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Supplements - Number of

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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 4:03 pm    Post subject: Supplements - Number of Reply with quote

Supplements - Number of

What is the maximum number of supplements one should take at any time? Is there a maximum. I know that if you take too many that you can become light-headed or even dizzy. Any input would be appreciated. -Andrew
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I would say no more than 5-10. The basics are very important which include the following: (1.) Digestive enzyme (2.) Essential fatty acids (e.g. Omega 3) (3.) Probiotic (4.) Minerals (e.g. Colloidal or Mineral Chi) (5.) Fiber Source More people are way more lacking in minerals than vitamins. Then you can add to these 5 things, possibly 1-2 more supplements to specifically work on an area(or body system) of concern (e.g. liver, glandular, respiratory, etc.) Hope this helps. -Gina
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I agree with Gina. My main reason is that you don't know what's doing what if you take too many. I like to start people with basics, Digestion, Elimination, Multi and Probiotics . . . and then reevaluate in a month to see where they are at . . . . Adding in what is necessary to correct existing issues. I also would rather see people taking fewer individual supplements, but MORE of them. Ie, make sure you take enough of whatever to get the job done.

Some supplements you start high and gradually decrease -- some you start low and gradually increase.

I don't know about getting dizzy from too many supplements tho -- I've been a manager for 25 years and have taken LOTS of supplements and never gotten dizzy from them. -Georgiana
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Q: I sat with my herbs this morning and the usual container of yogurt I need to get them all down and just couldn't face it anymore. My upline has muscle tested me for so many herbs and supplements, I am taking close to 35 per meal. This can't be "normal", can it? Do others of you take that many? I'm so sick of them; it makes me want to gag. I am taking things for nerves, cleansing, immune to ward off illness, sleep, stronger nails, etc., etc., etc. I can't believe I lived a very healthy life for 25 years and now I have to take so many things to maintain that health or fix what few problems I have. I'm beginning to think that we muscle test for a LOT more than we really need. Surely there are either liquids to mix up to cover most everything or some kind of scaled down program I can live with. Right now, I feel like just using up what I have and taking a multiple. Do any others of you feel this same way or do you have a solution I can work with? Please? -Annie
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I know exactly what you mean. I am relatively new to this business of herbs. We inherited it from my husbands mom. I am learning so much about the herbs and find I need so much!! I take LBS II, VS-C, Nutri Calm, Super Supplement, Skeletal Strength, Magnesium, X-Action for Women, Flash Ease, L-Lysine, Milk Thistle, Stress Relief (Chinese), Food Enzymes, my doctor prescribed stuff I take for migraines and high cholesterol and at night I take Herbal Sleep and rub on Pro-G-Yam. I take the recommended dosage, so that is 2-4 of each of these morning and night. I drink them down in 4 handfuls with water. I sometimes wonder the same thing. I haven't done muscle testing; I have just started taking things out of need but I had to prioritize my intake of supplements. In other words...I have to take the LBS II or I don't eliminate properly!! I am taking the VS-C and the L-Lysine for 6 months - 8 a day hopefully to get rid of genital herpes. I take Herbal Sleep to be able to sleep the short amount of time I get to sleep. (I have to get up at 3:30 to go to a job). I'm taking it because I need it and I know it helps.

VS-C is a great combo herb and builds your immune system. There are others that target certain things, like Flash Ease...for my hot flashes.

I am not sure exactly what all your problems are, but if I were you, I would look into the Daily 7 program. With Daily 7, you are cleaning out your body and getting it healthy and maybe that is all you need. You can find out more information about the Daily 7 by going to and I think there is information here on the forum or in the FAQ's...I'm not positive.

I hope I have been helpful and been an encouragement to you. Jodi and Teresa of Daily 7 will be able to get you REALLY healthy and help you more. -Patsy Secrist
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Another way to do this is...

Put all the products you tested for in your lap and test strength. Then start taking them out if you go weak then you need it in your program and if you are still strong then leave it out.

Do this to each and everyone and you can eliminate how many you are taking. But you must put them all in your lap together. -LeRae
- - - - - - - - - -
These are too many! If you ever want to learn how to use herbs and vitamins more wisely and in a more common sense manner...I advise you to purchase Stephen Hornes course entitled "The ABC+D Approach to Natural Healing". I believe one of our sponsors "Herb Allure" carries this course. I and others agree it is an excellent course and has very helpful information on all herbs NSP sells.

A=Activate (1 product) B=Build (2 products) C=Cleanse may not need everyday (1 product) D=Direct aid, for specific ailment (1-3 products)

In essence a maintenance herbal program that most everyone should be on is 1) digestive enzymes (if HCL acid is low then food enzymes) there is quite an array NSP offers. These are called activator supplements. 2) building or tonic supplements like colloidal minerals or mineral chi tonic which cover your 60+ trace mineral needs and super supplemental for major vitamins and minerals. 3)cleanse - when needed or appropriate; to be taken at a separate time from "building" supplements 4) this fourth level enters the picture if there is a specific ailment that one is working on...i.e. I.B.S., Respiratory problem, High blood pressure, fibroid tumors...etc The key here is that the body system with the highest need is dealt with first. The course teaches you how to identify this.

So lets say someone scores very high in having in digestive problems, and they also have reproductive problems (scoring 2nd) and glandular problems (scoring 3rd). The idea is to give direct aid to the problem that scores the highest, because it could be very possible that once the problem that demands the most attention begins to get the aid it needs to recover, some of other symptoms unrelated to this body system may also begin to get better. Once the highest scoring body system begins to be under control then you can tackle the next one...and so on?

So truly, if you are on a maintenance program for overall health plus focusing on a key specific at a time, you should only have 4-7 products that you take per day. Does this make sense?

Best wishes and don't give up on your intention for long term health just get more educated on how to approach it. Also, I was once told that if ever I didn't feel like taking my supplements to skip that a day or two. It is better to do it with the right attitude and gratitude than not to be in the right state of mind.

Contact me directly if you want to review the form used to analyze each body system and help you identify a more specific course of action and yes, much more scaled down. Best regards. -Lourdes Martinez
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I do understand how you feel. My mother was fighting cancer way before we had the Paw Paw program and she would call me crying and say "I just can't swallow one more capsule, they make me throw up."

It's very hard to decide what to do in this case. My thoughts are to take the multiple vitamin and mineral supplement you like best (all nsp of course!), an essential fatty acid, food enzymes, a probiotic and 1 other of the most important to you at this time. I sometimes rotate the products I need one bottle at a time.

Another option is to make yourself shakes with Nutri-Burn, Healthy Orange Blast, SynerProTein, Tofu Moo, etc and open the capsules in there. My grandfather had a stroke that makes it difficult to swallow at all, impossible to swallow pills. He opens his capsules into syrup & water and gets them down that way. (Beware of caps with capsicum in them - will make your throat burn and maybe choking.)

There are liquid extracts available from NSP, a liquid & chewable vitamin formula for kids, and if nsp doesn't offer it, there are recipes to make the extracts. You could try working on some of your health problems with essential oils/aromatherapy. Larissa's book has lots of recipes that deal with health issues.

Hope this helps you. If you are having this hard of a time, perhaps its best if you back off for a while regardless of what your health challenges are to give yourself a rest. -Mandy
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Well that sounds like a lot!! there is something called the health chain, it means that if you mt for so many supplements you may begin with the weakest body system and then the next then the next and so on and so on... even when one takes the Herb Specialist Course they suggest we only take 2 to 3 supplements at a time to support 1 body system at a time. try to figure out what is your weakest body system to start, or just follow the chain: digestive, intestinal, circulatory, nervous, immune, respiratory, urinary, glandular, structural. When I started taking herbs, I started with the basics ABC then D focusing on one body system at a time!! hope this helps! -Veronica Villanueva
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