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Asthma - Child

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PostPosted: Dec Sun 17, 2006 10:27 am    Post subject: Asthma - Child Reply with quote

Asthma - Child

Hello, my six-year-old daughter is experiencing a lot of troubles with her asthma and a friend of my suggested I post a question about her case on this board. She has had asthma symptoms since 18 mos. of age, although she wasn't diagnosed with it until she was 3 years old. Since then, we have been to several doctors including a pulmanologist. She is currently on 6 medications (including albuterol) because she is in the midst of a flare-up. Just when we think we have it under control, she experiences a flare-up and has to be put on prednisone (which causes many side-effects). She is also taking weekly allergy shots as her doctor said her allergies are to the point where they are not responding (well enough) to the maximum dose of allergy meds. She is currently taking Flonase, Advair, and Zyrtec on a daily basis. Right now she is also using prednisone and albuterol as well as a decongestant/expectorant. I have tried some homeopathic remedies as well as omitting some foods from her diet (primarily dairy), but with no luck. Each time I have tried weaning her from one or more of the medications, she gets worse than before. I know these medications are damaging to her immune system, but I am afraid for her to go off any of them, as she has been hospitalized twice. I'd appreciate any input. Also, I'd love information on any doctors in southeast Michigan (preferably near Ann Arbor)who combine allopathic and homeopathic remedies. Thanks! -Dawn
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Blue Vervain, as with so many other of the herbal remedies dates back in time of those to ancient times. The root was used for malaria and dysentery in China, they used the stalk and leaves for blood conditions and helping to cleanse out body toxins. Blue Vervain was used as a cure all and by some as being a sacred plant. It was used to save lives during medieval plagues.

The leaves of the Blue Vervain were used to make a tea by the American Indians as a female tonic. They also used it for colds fevers and complaints of bowel problems. In liquid form, Blue Vervain s given to small children to help relieve colds, fevers and minor ailments. Blue Vervain has a calming, relaxing effect on the system which aids in breaking down obstructions and with a stimulating effect helps to expel waste from the

* Blue Vervain can be helpful as part of a liver cleanse when there is inflammation and jaundice.

* Blue Vervain is a quieting herb that helps calm coughing and is a natural tranquilizer.

* Blue Vervain is a mild laxative, causes perspiration and has the over-all effect of inducing relaxation.

* Blue Vervain has the ability to alleviate fevers, settle stomachs and produce an overall feeling of well being.

* Blue Vervain is one of the best herbs to use to help alleviate the onset of a cold, especially with upper respiratory inflammation of the lungs.

* Blue Vervain will aid in expelling phlegm from the throat and chest.

* Blue Vervain is helpful at expelling worms and often works where other remedies fail.

ADENOIDS (NOSE DROPS) ,Ague ( malaria), ASTHMA, BLADDER, BOWELS, BRONCHITIS, Catarrh, CIRCULATION (POOR), COLDS, COLON, CONGESTION (GENERAL), Constipation, CONSUMPTION, CONVULSIONS, COUGHS, CROUP, CYSTIC FIBROSIS, DIARRHEA, Dysentery, Earaches, Epilepsy, Eyes (tonic), FATIGUE, FEVERS, Female troubles, FLU, Gallstones, Headaches (nervous), Hysteria, INDIGESTION, INSOMNIA, Kidneys, Laxative, LIVER (TOXIC), LUNG CONGESTION, Measles, Menstruation painful/ irregular), Mucous, NERVOUS DISORDERS, Pain, Paralysis, PLAGUE, Pneumonia, SEIZURES, Skin diseases, Smoking, Sores, SORE THROATS, Spleen, Stomach troubles (settles), SWELLING WHOOPING COUGH, WORMS................

I am a customer of LeRae McBroom's since 1998. My son was back and forth to doctors with nasty lingering coughs, respiratory infections, etc. I used every antibiotic prescription that the doctors shoved in my hand, and nothing worked for very long. I used Blue Vervain from Nature's Sunshine for about a month straight, and my son became increasingly better quickly, he was flushing out alot of "junk" at first with bowel movements, then he started breathing fine, with no respiratory problems or runny noses. IT WORKS! I was leary at first but now I make sure I keep my cupboard stocked with at least one bottle all the time. I have even used it myself if I feel a chest cold or cough coming on. Trust me...your child WILL get used to the different taste of this herbal remedy. I will never go back to using antibiotics for every little cough or cold again. Give it a try, you'll be amazed! Be blessed & healed the natural way! Pam Pugliese -LeRae McBroom
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Ok, I'm a little bit slow. I've only been a NSP Manager for 25 or so years. BUT, I've never used Blue Vervain. Someone GAVE me a load of it from Enrich - I tried it -- it did nothing for me, I gave it to my daughters -- did nothing for them. It was worth exactly what I paid for it -- NOTHING.. . . But, as a result I never used it from NSP. (Ah ha, you say -- what's in a brand name?? If it's NSP - a lot)

Well, I was watching my youngest grandson Saturday. He had bronchitis, so couldn't go to a birthday party with the other kids. I listened to the poor little guy, went over to my office trailer, and picked up a few things. . . . . . CCA With Yerba Santa, Lobelia, AND Blue Vervain. He's been getting the CCA and the Lobelia - but still had this snotty nose and phlegm chest.

He's 21 months old. I gave him a dropper and a half of the Blue Vervain, and a dropper of the others too. WITHIN minutes -- NO runny nose, NO cough. Well, I wasn't sure what did it. So, I called my daughter. She said she's been giving him LOTS of the CCA with Yerba Santa and the Lobelia -- the other kids got better, but he didn't. I have him a dropperful every 2 hours. My daughter took it home with her -- the little guy has NO runny nose, no cough. IF she hears a little rattle -- she doses him again. For all practical purposes -- HE IS WELL!!

God bless you all that raved about this product. I probably NEVER would have tried it if I hadn't heard it right here on the forum!!!!! I'm ordering 10 tomorrow!!!! I don't EVER want to be without it in stock. I'm just thankful that it was on the shelf.

. . . I certainly never recommended it to anybody before -- BUT I will now!!!!!! Thanks to those of you that fought to keep this product. -Georgiana
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You need to find someone who

a) has worked with childhood asthma before and
b) knows how to do Jimmy Scott's SET for allergy reversal.

You can, with a trained practitioner, get rid of allergies and minimize intolerance. I have 2 moderately asthmatic children and have worked with lots more. We have gotten children off inhalers with SET. My children have never used inhalers thanks to SET and herbs! -Judith Cobb
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Q: I am working with a family of 3 children ages 18 months to 9 years all with asthma and on inhalers such as Flovent, Albuterol, Claritin. Wondered a about CCA w/Yerba Santa, if this would be an interaction with the inhalers. Also how much to give at a time. Thanks for the help. -Janice McComb
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I LOVE AL-J liquid!!!!! My son started with Asthma and was on 2 different kinds of inhalers when he was 6 or 7 yrs. I used the AL-J every 2 hrs or sooner if he needed it. He is now 15 and still uses AL-J liq. He takes it in his back pack when he plays sports, fishes, etc.. if he feels any tightening of his lungs he just opens his bottle and gives it a squeeze as he needs it. I do not have to tell him to use it, even when he was younger he ran around with his own bottle and used it as needed. He has not had an inhaler since he started on this product. I tell anyone who will listen or who asks what he is using at his sporting events. And have helped LOTS of other kids too. -Edith Timberman
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Q: My grandchild has Asthma. He gets these dry coughing attacks. What do you suggest as a preventative and also to give relief once he has an attack.
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I too suffered from asthma once. I was diagnosed in 98 and told the type of asthma I had would only get progressively worse with age. I came home from a four-day hospital stay after a severe attack and I threw the inhaler in the trash. I refused to take anything that would make my body react in violent shaking not to mention I was four months pregnant at the time. The doctors still insisted I take the commonly prescribed medicine. I went to my herbalist. The first thing I did which was hard for me was to get off of all dairy products. No more milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, etc. This reduces the mucus levels in the body. I now drink soy milk and use all other soy products. I take ALJ religiously. Also I increased my water intake. I have found that water is the key. I can't stress enough how important the water is. If I feel an asthma attack coming on I can stop it by drinking glass after glass of water. I do admit I splurge from time to time and have a slice of cheese on a salad or in a meal, but I keep it as an exception not the norm. After all of this I have had zero asthma attacks. When I was doing the water and ALJ but still eating dairy, I had four attacks two small ones and two large ones. This isn't something that will work over night though. It will take the body a little time to respond and the longer you stick with it the more beneficial the results. I hope this helps. -Paola Collum
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Have you checked out for Magnesium? In the area that I live (South Florida) I see a lot of children and adults lacking in Magnesium. Sometimes the asthma is coming from the colon. -Gwen
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Hello, After I was hospitalized for 5 days for asthma, I knew I had to do something to prevent it. I had two inhalers and was subject to anaphalatic attacks, so also carried a shot kit with adrenaline. It takes time to control asthmal, so you might need the inhalers in between. for children use Grapine w/protectors for at least a year or two at maximum dose which is 1 mg. for every pound of body weight. Use Children's Bifidophilus or have dose adult Bifidophilus (mix in juice or?) 1,000 citrus bioflavinoids. Of course, follow the rules to get rid of any triggers such as house dust, including dust mites, animal hair, etc. Food additives especially artificial colors. That's it for now. I have not had asthma for 7-8 years and if I do get a slight wheeze I just use Asthma Homeopathic. -Jennifer Weiss, N.D.
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