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Sun Fungus

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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 4:08 pm    Post subject: Sun Fungus Reply with quote

Sun Fungus

Greetings and thank-you for providing such a fine service, the forum not only provides a variety of wisdom and experience but it also unites us into a unique body of health advocates drawing upon each others skills. When I am asked about an unusual health condition I feel very confident in turning to all of you. A friend recently asked me if I had ever heard of "Sun Fungus?" He relates: "I have several white dots on my body and someone said it is sun fungus and a way to treat it is with Selson Blue. I did try that but did it did not get rid of it. Do you know anything I can take for it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. -Jewel
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I checked on-line to see what "Sun Fungus" is and found that it's called "tinea versicolor" and is caused by a fungus which is a type of yeast that is naturally found on the skin but gets out of control due to sun, humidity and sweat. I would try Yeast/fungal detox internally and tea tree oil externally and see if that doesn't work. -Michele
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Michele, you are right on guessing this condition is sun/humidity/sweat related, as this person lives in Florida. I doubted it was vitiligo because the spots are more like small white freckles. I have passed along your suggestion about the Yeast/Fungal Detox and Tea Tree and am very confident this will address the problem. your insight and quick response is greatly appreciated! -Jewel
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I have a severe case of this. It really seemed to get the worst at a time in the winter when I was working out more and no I can't get rid of it. It only thrives on dead skin cells on the surface layer so internal yeast/fungal detox and others seem to have no effect.

It also thrives in any oil medium that comes in lotions and they use olive oil to culture it in the lab. The best thing I have tried is Pau 'd Arco liquid extract combined with vodka, NF, lavender, patchouli, cedarwood, and other antifungal essential oils and placed in a sprayer bottle.

Must be used all over front and back of trunk, neck, and upper arms where fungus is most often seen 3-4 times a day and skin must be thoroughly sprayed to control spreading. The alcohol helps it to evaporate on the skin and I usually rub it in too. But it is very staining and takes about 10 minutes to thoroughly cover and rub in to all the hard to reach areas. So it is hard to maintain a regimen for very long. The life cycle is a month long so one must continue this for at least one month, while taking other measures. Dry skin brushing, lymph detox, and careful handling of towels and clothing you may have used. It is not contagious, but the person who is treating a flare-up can spread it on themselves by re-using linens, clothes, etc.

Certain individuals are predisposed genetically to tinea versicolor and once they initially show symptoms, vigilance is needed to prevent recurrence. Sports bras are my downfall, they always seem to aggravate it just when I think it is under control.

I am very fond of summer, sleeveless shirts, and being active outdoors, but I am now limited because it looks so bad everyone asks me what happened and sun screens are a nightmare because they have some moisturizer in them and create more problems. The best thing I have is the spray used heavily while out in the sun in sparse clothing on less humid days, like at the beach where the breeze keeps sweat from staying on my skin. The sun seems to dry the spray on and with the heat activate the ingredients so it kills the active fungus and over a few days a tan fills in the white areas as the fungus dies. Not exactly good as far as skin cancer goes...that is when I guzzle Thai Go! As soon as I am back to normal life though I sweat in my clothing and the fungus restarts in a week or two.

This all cropped up about two years ago in my first few months of cleansing and I blamed it on going too fast. However, after a year of building and trying external methods only; it is still a problem. A nightmare really. I am very frustrated in a way, but glad that NSP has the resources for me to make a workable treatment. Root cause however remains elusive, as I have cleansed or built all obvious areas to no avail.

My worry is that I need to stay cool or dry all the time and with my love of yoga and pilates, and being outdoors, staying cool or sweat free is impossible. In fact I am not a profuse sweater. I tend to get really flushed and warm all over before any sweat comes which may be the issue. The heat, not the humidity!! Hope this helps. -Jessica
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Root cause... internal fungus... Root cause... mercury or other metal poisoning.

This is what happened to mom. If the person has mercury (silver) fillings, getting them removed is very important as they are always killing off the good bacteria, which is why the acidophilus helped the one person on here.

My moms started when she was about 30 and would go away, return, etc. By age 45 it was year round, but only in the areas of the so-called heat or sweat... bra line, underarms, etc. By age 50 it ALL over her entire trunk ALL the time. She tried everything (medical at first, including the Selsen) and it would sometimes work, sometimes not. Antifungal herbs topically like tea tree or black walnut would sometimes help, sometimes not.

Then we started doing Suddenly Slender mineral wraps and what do you know... the rash would disappear. This makes no sense because the wrap is wet, and fungals like wet... Hmm. Got us to thinking that maybe her body was missing something and thus could not keep the skin 'tough enough' to resist the fungus or something on this order. (We hadn't yet heard of biological terrain.)

But she had to get wrapped 2-3x week to keep it under control and even then it still wasn't gone in the armpit, groin, etc. Then the company came out with a lotion containing the minerals... Yummy, this gave her a daily application of the minerals. Hooray! Success. Until she ran out. Wow, then it wax back within 2-3 days with a vengeance! She also was taking large amounts of EFAs internally, mostly flax oil 2T daily and could also tell when she ran out of it within 2-3 days although the symptoms were not related to skin.

Hmmm. We thought now this is strange to miss minerals THAT quickly, something HAS to be robbing them from your body and that something msut be something you are exposed to daily. Soon after, we learned of heavy metal toxicity and she had her fillings replaced. The skin rash disappeared and has not returned. That's been 4 years ago.

Lesson learned: Most recurring fungal issues have a root cause and it's not always just poor diet. (Mom hadn't eaten sugar(s) for 6 years!!)

NSP topical product ideas from the lessons:

Make spray with Nature's Fresh & Colloidal Minerals to apply daily. Follow with Pau D ĎArco Lotion & Tea tree oil if you like lotions.

OR Mix Herbal Trim, Colloidal Minerals, Lavender, Tea Tree and Nature's Fresh all together to apply daily.

The minerals are KEY as well as removing metal toxicity.

On the genetic comment... I started taking Thai Go and have begun with this exact SAME rash this year, which some have said the Thai-Go will push it to the surface if you have it. I have never had fillings, but have had other symptoms of mercury exposure and/or yeast issues, so am applying the same wisdom I just passed on. :-) -Desiree
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I too, have this condition. Got it for the first time at the age of 40 from using a tanning bed in preparation for a vacation south during the winter. My dermatologist prescribed econazole nitrate; brand name: Spectazole. Stop the potions and lotions and go the doctor and get some of this cream. It will clear up in a couple of weeks. My problem is, I currently have a fare up and I have the cream but the breakout is in the middle of my back and I'm not as limber as I used to be and can't reach all affected areas. I haven't had a problem in over 5 years, but I moved to FL and now I seem to be more susceptible to it. I was hoping to find this medication available in a spray and as an OTC. However, it isn't available OTC or in a spray. While I was researching I found this site so I thought I'd stick my 2 cents worth in. -Cheri
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Born and raised in the "Sunshine State." This is a very common problem with us natives that love the great outdoors. The easiest and most simple remedy is to purchase a bottle of SELSUN BLUE SHAMPOO...WASH YOU HAIR WITH IT FOR A PERIOD OF 2-3 WEEKS. For more severe cases gently rub onto the affected area as if it were lotion or just use it as a shampoo for a week or so longer. IT WORKS!!! -Valerie
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We have this condition a lot here in the Caribbean. Locally it is called Lata. You get the spots because where the yeast covers the skin it does not get darker.

Yeast fungal Detox and Pau d ĎArco lotion have worked well together. -Nadine
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I have had to deal with tinea versicolor most of my life. I have tried everything from selenium sulfide lotions to pills and nothing ever worked that well. A few months ago I started taking acidophilus pills, which help with digestion. coincidentally this cleared up my rash. I have tried a few different brands of acidophilus and I have found that only "Solgar" brand works. They are a little more expensive than other brands, but they work. There are no side effects since acidophilus is a naturally occurring bacteria found in yogurt. I have no more spots or itchiness. -Dave
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