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Baby - Dry Chapped Skin

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 11:04 pm    Post subject: Baby - Dry Chapped Skin Reply with quote

Baby - Dry Chapped Skin

Hi, what would be good to use on a 1 week old baby for very dry chapped skin? Also, I know the importance of Omega 3's and wondered if they should be given to an infant and how much to give. The mother is feeding the baby formula which I know is certainly not the best. Thanks. -Kaye
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First, talk to the mother about changing formulas. Many on the market are just glorified coffee creamers... (read the labels). Best thing to do is Tofu Moo Natural and Mix Flax Oil, liquid multi, Black Walnut or dulse for iodine.......
As for her dry skin I would give the baby flax oil ( 10 drops - 3 times) and dulse. Rub olive oil on the baby. -Lora :-)
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Topically, I was thinking of virgin coconut oil, which you can also give internally, perhaps 1/2 tsp per bottle. -Carol Matz
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Get the baby on goat's milk - that is the next best thing to Mother's milk - and we see it clear up most of our customers baby's skin issues within days
Soy milk is not adequate as a baby formula
Oils are important for baby's also - we put flax oil or omega oil/dha oil in my son's milk when he was a baby. -Kasara D'Elene
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I know the best kind of goat milk would be raw, fresh milk but we do not have access to that kind. Would it be ok to buy the goat milk from Whole Foods? How much oil did you put in each bottle of milk? Thanks. -Kaye
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I just grab the flax bottle and do a small squirt in the bottle - I still give it to my son in his beverages - he likes them better with the flax oil.
We didn't have access to the raw at the time my son was young, so we just used the goat milk either fresh or powdered and that is fine. The whole foods brand is most likely the same. -Kasara D'Elene
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This is the newborn precursor to eczema. It almost won't matter what you're feeding baby if the liver doesn't get support. Into each bottle of whatever baby is eating - Catnip & Fennel, some sort of Omega 3/6 blend, Oregon Grape. Watch the baby for asthma. If he/she develops a cold within the first 2 - 3months then asthma is probably setting up -Judith Cobb
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Q: Does anyone know if Tea Tree Oil can be used on babies with dry skin??? Around 6 months old. Is it safe? Does it work? If not, does anyone have any ideas of what does work? Thanks. -Christina
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Hmmm, NO, I don't think I'd use Tea Tree Oil as a lubricating product. What I think I would do is to make sure the infant has plenty of pure water -- and IF the baby is not breast fed, give the child Evening Primrose Oil. It has the gamma linolenic acid that a baby normally receives in breast milk. IF you want to put something in their bath water also -- you might put a few drops of the NSP Massage Oil. I LOVE it in my bath water -- it make my skin feel SO good!! I am just assuming it would be fine for a baby. -Georgiana
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I would try the Massage Oil. It is wonderful and will actually feed the skin. If mom is breast feeding have her do more Omega 3. -Beth
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Did this baby begin to manifest skin problems at about 3-4 months? If it did...I would consider that the baby may be having issues with the vaccinations.

My youngest child began to have skin problems at 3 months (redness, dryness, cracking of skin). I finally, after 2 years of trying to get the skin problem under control (it got worse in time) with various supplements, found Enviro-detox and spraying Nature's fresh on her skin to reverse her skin irritations and itching.

Her skin is now 95% normal.

My suspicions are that it goes back to the vaccinations.

I would suggest trying the homeopathic Detoxification(just 5 drops 2x a day for 5 on and 2 days off) and spraying with the Nature's Fresh morning and evening. It seems to help neutralize what toxins are surfacing on the skin and it softens the skin.

If no change in 15 days. Then this may not be helpful, but if slight improvement begins, continue the regiment. I hope this is helpful. -Lourdes Martinez
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Tea Tree Oil should be safe and may help.

Here's an article that you should read on healing very dry skin in babies: -Shana
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