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Product Focus Call - Chinese Herbs

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Georgiana Duncan
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PostPosted: May Thu 10, 2007 5:59 pm    Post subject: Product Focus Call - Chinese Herbs Reply with quote

These are notes that were taken from the Product Focus Call yesterday. Thanks, Michaelene.

Chinese herbs
Presented By Kay Lubecke

Yang herbs

Chinese medicine is a proven healing method, written records from
4000 years ago.

Chinese herbalists have observed and documented for this entire
time. Western medicine has a much shorter history.

In China, only get paid if they keep people well. You go to your
doctor twice a year, he analyzes your energy with tongue and pulse
and tells you what to use to stay well throughout the year. If you
get sick, he has to treat you for free.

Chinese herbalism is not about treating diseases, specific areas of
the body or symptoms.

Instead it is about balancing the energies of the body with herbs and
natural therapies to regain health. TCM is an energy based system.
It recognizes the connection between spirit, mind and body.

Kay tries to control how many activities she tries to do and is
always under stress but since she has gotten on the yang herbs she
has had a total mindset change.

When you see references to an organ, they are centers to a particular
kind of energy and it's this energy the TCM is talking about.

14 formulas - 7 reduce excess, 7 build energy

Need to determine if a person is excess or deficient or if certain
areas of the body is excess or deficient.

Energy - Chi - Qi

Everyone has a constitution
heat dryness
excess - yang - positive
deficiency - yin - negative

Americans tend to excess. In the amount of food, how hard we work or

Chinese culture is usually deficient.

It is not only responsible for life and health but it is the vital
energy at work when you take herbs and supplements. The herbs bring
your energy into balance with their own energy. Determine where the
client is out of balance and pick remedies to bring them to balance.

Excess energy builder
Mood Elevator
Relieve depression
Sagging chi - a person with stagnant yang energy, it's all backed up
If you have a hose that has rocks and sand in it and you keep putting
water through it the water will eventually cause the hose to sag.
Sagging organs - prolapsed colon or uterus
Depression, worry and nervousness, insomnia, restless dreams,
feelings of heaviness, tightness or pain in the chest, headaches,
dizziness, neuroses

Heat dryness constitution
Inflammation from infection or other environmental irritations.
Use in any hot conditions, earaches, red eyes, sore gums or throat,
fevers, acute infections.
Fever with or without chills, headache, sore throat, gum irritations,
bleeding gums, earaches, nosebleeds, chronic inflammations, excess
irritability or excitement.

Yin and Yang - two poles on a battery
These are opposite ends of a pole, neither end is better.
Positive - excess energy
Negative - lacking in energy

Yang Yin
External Internal
Hot Cold
Excess Deficient
Acute More chronic

Metal energy has to do with the skin (Breathe Easy). Used when a
person was broken out all over her body.

Yin people always contain some Yang and vice versa.

If a person is excess, reduce or cleanse.
If a person is deficient, build.

Five Element Theory

TCM divides how energy manifests itself.

Wood - allows life to grow and spread, achieve goals, be resilient,
most Americans
Good - patience,
Bad - anger , irritability
The person who has a fairly long fuse but when they're really upset,
they will be very angry and irritable.
Liver and Gall Bladder,
Builds and stores and detoxifies the blood
Regulates digestive secretions
Menstrual flow
Balance function of internal organs
Makes Qi and fluids flow smoothly
Excess - anger, irritability, hypochondriac, gas or bloating after
eating, fat digestion, gall stones, feeling exhausted after sleep,
PMS, waking up between 1 and 3 am (the last is either excess or
deficient - 3 capsules a day to reverse the symptoms, usually works
between 3-4 nights)
Yin - Blood Build
Yang - Liver Balance - liver detoxification, digestive and nervous
system, promotes healthy female functions

warmth, light, color, vitality
good - excitement, vivacious, wear red, like to be in front of
Bad - hate, (use the word hate a lot),
Stress Relief - insomnia, reduces nervous tension, learn to say no to
things that cause stress, eases feeling of fear and insecurity
Excitement, enthusiasm and joy
If too much and don't change it, can burn out
confusion, lack of motivation, forgetfulness, muddles thinking
Yin - Nervous Fatigue, fall asleep easily but wake up at anytime
during the night and can't get back to sleep.
3-5 am waking up - use one of the metal formulas
Heart, circulation, small intestines
Warms the body, regulates the metabolism, enhances circulatory
Nervous high strung personality, someone who can't stop talking or
laughs all the time, restlessness, ADD, excess anxiety and worry,
very passionate, insomnia, talk fast, capable of multi-tasking
Radii solaris, stress rings will sow
Excess-tension headaches, easily moved to anger or tears, heart
palpitations, excess perspiration, high blood pressure, red tip on
tongue, burnout

Take in solid substances in food and transfer to tissue.
Nurturing, helpful and loyal
Yang - Anti-Gas - improves gastric function, improves elimination of
excess waste, helps with sugar cravings, eliminate gas from bowels
Spleen, stomach, building of muscles
Growth and fertility - very warm and generous people
Stressed-sympathy concern, compassion, worry, over-protective,
sMothering, hungry for others approval
coloration in the center of the eye shows earth as primary energy
Ulcers, belching or gas, bad breath or bad taste in mouth, abdominal
pain or discomfort, frequent nausea, thick coating on tongue, acid
reflux, possible fear of future

Swords and shields for defense
Defense against disease
Yang - Breathe Easy - use for grieving, reduces acute respiratory
congestion, dilates bronchioles, enhances immune response, soften
dogmatic, defensive attitudes, prevents awakening between 3-5 am (3
Yin-Lung Support between 3-5
Lungs, large intestines , mucous membranes and skin (immune response -
keep outside away from inside of body)
Bad-Grief, sadness,
Respiratory ailments relate to metal energy and sorrow and bereavement
Precise, orderly, reserved
Yin personality - talks softly, seems to lacking self-confidence
Grief, worry about losing loved ones affection, sadness, feelings
easily hurt, feel smothered by others, poor self-esteem
Congested lungs and sinuses, cough, wheezing, long-term grief or
sadness, asthma, swollen lymph, bronchitis,
Scurf ring, lymphatic rosary
White coating on tongue

Fluid and flexible in the body
Kidney Activator - removes excess water, promotes better lymphatic
drainage, helpful for frequent or scanty urination, breast
tenderness, feelings of late afternoon sluggishness, burning urination
Kidney and bladder
Bad-too much fear
Water people care calm, patient and peaceful
Fearfulness, timidity, scared yellow, wish-washy
Lack of willpower, weak-kneed, can't follow through
Water retention, kidney or bladder infections, leg, neck or shoulder
pains, prostate problems, PMS with fluid retention
Tongue, damp with white moist coating
Yellow or white overlay on eye

If have equal number of elements chosen on the brochure - choose the
negative formula

Can mix and max the positive and negative but get best results when
using all positive or all negative.

Don't take the positive and negative of a certain element type, they
will cancel each other out.

Balance the energy.

Person with tremors got on the negative products and the tremors
stopped in four days.

Diagnosed wit h fibroid tumor. Passing the tumor due to the Chinese
herbs (that's all she's doing). Ovaries taken out when she was 16 so
knew it wasn't a period. Chunks of the tumor came out over a five
day period.

80 year old man on negative package, losing eyesight. After a month,
could see the flashing lights from the optometrist again and could
see the Super Bowl after not being able to see the TV.

Have people list their symptoms first to see what would go away.

Can I take other supplement
The Chinese herbs balance energies, do not provide,
Vitamins and minerals
Digestive enzymes

Talking about the TCM formulas tonight. These are four times
stronger than the regular.

CD of call - Tape of the Week


Is it better to take the whole group at a time or take what you test
for on each organ.
Take whatever side you test for on the questionnaire or MRT per set.

How long should a person rotate the positive/negative groups
First was told to take them for three months each
Kay doesn't feel that three months can be enough. Retake the
questionnaire or re-MRT to see if there are changes.

If answers are close, use the negative first and build.

What are the effect of Liver Balance, what does it cleanse/remove
from the liver.
Not saying it cleanses anything, it balances the energy/meridian flow
to the liver so the liver can work more easily.

After doing the TCM for six months, what is the best protocol for
continuing since it usually takes it more than six months to get over
It can take more than six months - some will stay on them forever.

Can KB-C and Kidney Activator be taken together.
Don't recommend it, one's positive and one's negative so they will
cancel out.

"The size or your bonus check is a report card as to how many people
you've helped." - Kay Lubecke
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PostPosted: Jun Mon 11, 2007 12:04 pm    Post subject: TCM Mind Body Spirit Energy Link Reply with quote

I found this article really fascinating and reasonably easy to follow... it was interesting to read from a western point of view because when you read this information on the internet's general websites, they tend to be very much Traditional Chinese based... so thanks for this! Very Happy
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