on physical, lifestyle, emotional/mental causes or solutions are welcome blessings to me. Thank you. -Kendall Hill
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I have worked with this before, helped one man to save the last eye he had left - he is still doing fine. For him we worked on killing parasites, and particularly Black Current Oil worked well. -Kasara D'Elene
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Add Mega-Chel and Bowel Detox. -Lisa A.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Q: Eyes - Glaucoma, Surgery, No Sight...
Have a new client coming in soon who had glaucoma, lost his sight because of it, had surgery to relieve the pressure, but the sight did not return. I could have sworn someone said to work on the gut when you have glaucoma? Kasara, was that you?

The wife told me he has Sarcoid Syndrome. Not familiar with it. He also has reguarly recurring kidney stones in spite of being on a vegan diet.

Any ideas on all three of these aspects? Anyone have experience with sight restoration from glaucoma or is it not a high probability. I will be helping him with some juice recipes as well. Thanks. -Lisa A.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
All of this is related to the body not placing calcium correctly in one way or another. So, look to the parathyroid and thyroid. -Leslie Lechner
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Glaucoma is a fluid build up and pressure on the capillaries so the key thing is to remove inflammation. I have used IF-C along with calmatives, anti-inflammatory and then nourish the blood. The constriction on the capillaries is a factor so caffeine has to be eliminated along with any other vasoconstrictive elements. There is also a neurological tension present from lack of oxygenation too. Deep breathing exercises and the Nervous Fatigue formula or Adrenal Support help here. I would also look at some HSN-W here for the transport of the clear antioxidant rich matter in the cilliary body. Ho Shou Wu would be one to consider as well. Suma would be another nervine to consider. I have also used the Liver Balance here for the bupleurum in it to help remove inflammation from the blood. -Kimberly Balas
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Have they tried SOD? SOD restores nerves, and glaucoma damages the nerves in the retina causing loss of sight.

You were not clear in your posting as to what "loss of sight" means--do you mean that there was lost portions of the field of vision or was there total blindness before surgery?

Most people with glaucoma have lost some of their visual field. Most surgery is done to stop the progression of the disease, not to reverse it. However, my doctor is firmly convinced that his machine had a problem since mine has gotten better from time to time. When it does improve it is because my stress is under control, and also I take either Perfect Eyes or a combination of other herbs, Gingko Biloba and lately I have been hitting the Thai-Go. Pressures are down to acceptable--but only when stress is addressed also. Hope this helps. -Marilyn Navarro
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
He has lost 90% of his sight. I believe the wife told me it is down to a pinhole. They did the surgery to relieve the pressure. Thanks for the info. -Lisa A.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Q: Has anyone had success with any particular product for glaucoma? I was diagnosed with it today. -Nolee
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I remember reading a testimony about how Thai-Go helped one woman with Glaucoma. -Marguerite
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Would we be taking about the use of Helichrysum and Thai-Go here? -Sharon Grimes
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Alan Tillotson spoke about glaucoma at an AHG symposium I went to. He is a great herbalist and works with an opthamologist. Here's what he said happens in glaucoma.

Inflammation in the blood vessels going to the eye causes debris to get into the blood. As the lymph fluid moves from the blood to form the fluid that fills the eyeball, it contains this debris. At the bottom of the eyeball is a little opening with a mesh that allows the fluid of the eye to drain back into the lymphatic system.

The debris from the inflammation gets trapped in the mess, effectively plugging up the drain. Sort of like hair getting caught in the bathtub drain. This backs up fluid into the eyeball creating pressure.

He said that you need anti-inflammatories to bring down the inflammation. Thai-Go or Perfect Eyes would certainly qualify. You also need something to relax the drain. (This is probably why pot smoking helps glaucoma, it relaxes and opens the drain reducing pressure.) I've never actually had a glaucoma patient to test which NSP products would work best to relax the drain, but Lobelia might help, especially if a lobelia tea was used as eye drops or the tincture was rubbed into the skin around (not in) they eyes. -Steven Horne
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Sea Buckthorn and the Green Tea extract in Thai-Go would contribute to the anti- inflammatory approach that Steven Horne talks about. These would add to the activity of the goji berries in it. This is another example of the synergy of our product. The general antioxidant activity of the blue berries, raspberries, and grape skins also reduce Reactive Oxygen Species, a means of inflammation, so that Thai-Go is a pretty good eye tonic. Whether it alone would be enough to reduce pressure is unknown to me.

I am ignorant of the essential oils, so I must depend on the thoughts of others. All I know is I like Helichrysum. -Richard Lund
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Eyebright and EW are excellent for eye problems. -Veronica
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