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If Your Upline's Talking, Are You Listening?

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PostPosted: Dec Sun 17, 2006 2:07 pm    Post subject: If Your Upline's Talking, Are You Listening? Reply with quote

If Your Upline's Talking, Are You Listening?

By Crystal Ortiz

In the past couple of years of my MLM career, I can honestly say that my upline (not my sponsor...he's a dead beat) has repeated several things over and over. But honestly, it took a training by the company's President before I paid any attention to what she had been saying. After the training, I was cleaning out some old notebooks and discovered that I had written these things down several times in several places, but was not really practicing any of them. That training event was a turning point in my business.

Your upline has probably been saying these things to you all along, but I'm going to tell you what I hold to be true. Maybe, like me, you just need to hear it one more time, from a different source, before it sinks in.

1.) Love Your Products.
Love them so much that you can't shut up about them. Love them so much that you feel that other people can't live without them. All of a sudden, you aren't out "selling", you're out on a mission to improve the world! If you can't get excited about your products, then find another company and another product right away.

2.) Don't worry about how big your check is.
Your focus should be on how big your downline's checks are. By taking the focus off yourself, and helping them, your check will grow and automatically take care of itself.

3.) Have a Good ATTITUDE.
If your attitude is not great, then don't even pick up the phone. You're better off letting the voicemail answer and return the call later when your attitude is positive.

4.) Set a Goal to Recruit 10 New People Every Month.
If you only recruit 2 and those 2 do nothing, you're not moving anywhere. But if you recruit 10 and have 2 deadbeats, they won't matter, because you'll be so busy helping the other 8 get going.

5.) Master the Meetings and the Trainings.
Even if you have already attended the "orientation" or the company's trainings designed for new people, continue to go to each and every one. After 2 years, I can still fill a notebook with new things I learn at our monthly trainings. Also, make a point of taking new people with you to these trainings. I've learned to use what we call a "Distributorship Process", in which we sell the $80 Distributor Kit and the $30 Training Ticket as a package, making it clear that training is NOT an option.

6.) Duplicate Yourself.
"Teach to Teach" in all levels of your downline. Make sure that those in your organization not only understand what you're teaching them, but that they can teach it to someone else. That is where Duplication is Critical and matters most!

7.) Share Your Goals with Everyone Around You.
Let others know what you want and what you are willing to do to get it. Keep them posted in a conspicuous place so that you see them several times a day. When the phone gets heavy, and you don't think you can take another rejection, look at your goals and find the strength to keep going.

8.) Dress for Success.
This doesn't mean you have to wear a suit every day, but a neat, clean appearance is important. Make sure that people will be comfortable approaching you.

9.) Deal with Adversity.
Look at challenges as an opportunity for growth.

This one is very important, but often the hardest one to do. I always felt that no one else could get it done as well as I could by doing it myself. But, sometimes we don't understand that while we are doing a menial task, perhaps because we don't want to spend money hiring someone, we could have made twice as much money by making a sale or helping a new distributor. Figure out what you make on an hourly basis, and next time you realize that you can go out and do that menial task in 3 hours or hire someone to do it for you for $50, you'll realize how important delegating tasks is!

11.) Practice, Practice, Practice!
Evaluate and improve your performance until you master it. Tape record your conversations and listen to your mistakes. Work from a script to keep phone conversations on track. 3-way with your upline, both as a speaker and a listener.

12.) Set your goals and do what needs to be done to reach them.
Realize that some sacrifices need to be made. Break them down into 12-month, 6-month, and 90-day goals. Set up a Daily Method of Operation (D.M.O.) for achieving them. As a network marketer, you have no boss telling you what to do each day. Let your D.M.O. be your "boss", and realize that your job is to complete the tasks on your list. Be consistent with your actions each and every day.

13.) If it's something You're not good at, Hire someone who is.
Many MLMers work with a partner: one does the retailing, the other does the recruiting. In many cases it's a spouse, but I know of some very successful teams that are not married, just "joint partners in a business venture".

14.) Earn respect by keeping your word.
Your customers and distributors rely on you to keep your word. Don't make promises that you won't or may not be able to keep. I hope all of you will find these lessons valuable, and will implement them into your own business. The results will amaze you.

Crystal Ortiz is a full-time mother of 2 toddlers and Network Marketing Professional. She is also webmistress of The MLM Training Center at and publishes 2 ezines: The MLM Trainer & Mail Order Marketing To contact her, send email to Article supplied by The Gallery at
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