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Strep Throat

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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 4:14 pm    Post subject: Strep Throat Reply with quote

Strep Throat

My son-in-law just returned from doctors office where he tested negative on the strep test, but they said he had all the symptoms and prescribed antibiotics. He only has 3 more days of a special school at work . they have an 8 mo. old son which he helps take care of when he is not at work. He was told to stay away from the baby and work for 3 days. My daughter is just starting to listen to me about herbal solutions. -Becki
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I work with people everyday and have found that with this sore throat problem we need to look at the lymphatics. Actually my daughter just had a sore throat and I got rid of it in a day by putting her ** Lymphomax. -Virginia
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I used Olive Leaf Extract for my daughter's first bout with Strep. It went away but came back. The worked when she stayed on it for a long period of time. -Eilleen
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My mother and I attended convention in Utah she came down with strep like symptoms. I placed her on Oregon Grape extract. by late afternoon she was feeling better and by morning all symptoms were gone. -Dwayne
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My husband has been having pain in the throat near the root of the throat and has tried various remedies. We're not sure if it is just a sore throat or possibly strep. It could also be exposure to an irritant from his job, but none the less, it is sore. Does anyone have any suggestions of remedies that have worked for them self or their family. Thanks. -Sharon
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Be aggressive the first day or two. This is what I did for my son. VS-C 3-4 capsules every 4 hours or if bad enough you can even take 3 capsules every 2 hours. Ultimate Echinacea or Echinacea/Golden Seal 4 times a day Defense Shield packets take 1 packet 3 times a day If your on Antibiotics take Bifidophilus 3, 3 times a day. Several choices for the throat are, 1 drop of Tei Fu Oil in your mouth several times a day and rub Tei Fu Oil or Lotion on your throat and under your nose. Will help clear your breathing and sore throat. If you have Oregano Oil rub that on your throat several times a day. OR Tea Tree oil in mouth and topically. Gargle with any of these three products or Apple Cider Vinegar as often as possible. I also like squirting Licorice Root Extract into my throat to soothe soreness. Do not eat anything with sugar or milk in it, it will deplete your immune system more. Depending on what your have around for products, Olive Leaf Extract, Oregon Grape, Colostrum all will work. I would increase dosages though. -Dorie
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Try putting a drop of Tei Fu Oil on the back of his tongue every few hours and see if that helps. He could also gargle with some Colloidal Silver in a small amount of warm water, and see if there is an improvement. -Sharon Grimes
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I began to do the following just about 6 weeks ago and I began to tell my customers to try the same.

As soon as a sore throat, stuffy nose or flu like symptoms begin to appear, place 2 drops of colloidal silver in each ear. Do this 2 to 3 times a day. This compliments any other supplement the person may take for the problem (i.e. Blue Vervain, Elderberry, Zinc Lozenges...etc.). I tell you the success I have had with adding the ear drops of Colloidal Silver is great. The problem subsides even faster.

My customers that have tried it have told me the same thing.

I highly suggest your husband try this as well as take the blue vervain (1 ml every 2 hours) for the strep until he begins to feel relief. Then he can lower the Blue Vervain to 2x a day. Best wishes. -Lourdes Martinez
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As mentioned, the Colloidal Silver works wonders! I snort it up my nose as symptoms come on and as I drink up the teaspoonful with my nostrils and lay back, I feel the fluid travel up my nasal passage and down into the back of my throat --where the post nasal drip causes so much pain!! at first it hurts, and then relieves the pain like nothing else!! I do it up to 3 times a day if needed--with in a day's time, the symptoms are gone. also, tea tree oil is great too!! I dip a cotton swab into the oil and dab it up my nose and in my ears. both work wondrously!!! -Julie
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Also for strep or infection in general: Olive Leaf and Oregon Grape. -Gina
- - - - - - - - - -
Everything that has been mentioned sounds great! All I can add to their recommendations is to be sure to TAKE ENOUGH!!

I would add T/R Vitamin to bowel tolerance. Sometimes if you already have strep, this can amount to 10 or 20,000 mgs AT ONCE.

I have to say, I LOVE using the Tei Fu down the throat also Sharon. It's something you can carry around and is good for relief from a multitude of symptoms. Once years ago I offered it to a lady who was coughing something fierce at a shower I was attending. She tapped a couple drops down her throat and broke up the whole shower raving about it. Turns out she was having an asthma attack -- she claimed the Tei Fu down her throat worked better than her inhaler. -Georgiana
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Q: A friends 5yr old continues to get strep throat aprox every 45-60days. The Dr. put's her on antibiotics, but continues to come back. Anything special to look for that could be causing this? Mother is getting tired of the medications. Thanks. -Cory
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This child is on a vicious cycle and it will continue due to the antibiotics. They have killed all of the friendly flora that helps maintain and build up the immune system. The word antibiotic means anti-life. While they are needed in some cases, mostly they are over-prescribed in epidemic proportions. If this child were mine, I would put her on Flora Force Bifidophilus trying 1 a day for two weeks then switching to the children's chewable Bifidophilus for maintenance. I would give her Oregon Grape to help ward off strep and build up the immune system along with Ultimate Echinacea. I would also have her on the Children's chewable Vitamin & Minerals. -Nancy
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Get him on Colloidal Silver. Lots of it. Bifidophilus, Echinacea. No sugar. Have your pets cultured, they can be carriers of strep. My 16 year old son overcame a serious strep throat with 1 teaspoon colloidal silver every 1-2 hours, Echinacea, Vitamin C. Homeopathic "Prevention". -Allison
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Q: Every winter I come down with strep throat no matter how many vitamins or herbs I take. I still get it. Any suggestions on how to rid of this problem. -Sherry
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Would like to know what supplements you do take to help defeat it. Do you cleanse the body often? Do any detoxing? Would like to suggest staying away from dairy products. especially while battling this problem. Not sure what you have tried already but anything with anti viral properties such as VS-C or Una de Gato would be great for it. Cleansing colon, liver and lymphatic system is very important here. Also have used Oregon Grape with great success for many people including myself and my family. I always suggest muscle testing. If you have the means find out what is really causing these continuous infections. Ask what your body needs to cleanse this virus out and what your immune system needs to rebuild. Still would like to know what you have already tried might be more helpful with suggesting a specific program for you to try. -Stacey Brown
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That must be annoying knowing this is going to happen. I have clients who used to experience this starting in September. I had them take packets a day of CCA Relief. Oregon Grape times daily bifidophillus and artemesia comb according to dr hulda clark parasites often turn viruses and other invaders loose in the body either use the pendulum or muscle energy testing to determine how long to keep up this regimen by the way you can do this now. -Dalean
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Hi Sherry, In addition to the excellent advice already given I would use Colloidal Silver and Capsicum Extract at the first little scratchiness in my throat, I gargle a little with them one at a time then swallow works like a charm. -Nancy
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All of the above responses are great but I know of one thing that cured my dad when he had scarlet fever and after that every year at least once he had a strep throat. My parents at that time did not belive in herbs. I helped change their minds after I grew up. For twenty years he suffered then one day he brought home a dishwasher . No more strep throats. What I learned from that is that we have to be very clean and kids washing dishes just aren't clean enough. So when I was in a foreign country I learned that after the dishes are washed pour a large kettle of boiling water over them and do not dry with a towel. Then all the little bugs and the kids hands don't get recycled to the adults. They can still wash the dishes. The grown up at hand is the one who pours the scalding water so if you have a dishwasher when school starts be sure to have it heat the water. Air dry is ok if no one is sick. If you don't then make that a final rinse with very hot scalding water after the dishes are all in the rack. If you can't get to all the dishes invest in a second rack that you can nestle in the first for putting away. You also might want to start taking Echincea in August and continue for two months. Sounds to me like the school season is your worst season. -Marilyn Navarro
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Q: What might I be able to suggest to a person who has come down with strep throat for the first time in her life. She is 38 years of age. I thought of suggesting things to build the immune system along with a salt water gargle. Any ideas? Thanks! -Linda
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Streptococcus is a bacteria not a virus. Try Pau D'Arco capsules. Take 6 every hour for 6 hours then 3 three times a day for 14 days. I find it very effective. -Suzanne
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This I know personally. Pre-NSP years, I used to get strep regularly. One of my children followed my trend. I was so pleased when I could get rid of it with supplements faster than with an antibiotic.

I would say muscle test, but too many people put their own mental limitation into their muscle testing. (i.e., if they don't like taking many "pills", they will only test for, say 5 instead of the 12 that they may actually need).

I would say no less than 10, possibly up to 20 or more "Timed Release Vitamin C". It would probably be safe to say an equal number of Vitamin A & D. This is all at once. If you use Ultimate Echinacea, you may be able to cut back somewhat. Lymph Gland Cleanse, approximately 4, every couple hours. I would have them take very large quantities of Milk Free Acidophilus. When you have strep it's difficult to swallow these things, but it can be done. The Lymph Gland Cleanse and A & D can be taken liquified. The Acidophilus can be inserted rectally. That only leaves the C to get down. You could take the powder in liquid form, but I have found the Timed Release to hit the Strep much more effectively.

I would dribble GoldenSeal/Echinacea directly down the throat (slowly) for some immediate pain relief. Even gargle it.

You learn to take these things immediately on the first twinge to prevent getting it. Have not had strep now for nearly 20 years. -Georgiana
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I suggest making a throat spray using a small spray bottle filled 3/4 with pure water; add a little vodka or grain alcohol to help disperse a few drops of oregano oil. This works fast. - Laura Russell
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