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Fat Grabbers

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 9:52 pm    Post subject: Fat Grabbers Reply with quote

Fat Grabbers

I have a client who is taking Fat Grabbers, she said that she is drinking the recommended water with them plus she drinks water all day. She does not notice that they make her feel any fuller. All she is noticing is that her bowel movements have become dryer, and harder, and have not increased. She wanted to take them to help with losing weight. She is not interested in the weight-loss program packets. Any suggestions? -Barb
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Have her do one or both of these things: Keep a water diary. In it she should write down how much and when she takes in what kind of liquid--not just water. You may find she also is drinking sodas (sodium holds water in) or diet sodas (holds water in, builds insulin resistance in the cells).

Fill two half-gallon containers with pure water. Keep one in the refrigerator, the other with her at all times. When the one gets warm or empty, take the cold one out and refill or rechill the other. By the end of the day both should be empty. If not, she is forgetting to write down her intake or she is deluding herself about her water intake. She can count the water she takes with the Fat Grabbers.

Have her show you the glass she usually drinks out of. Measure it and help her see what 8 ounces really means.

If things don't get better with two half gallon containers maybe she needs three for a while to get the crud out. Fat Grabbers serves as a very mild scrubber as well as a fat catcher--so if she is dumping junk from her colon or small intestine she will need more water to get it on out. She also needs to remember that Fat Grabbers is not an appetite suppressant and if she has been overweight for a long time or done yo-yo dieting she should consider some of these supplements (she can tell herself that they are not really diet supplements--they are designed to better use energy. GTF Chromium, AS with Gymnema (You don't have to say that AS means appetite suppressant--just tell her it is the best source of gymnema which will help her cells absorb insulin and give her more energy), Target TS-II. Find out how long she has been overweight and suggest a month for a year to straighten out her metabolism. Reevaluate regularly and really help her see the need for pure water. -Marilyn N.
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Hello, We have always coupled LBS-II with Fat Grabbers for this very reason(hard dry stools or constipation). Most persons are constipated, LBS-II helps to ensure that the trapped waste & residues are removed consistently while using Fat Grabbers. We learned this from our uplines, who always include LBS II when designing any weight management program that involves Fat Grabbers and they have been highly successful. -Yna
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Fat Grabbers are primarily used to absorb the fat that goes into the body at every meal. If you eat at a fish and chips place the meal is primarily all grease. It is very hard on the body to digest grease. The body has to stir up so much uric acid to try to digest the meal that most people end up with heart burn, because they have caused the body to stir up more than normal amounts of uric acid. The stomach's acid is so strong it can dissolve a nail. But as we get older and eat more & more greasy & fatty foods, our bodies lose their ability to stir up the acid necessary to digest the food. We continue eating more fatty meals and pretty soon you have undigested food in the colon, which can cause many more problems. This is the problem with most people today. Fat Grabbers have lecithin in them. If you buy lecithin granules at the health food store and put two tablespoons in a pot of gravy it will like magic dissolve the fat into tiny molecules, and make it disappear. Only the calories are still there. Its just that the body doesn't have to digest that fat because it is broken down. Fat Grabbers are designed so that they grab the fat (provided you take four or more capsules at every meal) in your meals and together with the intestinal herbs, flush it right out of the body. That way the body doesn't have to work so hard to digest that fat and have it go through the whole intestinal process. It completely eliminates that step in the digestion of fat for you. So the more fat you cut out of the diet, while continuing to take the Fat Grabbers, then they will begin to pull some of the existing fat from the body and dissolve it too! It is designed so that if you slip up on your diet, and eat a big greasy hamburger and french fries, the Fat Grabbers takes care of the fat for you. If you go to a relatives and they make some really fatty home cooked meal you just take some extra Fat Grabbers and the meal won't go to your hips! It's designed so you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight. -Sue B.
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Q: Won't Fat Grabbers remove the good fats such as fish oil, flaxseed oil and other essential oils from the body as well as the bad fats? -Chottsie
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Yes, that's why you should take them at a different time of the day...a few hours apart. -Nancy
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