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Staph Infection

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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 4:59 pm    Post subject: Staph Infection Reply with quote

Staph Infection (pronounced "staff")

Can anyone give suggestions on the best herbs (internal/external) for staph infection? -Kathleen
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Oregon Grape is the herb of choice for staph. Be sure to take enough of it. I have heard people say to also use it externally, but internally will do the trick. -Georgiana

I would give a teaspoonful, twice a day to start and see where you are at. (If it starts going away or not). Gradually (by 1/4 tsp) increase or decrease as needed. Continue with a lower dosage for a month after the symptoms are gone to clear it from the system. I would do CleanStart, Dr Jack's Cleanse or Karen's Utter Sludge - one of those good, thorough cleanses also to make sure it carried out of the body. Make sure you are taking a few Acidophilus a day also on an empty stomach. -Georgiana
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My husband had 2 staph infections and this is what we did. Took about a Tbsp of Black Salve add 2 capsules of Bone/Skin poultice. Apply to infected area and cover with a band-aid. After removing bandage every day gently squeeze the area to help remove the core - once that is gone apply liquid Chlorophyll to a bandage and keep it covered at night. Leave open if possible during the day. My daughters entire household has had several of these and took weeks to get over. She doesn't listen to her mother!! Anyway my husband got over his pretty quickly with this method. -Martha Trahan
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My granddaughter, who is only 14 months old has had 3 staph infections (complete with abscesses) since she was 5 months old. Her father and his sister also get them all the time. Apparently they just started getting them in the last several years. He said that he never had a staph infection until he started working on the tugboat. Apparently his sister never has one before that either. We live on the Gulf Coast near the Texas-Louisiana border.

The doctor says she has a low resistance to staph through her genetics and there is not much we can do about it. I am looking for something to help build her resistance. Is it possible that her father and her aunt can carry staph even though they may not have broken out in sores? Of course, the baby can not be isolated from her father so I would like to find something that can help her resist these infections. She also has the occasional eczema outbreak. She got the last staph at the end of her latest eczema outbreak. Her dad also had the beginnings of a staph but the sore still looked like a mosquito bite when he left for the boat, it did not fester until after he was one the boat. I am assuming that this was the vector of disease this time. Any and all advice would be appreciated. -Jo
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Q: My 7 year old daughter recently has had infintigo, as well as a staph infection, while she has been in the care of her father. His living conditions are very unsanitary, and as her mother fighting for custody, and her return home, I am very concerned about this situation. Can you please provide me with any useful information or feedback? Allison Williams
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I am a thirty year old mother of two. My husband and I have always had skin allergies/ eczema etc. Approximately 6 weeks after my eight month old was born, I developed an infected pimple type area under my arm. Within 48 hours I became quite ill and systemic, I had to have day surgery in which they opened area, drained and let heal.. I did not have masitits, and never thought of having the fluid that was oozing out of the area cultured -- having trusted my medical processionals.. I was treated with antibiotics for ten days and it cleared up -- 6 weeks after my incident, my son (then approximately 4 months old) developed a similar lesion on his stomach, I quickly took to pediatrician, he lanced it , cleaned area, and sent us home, saying everything would be fine.. 6 hour later, my son developed high temp (103) and area swelled 5 times original size -- he was hospitalized with an unusual "cellulitis" and treated for 4 days with IV antibiotics.... again never cultured-- not seen as necessary--

four month later.. I had what I thought was a spider bite -- it became infected on knee, I went to see my primary care physician -- treated with antibiotics and it cleared up

Two weeks after my "spider bite" my husband noticed a small pimple on hand, within three days it swelled 5 times original size, oozing, hot to the touch, was rushed to day surgery-- where we asked for a culture-- came up positive for staph---

Could I be a carrier of the infection -- if so -- how to prevent from my children getting it, and reoccurrence!! We have had enough!! Thanks. -amhollo
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There are some common sense things to do to get rid of staph infections. Everyone must wash their hands thoroughly all the time. Don't come into contact with each other's open wounds. Use tea tree oil in the tub and in your laundry. Wash your clothes in hot water.

Shame on your doctors for not getting the infection cultured! Usually when a staph infection is diagnosed, all of the family members are treated at the same time, as it is very contagious and yes, it CAN be passed back and forth, just like candida can! It is a common cause of skin infections, and manifests itself with things like impetigo, boils, infected hair follicles, etc. It is really serious and can cause such things as blood infections (which then make the staph infection systemic), infected heart valves, lymph, & bones; styes; and deep abbesses (commonly seen in nursing homes as "pressure sores"). Gloves should be worn when cleansing the wound; in a hospital setting, the infected person would be isolated.

The most common bacteria that causes staph is common among both children and adults, and guess where it is commonly found? In the nose! So, sneezes, nose wiping with back of hand, nose picking, etc. all can cause it to spread very easily. The problem comes when the germs are introduced into an open wound.

Obviously the antibiotics you have been taking have not gotten to the root of the problem. If anything, they have weakened your body's ability to ward off the staph germs -- as I said, just about all of us carry around the bacteria in our noses!

So, I would recommend that all of you take Colloidal Silver for 5-7 days, and when done with that, all of you need to be on Bif. Flora Force every day! This will help boost your body's immune system.

The other thing I would recommend is the new Thai-Go, which has some really powerful immune properties. This should also give you a great boost toward total wellness!! Hope this helps! -Sharon Grimes
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Q: How much of the Tea Tree oil are you suppose to use in the tub and laundry. We are having major problems with staph right now and am willing to try anything to get rid of them because doctors sure are doing anything to help prevent it. Thanks! -Tabitha
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There is more to it than just the Tea Tree Oil in the laundry. . . altho that could help. Pay attention to Sharon's entire post -- ie, how it is spread in the family. Oregon Grape, stock #3395-9 is specific for staph. Be sure that anyone with symptoms takes enough of it. IF you have had antibiotics, be sure to be taking one of the probiotics on page 5 of the price list. MUST reestablish your good bacteria. . . And lastly, but NOT least -- You might want to put some Tea Tree Oil in your hand soap and make sure everyone in the family washes hands constantly. Most likely is that you are passing it from your hands. It probably started with one of the children at school or merely playing outside. Staph is in the dirt. Once started is difficult to get rid of. . . . (as you have found). Let us know how you do. Be sure to attack from the inside also -- the Oregon Grape. -Georgiana
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Q: Can stress have anything to do with getting staph infections? -Morgan
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I think stress is a factor in contacting any infection, however the underlying factor is a weak or compromised immune system. A healthily immune system can with stand stress and not get sick. -S.Nesky
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How do you get a staph infection? I went to my doctor 2 weeks ago with a headache, he put me on antibiotics saying a had a sinus infection, next day my eye was swollen, then a scab on the side of my nose, then my nose was swelling and then my nose was covered in sores and swollen, went to urgent care and they say it is a staph infection gave me a shot and antibiotics. Is it contagious? And how long. -Bonnie Hellner
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Staph is commonly in dirt and carried on fingers. . . . It spreads SO easily. The best thing for staph that I've ever heard of is NSP Liquid Oregon Grape. It is SPECIFIC for staph. Do muscle test amounts as you made need more than the bottle recommendation.

I'm not sure of the stress angle, but stress weakens your immune system, so it stands to reason that it sure wouldn't help. -Georgiana
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My husband pier fishes all the time and several of the other men have had staph infections. What could be causing this and how can he keep from coming in contact with one, besides not fishing because that isn't going to happen. Thanks. -Susan Blythe
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A staph infection can only be transmitted person to person through an open wound, as it is spread through the blood. Perhaps their hands are being punctured by the fish hooks, and then if their blood intermingles, it can spread, just like any other blood-borned disease. If he keeps to himself, he should be all right! Keep his immune system well boosted! And the rest of the men should keep any open wounds well bandaged. Hope this info helps. -Sharon Grimes
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It has been 4 days since I was striper fishing. The left side of my jaw is very swollen. My doctor advise that it was staph infection or shingles. I am also experiencing body cramps. I am taking antibiotics. -Bill Lyon
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Georgiana mentions in the info I have on file, that Oregon Grape Liquid is specific for staph and should be used in large doses. She suggests starting with 1 1/2 tsp, 3 times daily, decreasing daily. She also mentions putting on tea tree oil or oregano oil to keep it from spreading and to dry it up faster. As far as shingles, the protocol I have for this is VS-C internally and topically. Peppermint and Lobelia can be used topically along with the VS-C and Nutri-Calm internally along with the VS-C. Hope this helps. -Gina
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Aloha, just saw your message (and others) about what is being diagnosed as staph from fishing experiences. Have you ever really LOOKED into a fishing tackle box?? NASTY! My son-in-law used to have an immune response of some kind after fishing. My daughter and I made him start carrying and using "Handi Wipes" after digging thru his tackle box (instead of just handling his face). He's had no problems since. Consider trying not fishing :-) -Marte Kliesh
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Many of the people in my house are becoming infected with staph infection. One of us has a huge boil on the neck I would like to know if anyone has any helpful information on how to relive some of the pain, and how to treat it, and keep it from spreading. -Alice Shaw
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My boyfriend and I actually recently went through this. We went to the hospital because of a very painful boil under his arm. We simply thought that it was a bug bite or a spider bight he might have got while in the process of moving after the hurricanes. When we went in there they decided to drain this boil they ran tests and before we knew it they were admitting him in to the hospital. The next day a surgeon came in and revealed that they would be preparing him for surgery. Now this has been 6 weeks ago and he just got news today that he will be able to return to work Monday. This is a serious condition, you must get seen by the dr. and force them to give you the strongest antibiotics possible. It will spread from person to person esp. if you are like many other people who find a bump on your skin and pick it. This will only allow staph to spread. Wash your sheets daily and if you don't already put sheets on your couch. If they boil leaks any fluid it can spread to the next person to come in its path. Now I was fortunate enough that surgery was not necessary, it was on my face (how it got there I will never know) so I noticed it right away. When they do surgery, they will not stitch it up you must pack it with gauze 2x's a day until almost completely healed. So you and your family do your self a favor stay as clean as humanly possible and see a Dr. -Maria
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Staph is implicated there. Yes, it does spread easily. Children often get it just from playing in the dirt. . .

Believe it or not Nature's Sunshine has an answer to staph. Oregon Grape Liquid is specific for staph. If you use it in fairly large doses -- it will almost clear up before your very eyes. I would suggest starting with 1 1/2 teaspoon, 3 times daily to start decreasing daily. Put Tea Tree Oil on the lesions topically to dry them up ASAP. The Tea Tree Oil (or Oregano Oil) will not get rid of the staph -- it will just lessen how fast it spreads by drying it up.

This protocol will actually clear it up faster than antibiotics. -Georgiana
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Root cause of Staph Infection?

What causes a staph infection and why does it keep recurring? -Amy Lovett
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I do not know the real cause but know it is so easy to catch. Many die of it! Our immune systems are so compromised in this age due to dead foods and much pollution. In fact I now firmly believe it is the cause of what is known as "BRONCHIACTISIS". An auntie of mine had it for near on 70 years. When I get a bout of it as there are always people willing to share what they have by coughing over one, I sound just like my auntie did. I believe it is because so many around you have it to varying degrees and others [eg nurses] are carriers. hospitals are full of it and if you have contact with someone who has been in hospital you are a sitting duck!

My first known case of staph was a lady who got it from a scratch off a bucket as she was weeding the garden! That took me so long to find out why nothing seemed to clear up the infection! Months in fact until I read a message in a herb magazine about Staph and Oregon Grape being a good cure for it.

I decided that perhaps she had Staph and tried Oregon Grape! The result being after many many months her wound cleaned up!

My next dealing with Staph was when my husband had his last BIG accident. I thought, after hearing so much about staph, good he will not be having an operation so he will not get it!!! GREENHORN ME!!!!! When he came home I had to give him a mixture of over 200 herbs daily for him to improve! If he left 30 behind he was worse the next day! He noticed that himself so he plowed through that quantity and steadily improved! Eventually cutting back the amounts. Must admit I cut him back by a quarter and he got worse again, so I decreased them much more slowly after that.

After 4 weeks sleeping in the same bed I suddenly went FLAT. That is when I woke up! To the fact he had STAPH! I had to quickly find a remedy for me as I could not work with people if I had that Infection. I discovered Golden Seal in very large doses would clear it up. Much later I discovered that High Potency GARLIC would too but again in large doses. I could not give either to my husband as he was Hypoglycemic!! And yes these two herbs would further knock the stuffing out of him! We did not have Oregon Grape those days. We had had it but due to such low sales it had been discontinued.. -Valerie
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Staph is a bacteria that is present in our environment, and skin most all the time. When you get a cut and break the skin, the infection can get into the body. When you cut yourself shaving and a pimple develops this is usually caused by staph. To help prevent staph from entering your body wash hands regularly, shower daily, and treat all cuts with an antibiotic ointment like Golden Salve. If you have a staph infection in the sinus, or internally, Colloidal Silver is said to be effective against staph. You need to take it 3 times daily for 7-10 days, if you only take it on and off or stop early the infection can come back and may become resistant to the silver. You also need to strengthen your immune system with Defense Maintenance, extra zinc and vitamin C, and herbs like Echinacea, VS-C, or astragalus.

It was brought to my attention that research shows that there are no known bacteria or viruses that have become resistant to Colloidal Silver because silver kills the microbe in a different way than other antibiotics: According to the medical journals from around the world, colloidal silver disables the particular enzyme that all one-celled bacteria, fungi and viruses use for their metabolism. It mingles with the blood and enters the cells to seek out and destroy harmful organisms. It suffocates them in six minutes or less after initial contact. So in regard to that it would not matter if you only used the silver for a few days, however, the dose of the silver and the duration of use would matter on how effectively you killed off all the bacteria. -V. Greguire
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The root cause is a Gram-positive cocci bacteria.

My 2 yr had a staph infection around her anus about 3 months ago - now she has another staph infection - same place. I was able to clear up the 1st one using Colloidal Silver internally, Oregon Grape, Liquid Chlorophyll and I swabbed her with Colloidal Silver then applied Golden Salve with Lavender EO. (Oh by the way - her pediatrician told me I would not be able to get rid of this staph using natural products!!) My question is...What is the root cause of staph infections? Why does she have another infection? Thanks in advance. -Lisa Seidl
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Staphylococcal aureus bacteria are classified as Gram-positive cocci based on their appearance under a microscope. They may occur singly or grouped in pairs, short chains or grape-like clusters. They are usually facultative anaerobes, that is, they are capable of surviving at various levels of oxygenation, and are generally very hardy organisms. They are only able to invade via broken skin or mucous membranes, hence intact skin is an excellent human defense. Once they have invaded they have various ways to avoid host defenses. Basically they can Hide their antigens to avoid an immune response. Kill infection-fighting cells (phagocytes). Survive within host infection-fighting cells. Develop resistance to antibiotics. Release toxins (intoxication) - these do not require the presence of live bacteria to have an effect.

Sometimes it is a result of an underlying illness which increases the risk of Staphylococcal infection. These include:

Poorly controlled diabetes Kidney failure, especially those on dialysis Blood disorders such as leukemia and lymphoma Malnutrition Low serum iron Alcoholism Intravenous drug users Medication with systemic steroids, retinoids, cytotoxics or immunosuppressives Severe atopic dermatitis Immunoglobulin M deficiency Chronic granumomatous disease Chediak-Higashi syndrome Job's and Wiskott Aldrich syndromes (associations of severe Staphylococcal infection with eczema, raised immunoglobulin E and abnormal white cell function)

It can be tough to fight especially due to widespread antibiotic resistance, it is better to prevent staphylococcal infections where possible.

If it were my child this is what I would do. First I'd see a MD, and then I would want to treat it naturally if at all possible.

Treating the underlying skin disease (e.g. atopic eczema) The most effective way to fight this is to wash hands before touching broken skin. You said that it was in the rectum area which is the most common place for a child that sits on a dirty floor where this bacteria must have been lurking. If the skin was irritated or chapped, or open from a sore rash the bacteria has a entry point. The point is it got in to the system via entry portal of broken integrity. However, if the infections is systemic it may need a course of antibiotics. For my child I would continue the internal colloidal silver if it were me even after there is no sign of external infection.

It is also important to clear bacteria colonising the nostrils and under the fingernails with either antibiotic ointment (eg. fucidin or mupirocin) or petroleum jelly several times daily for one week of each month. For a natural remedy I suggest taking colloidal silver, Lavender EO and petroleum jelly and swabing the inside of her nose and mouth, and rectum. Soak finger nails in it. Clean your house throughly especially the floors if she sits on them. Make sure you keep the area infected which is the rectum clean and dry and use your silver directly on it mixed in a petroleum. You can use it with lavender EO. You need to wash hand throughly every time, like scrub them. You want to build the immune system also with nutrients. Maybe you should change all of her linens, wash in silver to. If diapers are use change frequently use ones that absorb the best.

If it were me what i would do is swab mouth with silver alone. ;0) and then nostrils with petroleum, silver, lavender EO solution as said in previous message, and soak finger nail in silver, and apply the ointment solution. -Dee
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I work at a state prison in which 36 known cases have been confirmed as an employee we were never informed now after some of us have showed concern due to our recent exposure memos have come out we all have children and other family members that we have put at risk. however the numbers are growing at a rapid rate . first the infection spread due to a tattoo gun now they say its from the laundry in which our warden has determined it was cheaper to wash clothes in cold rather than hot water . since my employment feels our safety is not of much value what can I do. -Ashton
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For what I've heard about staph infections there are certain types that can come back my son has what they call MRSA staph which is resistant to the normal meds and can keep coming back to get rid of staph find out what type of staph she has you should be able to get more info on if it will keep appearing or not and be careful because some kinds of staph can be fatal..... -Tweetie
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My sister has been in hospital for the last week. she has gone thru a battery of blood test, MRI, biopsy and is now running a high fever, has some swelling in brain and around her spinal cord. this has baffled the team of doctors. l-st night they said she might have a staph infection, she is still have sever back spasms, i need to know how someone could get staph infections..thank you. -Starla
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There has been a lot of discussions about STAPH (pronounced "staff") infections this week on the forum! Please see my 7/29 posts re: staph throughout the whole family.

To answer your question, how can someone get a staph infection:

"Staph" is short for staphylococcus aureus bacteria. This is a very common bacterium that many people have in their body all the time - most often in the nose, or on the skin. When it enters the human body, usually through an open cut or break in the skin, it can cause infection and trouble anywhere in the body. Staph infections tend to be pus-producing, so that is a key way of knowing when an infected wound now has become a staph infection. Staph infections can also manifest themselves as impetigo, infected hair follicles, boils, etc. -Sharon Grimes
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Georgiana mentioned taking 1 tsp of Oregon Grape,. 2X per day for staph. Does she mean 2 tsp of tincture in hot water or 2 tsp of dry herb. Would appreciate more specifics, like what brand and where to get it. I have been fighting a 2 month battle with staph. with 4 or 5 large boils on rear end one large one on calf with hole in leg and oozing finally healing slowly with Colloidal Silver and forty little pimples with areolas resolving pretty well, . 4 to 5 weeks with fever and unable to work. Did homeopathy and Echinacea tincture internally and my energy is back and I feel pretty good but small red spots slow to resolve here and there. and NOW I HAVE SPREAD IT INTO MY EYES......both eyes have white pimple in corner of eye lid. EYE LID IS SWOLLEN and they touch the eye -this is scaring me. Don't want to succumb to antibiotics now , just when my own immune system is kicking in, but don't want my eye to get infected. Thanks. -Donna
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Oregon Grape is a liquid you can take w/o putting in water. I would take more than 2 t. & you can also use the Colloidal Silver in the eye to help it heal. -Dew
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Q: I have panniculitis in an area on the front of both of my legs below the knees, which I received from a bad fall a few years ago, when my high heels hit a nail that had worked loose on the porch, leaving my legs hanging between the steps and the rest of me face down on the cement below. As a result, I have some decreased blood flow to these two areas on the front of both legs. This past July, I got a Staph and Strep infection on my right leg in this area. With the temperatures soaring in Florida, improvement was no easy task. I cannot begin to tell you how many rounds of antibiotic I had to take in order to finally clear this up by the first week in December!! I did, at least know to take Acidophilus pills along with all this medication, although I am not very knowledgeable about Holistic Health.

This past weekend we were finishing our move from Florida to South Carolina, when I got a scratch on my right leg adjacent to the area which was the battleground for the Staph infection. I have been so busy, I did not pay much attention at the time. But two days ago, my leg started to hurt and I looked down to see the scratched area was red with a slight yellow drainage. Well, that was enough to send warning signals though my brain.

I am not going to the doctor with this, as I have had enough antibiotics and do not want to take any more. This is what caused me to start searching for a better way. I saw a statement on the forum that said, "The best thing for Staph is NSP Liquid Oregon Grape. It is specific for Staph." I kept reading, and saw another reference to this product and they said to start with 1-1/2 tsp. three times a day, decrease daily. But they did not say how much to decrease it daily?? I finally figured out that NSP referred to Nature Sunshine Products and began to make phone calls. The man at the health food store where I ran out to buy this product last night, told me to take it in water. I also read on the forum that Tea Tree Oil is good to put on an area like this, to help dry it up. I bought this also, and the man said to mix a couple drops of this with about a dimes worth of Aloe Gel, as applying the Tea Tree Oil straight might burn the skin. So far, this is all I know to do. But I must admit that my scratch does not hurt this morning, so it must be helping and with just one treatment of rubbing in the Aloe/Tea Tree Oil mixture before bed last night, I did not see any more of the yellow drainage.

Liquid Oregon Grape
1. Do you agree that the Liquid Oregon Grape is the best thing for Staph?
2. If so, where can I get it cheaper than $20.00 for a 2 ounce bottle?
3. What amount would you recommend taking, how often, and if in water, then how much water?
4. How long would I need to take this product?

Tea Tree Oil
1. Do you agree that rubbing on the Tea Tree Oil and Aloe gel combination is good for
drying up any secretions?
2. If so, is a dimes worth of the gel about the right amount to mix with 2 drops of the
Tea Tree Oil? What is the recipe?

Do you know of any natural cure for this skin condition? All the doctors have to offer is: "Use a good moisturizer on the skin and live with it!!"

Thinking Long Term
1. Is it possible that Staph bacteria could be lying dormant somewhere?
2. Would it be good to boost my immune system with something?

Thank you for any help you can give me with these questions. I sure need some answers. -Gail Cheshire
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Staph is prevalent in dirt (soil) . . . Easy to catch. I would suggest you build up with Immune Stimulator (NSP product), Lymph Gland Cleanse, at least 4 of NSP's probiotics first thing in the AM and a good bowel cleanse.

A good way to start is the NSP Habit-of-Health 90-Day Challenge! It's a good basic program to start on your way back to health.

Yes, I always suggest Oregon Grape Liquid for Staph. For you, I would suggest 2 tsp of the Oregon Grape Liquid, 3 times daily, 4 NSP Probiotic Eleven, once daily on an empty stomach.

As far as taking the Oregon Grape in water -- that is a personal preference. It won't make any difference whether you take it straight or in water. I would like to say that you will drop down to 1 tsp, 3 times daily after 2 or 3 days. You will then have to reevaluate how much you need after that.

I've not seen the NSP Tea Tree Oil cause an irritation, but it's certainly not a bad idea to mix it with a couple drops of the NSP Aloe Vera Gel.

I'm not familiar with Panniculitis. I am hoping that someone else may read your post and be able to help you. I can only suggest that the basic program I suggested, MAY prove to be helpful for this also. I'm a firm believer in starting with the basics and then reevaluating your situation.

I hope this helps you get started. BTW. With your first purchase, you will qualify to be a member, getting the direct cost. -Georgiana

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Gail, I commend you for researching this out on your own!!! Bravo! I am glad that you have realized it is time to stop treating the symptoms and get to the root of the problem.

Georgiana has given you some excellent advice. I want to encourage you to focus on cleaning out your intestinal system, as that is where staph and strep take hold. In addition to taking the Oregon Grape and Probiotics, I would recommend drinking at lest a quart of Pau d'Arco tea which will benefit both your bowels and your immune system. Externally, mix the Tea Tree Oil in a base of Nature's Fresh (liquid enzymes) and spray that on; you could also treat with colloidal silver, a natural antibiotic without all of the nasty side effects.

Diet wise - stay away from anything that contains sugar or flour for at least 4-6 weeks, since staph/streph love to feed on those types of foods! Eat alkaline foods - think green! Our delicious liquid chlorophyll also makes a great beverage to help you balance your pH and give your body its best defense against the invaders you are trying to kick.

I wish you lived in my neck of the woods, I would also stick your feet in my energy foot spa to help you kick out those toxins!

I am very sorry that the man you sought out from which to purchase your NSP supplements did not tell you about the member's benefit of wholesale price. Please do sign up and became a part of our wonderful NSP family, and save up to 45% on all of your purchases!! -Sharon Grimes
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You may also want to look at NSP's Guardian....essential oil.....I use it as an "antibacterial/fungal" mixed with either aloe or with Herbal Trim.

Definitely doing something internally to build your immune system too and probiotics to support the good flora in your intestines. -Robin S.
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Q: My husband started having problems with a staph infection about a year and a half ago. He started getting abscesses. Every 2-3 months he would get a very painful abscess. After being in and out of the doctors office and getting them lanced every time. One month he got one right below is nose by his lip. That one got so bad that he was in the hospital for a week. After surgery they found out that he had mrsa staph infection. That was causing all this. We recently had a baby. My son is 6 months old now and a week ago he got what looked like a pimple in his crotch area. At first the doctor didn't think anything of it but it got infected in about 3 days and the doctor and to open it up and get the puss out. I just took him back today and he put him on medicine because over the weekend he got another pimple this time on his leg. The doctor has been having me give my son a bath in Hibicleanse at lease twice a day. And also putting a cream on the sores and in his nose. The doctor told me to have my husband and I to put the cream in our nose every day and to was ourselves in the Hibicleanse daily. Is there anything I can do to stop these outbreaks for both my husband and my son? -Brandy
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I have clients use BP-X and Oregon Grape Liquid, and then use Tea Tree Oil to clean EVERYTHING, including added to every load of wash. Use hot water and a hot dryer as much as possible to launder everything. Be especially careful to clean the tub, toilet (and handle), door knobs, sink handles --- places where everyone touches.

Please, please, please remember that while external cleanliness is crucial, you must cleanse the blood itself and boost the body's internal immune defenses to get of staph infections once and for all! Otherwise they will simply keep recurring. -Sharon Grimes
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