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You Are What You Digest!

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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 11:21 am    Post subject: You Are What You Digest! Reply with quote

You Are What You Digest!

product focus call - One Healthy Minute:

ALJ Jeanne Burgess formula, boneset for break bone fevers, Fenugreek breaks up hardened mucous, dissolves tumors, good for circulation and cholesterol. Fennel= good for digestion helps mucous get out of body. Mullein= narcotic properties, calming not dangerous. Horseradish= antibiotic properties, shrinks tumors, clears up blockages.

Echinacea/Golden Seal liquid= Echinacea virus fighting, builds up immune system. Golden seal=antibiotic.

Blue Vervain= natural tranquilizer, lowers fevers, stops cols dead in tract, use with ALJ. good for worms, for nursing mothers stimulates milk production.

Garlic Oil capsules= puncture for earache, put in both ears then put cotton ball in ear. use warm water enema follow with cool water use colloidal minerals, Bifidophilus and chlorophyll for building immune system and breaking things up.

Tei Fu 0il EO= for toothache 2 drops on cotton ball on tooth little goes a long way. mix with olive oil for internal use. good for achiness and chest colds. rub around head but not eyes. use oil if near eyes to dilute

Oregano EO = 1 tbsp olive oil and 1 drop oregano fights infection internally never use without oil burns adults 3-5 drops children less. can use on soles of feet if don't want to take internally.

Distress Remedy= use to calm down after accidents, hyper, stressed out

Activated charcoal= helps to get rid of poisons, upset stomach, gas externally paste for bites and stings

Influenza homeopathic= 10 drops 1 at a time up to 4 times a day.

Viral Recovery, Sore throat/laryngitis, prevention all work use one drop at a time

VS-C= virus fighter, chicken pox, herpes, aids, shingles (also add lecithin and l-lysine)

Vita Wave mixes with Everybody's fiber, Thai Go, Flaxseed oil make smoothie with fruit=core nutrition

Flax Seed Oil very little in mashed potatoes or oatmeal so they can't taste it.

If eyes dried out look to thyroid. she uses kelp

that's about all I took notes on. Some other things mentioned but I already knew it and was multi-tasking again. -Diane Toombs
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Total Body Cleansing - Product Focus Call Notes

Steven Horne, Guest speaker

Many people are eating nutrient-depleted diets, which makes it difficult for the body to detox the chemicals. Cholesterol often rises in people to protect the body, because the chemicals are fat-soluble vs. water-soluble, and don't flush out of the body. Thus, the body has a constant state of inflammation to protect the liver, arteries, etc.

The body has two phases of detoxification:

Phase 1 Detoxification - the body gives the cells an electrical charge; Phase 2, attaches it to an amino acid, or other nutrient, etc., by which it can be flushed out of the body; often through the liver, and by way of fiber. If the person doesn't have enough fiber, the toxin often is carried back up to the liver, and the process starts all over again. In order to have the detox process working properly, you have to make sure the colon, liver, kidneys, lymph system are all healthy, and that the cells have energy to be able to detoxify the body.

Detoxification is not the answer to everything; if a person is nutritionally depleted, they must first be built up, since the detox systems require vital nutrients to work. If they donıt have those reserves, and a cleansing process is started, without the body having what it needs to finish the phase 2 process, it can create a healing crisis. One of the things we need to protect the body throughout this process is Thai Go, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, with lots of nutrients. This is why using Ultimate Green Zone will often stir up a cleansing, because the body finally has the nutrition it needs to have the nutritional reserves to carry the cleansing process through.

All Cell Detox --- cleansing formula that helps support bowel, kidney, liver and lymphatic function. First cleanse Steven did was psyllium hulls and All Cell Detox, 3x/day for a couple of months. First thing he passed was dark, ropey material, which did not come from the walls of the colon (as commonly reported), but toxic bile binding to the fiber, and then passing through the body. This is actually the liver dumping all of the toxins and carrying them out of the body. After the first few weeks, the stool became a nice, normal color (medium brown). Next, passed strings of mucus; when the colon isn't eliminating well, the lymph system becomes very congested, so when it gets cleared out, the lymph can dump into the small intestine and all of those toxins can be cleared out (also flushing through the kidneys, so be drinking lots of water!). Today he would add Thai Go and enzymes, added to a fiber blend, which helps keep the colon moving properly, allowing the toxins to be absorbed and moved out of the body.

Enviro Detox focuses more on the liver, but does have some benefits for the lymph and kidneys as a blood purifier; helps the body remove toxic material from the blood. Will add Ph. 1 & 2 of detoxification. Oregon Grape, Yellow Dock, Dandelion, will do the same thing.

Fiber is really important --- if the psyllium is too much, start with a gentler fiber, and start with just a little bit every day, and work up. Start the herbal formulas slowly, and work up, so you donıt have a cleansing crisis.

If there is constant swelling in the lymph nodes; Lymphatic Drainage is very useful for this; add some Kidney Drainage if you have fluid retention as well. Add a little bit to water and sip slowly throughout the day, and flush out the irritants.

Clean up your life ­ look at the different ways irritants may be getting into your body, and eliminate them. Cleaning products --- switch to Natureıs Fresh and Sunshine Concentrate; use natural health and beauty products; filter your water so you can drink pure water (add some sea calcium to the water and it will replenish the minerals); look at the food you are buying ­ buy all-natural foods and avoid the packaged, processed foods ­ chemicals have been added to make them addicted and cover up the preservative and artificial additives. The average person consumes 2-3 lbs. of food additives annually, which the body has to detox. Remove this stress, and your body will have more reserves.

Fats are important for detoxification; good fats help bind heavy metals and other toxins. Low-fat diets aren't working because the real problem is inflammation, and removing the fats actually creates more inflammation in the body. The more you can minimize your exposure, the more energy you will have to remove toxins from your body and stay healthy!

Q & A:

Q: Can you give a sample of a really great body cleansing program?

A: CleanStart is a good cleansing program; people with chronic diseases need a gentler, longer-term cleanse over a longer period of time. I do ³once-a-day-housekeeping² - Thai-Go in juice with fiber, 2 caps All Cell Detox, and 2 caps Proactazyme, first thing in the morning. You can do this twice a day, AM & PM. Be careful with people with bowel or autoimmune problems ­ the CleanStart program will cause a more violent cleansing reaction.

Q: Some people actually get nauseous with Clean Start ­ why?

A: When the liver dumps toxins (acid, toxic material from the gall bladder), goes into the first turn of the small intestine and irritates it, so the body tries to push it back out instead of allowing it through the rest of the intestine. Get the person used to doing fiber, first, in small amounts, and then work up to the Clean Start program. The CleanStart isnıt making them sick, it is just the body dumping toxins so quickly, that it is making them vomit to get the toxins out quickly. None of the pre-packaged cleanses have enough fiber to bind all of the toxins that are released. Start with fiber (bulk form, not capsules), and continue while taking the capsule cleanse.

Q: 4 y/o daughter gets severely swollen lymph nodes in neck when sick

A: Usually there is some constipation or kidney drainage problems, so do a little of kidney and lymph drainage formula, and have them drink lots of fluid. Do a little lymph. Drainage massage on her; take a little bit of Tei Fu oil, or massage oil with lavender/thyme/rosemary (choose one), apply to the throat, and very gently massage those lymph nodes. As long as you are taking something to get the kidneys working, the lymph will drain out through the kidneys.

Q: Good cleanse for children under 12?

A: Clean up their diet; give them some fresh apple or prune juice; make sure they are getting fiber; use liquid herbs; but they donıt generally need a harsh cleanse like an adult does. If they have skin eruptions, you can use Oregon Grape, etc. Their bodies haven't had enough time to accumulate toxins like adults do.

Q: What type of cleanse for a Type II Diabetic?

A: Fiber is really important for diabetics because it slows the release of sugars in the intestinal track, and stabilizes the bodyıs insulin levels. Focus on the glycemic index; look at the total grams of carbs, subtract the grams of fiber; if the result is higher than 7 grams of carbs, that food is going to cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. Consume good fats to help the cells' ability to overcome insulin resistance ; also chromium, vanadium, etc. Target P-14 + Sugar Reg, plus fiber, and clean out your liver, and avoid carbs that spike your blood sugar.

Q: Just started Mega Chel and my body is really dumping toxins.

A: MegaChel activates a horrific amount of cleaning in the body; if your liver is congested, your colon is not working well, or your kidneys are backed up, you may have some interesting reactions with this program. ;-) Never start on a full dose, or you will definitely have a ³cleansing crisis²! For example, if the kidneys are backed up, the toxins will start coming through the skin as a rash. Must have fiber to latch onto those toxins and carry them out of the body; must have lots of water as well. 1
2x/day first week; 2, 2x/day the second week, etc. up to full dose; stay on one month per decade of life; back off the same way. Must add minerals to this program. Help your organs to help carry all of the toxins out of the body. When the liver gets congested, especially when the body is breaking down fats, use SF or Chickweed to help get the fats moving through the liver.

Q: Client in stage 4 cancer, on paw paw program with Thai Go, and experiencing pain in the liver ­ would this be from the chemo she has been on?

A: When the liver is overwhelmed, you have to help it; take the Milk Thistle Combo and SAM-e, for example, after getting medicated at the dentist. Thai Go is not specific to the liver; do Helichrysum topically over the liver
(great for any kind of liver inflammation), and Milk Thistle internally, rather than increasing the Thai Go dosage.

Q: Diagnosed with chromium poisoning, and have been told to do a heavy detox program; have focused on detoxing through nutrition, but what would you recommend? Have had energy foot soaks suggested, would this type of aid help? I have TMJ and now a chronic sinus infection.

A: Foot soaks can be very helpful for detoxification; I always feel better when I do them. I go to a chiropractor to get them done because they make me feel so much better. You can also do your own detoxification baths. Used to have a chart which showed which minerals were antagonistic to one another (i.e., chromium and copper).

Caller: My poisoning is coming from gasoline poisoning in the air (used to work in an office next to a free way (many being falsely diagnosed with MS, Parkinsonıs etc.). When I do the foot soaks, I obviously have a lot of liver and kidney detoxing to do.

Steven: Get my Coming Clean book, or the new UT module; take Omega 3ıs and take the GTF Chromium to help the good chromium to come in and displace the bad chromium.

Q: Can you get addicted to cascara sagrada and LBS II?

A: Yes, you can become dependent on them; the problem with stimulant laxatives are stimulating the colon to work, so you are not actually fixing the underlying problem. Over time, the stimulants deplete the organ and you need more and more to get it to work properly. During a cleanse, it is okay to use these to move the toxins out; inflammation, dehydration, insufficient fiber, magnesium deficiency (relaxes muscle, important for bowel function), liver not functioning properly, etc.

Caller: 90-day cleanse calls for 90 days of cascara ­ okay to do this?

A: It works for people, so I am not going to knock it, but I prefer something gentler; All Cell Detox contains a little cascara, then you just need to add the fiber.

Q: How often should we detox?

A: Doesn't hurt to take fiber every day, and enzymes, and other basic nutrients daily; do an actual cleanse (2 weeks) twice a year. Spring and fall are good times to cleanse, as the body undergoes change (resulting in allergy problems).

Q: 9 y/o with a skin rash for 6 months, canıt figure it out. VS-C cleared it up while taking it, but when stopped, the rash came back.

A: Take the VS-C regularly for six months; it is clearing toxins out of the blood and supporting the liver and the kidneys. If the rash comes back, the toxin is still in the system. It is safe to take VS-C for six months.

Q: What about a gallbladder cleanse?

A: Can be very beneficial; I recommend fasting for a couple of days on raw apple juice (helps soften the stones and clears the colon); then mix 1/2 c. extra virgin olive oil, and 1/2 cup of lemon/grapefruit juice and take at bedtime; lemon juice helps to get the olive oil down; this drink causes the bile to flush the gall bladder and expel the gallstones. The pea-sized objects your body passes are not gallstones, that size would never be able to be passed out of the body. These are actually little pieces of soap. The acid bile hits the fat (olive oil), soponifies it and turns it into soap; the gallstones themselves are like grains of sand. Take liver products like Gall Bladder Formula and milk thistle or dandelion, or even Fat Grabbers, and that will gradually help clear the gallbladder and heal it over time.

Q: Can I use LBS II on a regular basis?

A: No, use magnesium, cellular energy, using fiber and increase water intake, to help colon get back into normal function; also add probiotics to rebuild the healthy intestinal flora.

Q: Have a temporary colostomy; can I use psyllium?

A: No, stick to liquid products such as lymph/kidney drainage; and Oregon Grape or red clover (blood purifiers). Try Everybodyıs Fiber and go with a gentler approach.

For more resources, go to to purchase Stevenıs book, Coming Clean, or to purchase the Total Body Cleansing module. -Sharon Grimes
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Sharon didn't miss much but this might help fill in the beginning.

John Terry said next product focus call Wednesday April 12th.

Steven started off by saying whole body cleansing is different than plain colon cleansing. We are all exposed to lots of chemicals in our foot, home cleaning products, cosmetics, carpets, furniture fabrics, new construction, air and water pollution. Then Sharon's notes come in.
-Diane L. Toombs
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