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Spinal Alignment

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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 5:05 pm    Post subject: Spinal Alignment Reply with quote

Spinal Alignment

The Importance of Proper Spinal Alignment

Not with the intention of taking away any focus on Lisa's current situation but to share with others the importance of proper spinal alignment I have discovered the following based on research and witnessed evidence.

Several years ago I read an article in the American Journal of Medicine related to breast cancer. This article described the following of 17 women in England who had been diagnosed and eventually succumbed to it by death. What was interesting was that when all 17 women were autopsied they were found to have had a chronic long tern displacement of the T-3 vertebrae. This was the only consistent finding among all 17 of the women.

The information apparently stuck with me for a reason because a little over a year following (July 1997) I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I naturally refused the recommended surgery. My only point of cooperation with conventional medicine (and against their better judgment) was to consent to mammograms every four months to track tumor growth. This was a critical situation for me because I was my first breast cancer client.

I made some major changes in my diet and placed myself on a program of Shark Cartilage (12 capsules a day), enriched amino acids, high potency enzymes, and Essiac Tea (a pint of the liquid concentration a day).

The first four month mammogram showed a stabilization of tumor growth. I continued the same program.

The eighth month mark showed a 50% increase in the size of the tumor. I still refused surgery, continued my program and added daily (30-31 days a month) Progesterone Cream to my program. I did not alternate the sites but applied the full dosage to my breasts only. What is reported is true. I went from a 36 withered B to an overflowing 36 C in the following six months.

The twelfth month mark left me frustrated to say the least. The tumor had not increased in size and there were no evident marginal irregularities yet but it was still there. I suppose the frustration was what pushed me to have the recall about the article I had read some three years earlier.

My business is co-located with two very knowledgeable Chiropractor. Because of the type of work I do and a history of numerous back injuries I practiced getting regular adjustments (as many as two a day when my work load was especially heavy). I can usually tell specifically what vertebrae is out of alignment. But with full concentration I could not recall any attention having been given to the T-3 specifically. And with Chiropractors being human they can miss the obvious as well.

I went straight to my office building from the mammogram examination and flopped myself down on an adjustment table with the directive, "Check the T-3." Sure enough not only was it out of alignment but had been so for so long that it required three attempts just to move it. Well, as bones in the spine will do it had adapted to an abnormal position for so long that it had decided it wanted to remain there. I had one of the two Chiropractors putting my T-3 back into its intended position as many as three times a day for the following four months. They both declared I had lost my mind.

I went for the mammogram at the sixteenth month mark. When the technician returned to the examining room after having just developed the 8th film on my left breast and said, "The doctor wants another one taken" I grabbed the tails of my examination gown and said "Where in the hell is this doctor? Is he trying to ensure this mess by overdosing me with radiation?" She pointed to the wall dividing me from him and out I went.

I charged into the adjourning room to find the Chief Surgeon and the Chief Radiologist standing in front of a very long light box with all of my mammograms from day one to present displayed. They both had a confused expression and were both scratching their heads. Being of Scottish, Irish, German and Cherokee descent they quickly learned what it meant to encounter a Redhead with a tomahawk in her hand.

They both had me (after a bit of calming me down) begin a review of my films starting with day one. They patiently pointed out the location of the tumor in each set of films (that I had already previously seen). After having been a nurse for 10 years previously I was able to comfortably follow their direction. When we came to the current set of films I couldn't contain a grin but I remained silent to allow them to attempt to flaunt their wisdom.

The disturbed Chief Surgeon took the lead with asking, "What do you see here?" My response while still grinning was, "Nothing." Possibly confirming his confusion caused him to become even more irritated because he raised the tone of his voice with, "This is absolutely impossible. The type of tumor that was present here can under no circumstances be absorbed by the body. And if even it were possible, its consistency would have demanded it leave scar tissue in its absence. There is no evidence of a tumor and there is not one trace of scar tissue." I simply said, "Excuse me while I go dress I have clients waiting to see me." I said a special prayer of thanks for the help and for having allowed me to learn the previous information that very same day.

Since then I have had five women come to me for help who have been diagnosed with cancer of the breast. One had already lost one breast to surgery and had a reoccurrence of cancer in the second breast and was pending yet another surgery. The four remaining women were initial diagnoses ranging in stages from just having received the news to various degrees of pending surgery, radiation, and or chemo. I found all five of these women to have a T-3 displacement on their initial visit.

I bless Nature's Sunshine every day for the quality products they provide and the availability of Chiropractic services. All five of these women currently have no residual traces of cancer, four escaped eventual loss of a breast and the fifth was able to retain her remaining breast. I can't say this result would have happened with just adjustments in their diets and the supplements but I am firmly convinced that the supplements and diet got a very powerful push from the adjustment and maintenance of the T-3 vertebrae in all of these women. -Carolyn S. Conley
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More on....The Importance of Proper Spinal Alignment
Over the previous years I have been disturbed by lack of findings to validate Adult Onset Diabetes. I have always made it a point not to depend on lab tests, etc., that are brought to me by clients with conventional medicine's resulting diagnosis.

In addition to Chinese Body reading I depend heavily on Iridology and or Sclerology to give me a direction in making program recommendations. What I was finding both inconsistent and consistent in all of these previously diagnosed clients was Iridology markings indicating either nerve strain or lesions in the spine area of the iris (usually the thoracic area) and varying stages of weakness in the pancreas area of the iris (mostly usually not sufficient to warrant evolvement of diabetes).

This was a real head scratcher for me but in evidence of blood tests demonstrating high sugar levels even with insulin management I felt I had no other recourse but to set about getting the pancreas and supporting organs/systems back to as healthy a state of performance as possible. At best all I could achieve in these clients was extended periods of stabilization of blood sugar.

Six months ago I was sent another blessing. One of the Chiropractors I am co-located with informed me that one of his patients (after having discovered my business card display in the downstairs office) had expressed to him that he would like to have a meeting with me to acquire more information on the benefits of supplements and herbs. I took this person's name and phone number from the Chiropractor and made a mental note to squeeze making a courtesy call into my schedule. I did that several days later and set up an appointment for a meeting at his business location.

Well, knock my socks off. When I arrived at the location given I found this was a private service for hypobarametric chamber treatments and my contact (the head of operations) was actually Bishop (of the Roman Catholic Church) Donald Gabriel. As if that wasn't enough I quickly learned with my quizzing conversation that he co-hosts a weekly radio program with Dr. James R. Privitera, M.D.(the current top researcher in use of Olive Leaf Extract). I was impressed to say the least.

Bishop Gabriel rendered the explanation that based on the Chiropractor's strong recommendation of my experience and knowledge in natural health modalities he felt that his prayers had been answered in finding me (I am too humble for that sort of thing so I nearly passed out from embarrassment...LOL). He said he felt a need to learn more about programs that could help the people coming for him other than simply offering the services of the chamber. In my intended stupidity I asked what this chamber was and what result it was expected to provide?

Bishop Gabriel began naming off a long list of benefits that ended in reversal of gangrene, without surgical intervention, occurring in patients diagnosed with diabetes. The lights went on and bells went off in my head. He then had my full, undivided attention. I began to express my frustration in not being able to achieve the results (complete disappearance of diabetic symptoms) in those clients I had previously seen. He stopped my ramblings dead with, "Have you checked their spines?" My initial response was "Huh?" and my thought was "Is this man even listening to me?" My expression must have given me away because he continued with this explanation.

He stated he began his personal research on this subject as early as 10 years ago. He began doing an extensive history on all of the diabetic patients coming to his location for services. He found consistently that every one of them had incurred a back injury of varying degrees within the previous 3 to 5 years of diagnosis of Adult Onset Diabetes. What he then began to discover was by exposing them to a series of treatments in the chamber to reverse stages of gangrene the overall symptoms of diabetes began to diminish as well. This made sense and gave me answers when I began to put all of the pieces together.

Naturally the chamber would relieve any preexisting pressure on any nerves in the spine as well as reverse the effects of gangrene just by its intended action. Then I was able to better understand why I was seeing relatively healthy pancreases in the Iridology findings and why various levels of flaws were evidencing themselves in the spine area of the iris. The parasympathetic nervous system transmissions between the brain and the pancreas had been disrupted at the point of impact in the spinal column. If the pancreas was not getting the signal from the brain telling it what to do than it was simply doing as it pleased...hoarding insulin and driving up sugar levels. In some cases it caused itself to be ill from over exposure to its own agent (insulin) but if this was an early on diagnosis the pancreas still appeared healthy in the iris.

Chazam. I hot footed it back to the office and began contacting all of my diagnosed diabetes clients. Sure enough....all 22 of them (minus 1) admitted having received a back injury ranging in levels from "Oh, it only hurt for a few days and then went away" to "I had to have a doctor treat it" and all within 5 years prior to being diagnosed with diabetes.

Number 22 stumped me to the point that I insisted that he come into my office, at no charge, for an extensive evaluation so I could satisfy my curiosity. He did so within the week following.

I began with taking an oral history. I asked him to think carefully about what accidents, illnesses, and or injuries he had received for as far back as he could remember. He named off most of the routine childhood communicable diseases and said he had his tonsils and appendix removed. I asked about any vehicle accidents, the possibility of having stood up to soon and banging the top of his head on an open over head cabinet door, or ever having stepped off a curb or step unexpectedly? He denied everything.

Then he chose to tell me about a gasoline toxin accident he suffered three years previously. He was a Letter Carrier for the Post Office before his retirement. Part of his job was to refuel his own Mail truck at pumps provided by the Post Office. Two years before his diagnosis of diabetes he was doing just this when the gasoline pump hose unexpectedly ruptured, spilling gasoline all over him. He was standing on the platform that the pump was installed on at the time and the experience startled him to the point of causing him to loose his balance and slip off of the platform. In doing so he spun around and landed in a 90 degree angle with his entire upper back slamming down across the hood of his mail truck. BINGO.

Since the dousing from the gasoline had been much more traumatic to him and with the fact that he didn't notice any discomfort to his back while in on bed rest in the hospital for 5 days following the accident, he had given no thought to his back. I escorted him downstairs to the Chiropractor immediately and paid for an X-ray of the thoracic area of his back. Sure enough there was evidence of what had been a then healed hairline fracture to his T-5 which appeared to have occurred at the time of the accident with the gasoline.

Along with extensive supplements for both nerves and pancreas I have strongly recommended that all of my clients diagnosed with diabetes have regular Chiropractic adjusts. Those who have followed my recommendation are having fantastic responses even to the point of those having been insulin dependent no longer requiring it and their blood sugar levels are remaining within normal range simply by controlling their diet and taking their supplements.

I also rely extensively on a chart that identifies Effects of Spinal Misalignments specifically by area in the spine and effects related to symptoms and disease. I have found this to be a valuable tool in getting closer to the bottom of causes of symptoms and onset of diseases. This has led to drastically increasing the level of patients of a Chiropractor that I have full confidence and trust in achieving results. So there is a bunch of us that are happy campers in this neck of the woods.

If anyone would like a copy of my chart I would be more than happy to share. Just send me a private email and I will scan and email it back to you. My computer is totally virus free so please don't be apprehensive about its being an attachment.

I apologize to all in advance for being so gabby (long winded) but stuff like this really excites me. -Carolyn S. Conley, CNHP
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