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Yeast Infection

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PostPosted: Dec Thu 14, 2006 11:52 am    Post subject: Yeast Infection Reply with quote

Yeast Infection

(Also See: Candida Messages)

Without any symptoms I found out I have a yeast infection. I am trying to see the ingredients for Nature's Sunshine Candida Homeopathic remedy. Also wanted to know if a yeast infection is contagious and if my partner has one what can he take to help him. Also, does Nature's Sunshine carry vaginal suppositories. Also can a Tree Tea Oil douche help alleviate any symptoms or kill the infection and how would you apply or dilute. Any information would really help me. -Claudia
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Yes, if you have it typically you and your partner pass it back and forth. You both need to do the candida diet. It's not just for the women, men don't get the symptoms as woman. Doesn't mean it's not harmful to them. You can address the symptoms but without doing the whole program you will keep losing an uphill battle. You can make a vaginal bolus and or douche using Bergamot, Chamomile, Geranium, Lavender, Tea Tree and Sweet Thyme. Olive Leaf Extract, Caprylimune, Caprylic Acid, Pau D' Arco Candida Homeopathic, Flora Force Bifidophilus and the candida diet will all help along with the bolus douche. Nancy
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If you are a candida sufferer and you are if you have a yeast infection there are foods you must eliminate from your diet. These foods include all sugar, carbohydrates becomes sugar and fruit for two to four weeks this fungus unfriendly bacteria called candida albicans feeds on sugar and yeast starve it.

Everyone has some unfriendly bacteria living in their intestinal tract it's usually kept at bay by the friendly bacteria. However, antibiotics and birth control pills kill the friendly bacteria and then the bad guys take over. These bad guys, if not dealt with, will tear down your immune system. Many of us in this natural health field believe this will lead to many other serious diseases including but not limited to chronic fatigue syndrome. You need to boost the friendly bacteria and boot out the unfriendly. Use Bifidophilus to build the necessary friendly bacteria. Destroy the unfriendly bacteria with Caprylic Acid, Caprylimune, Candida Homeopathic. The proper diet is essential. This yeast infection as well as nail fungus, athlete's foot and jock itch are all of the same fungus family and can be passed within a family. Do not laundry underwear of the sufferer with that of children in the family. It's passed in this manner as well as with sexual contact. Parasites worms usually love this unfriendly environment in the intestinal tract. I usually suggest that my clients suffering with candida albicans take several of the Para Cleanses to rid the body of these unfriendly invaders as well I believe that everyone needs to do a series of parasite cleanses at least once a year. Fall is a great time to do it even though there are no noticeable symptoms. Look at the tongue - if the tongue is coated white I'd suggest going on the candida diet and using the NSP products. A blue eyed person with a white covering over the iris is probably a candida sufferer as well. Hope this helps. -Dr Sandy Taylor, ND
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Q: For the past 14 months, I have been suffering with a Chronic Yeast Infection. First of all, let me start with this: I have been on several antibiotics since childhood. About 15 or 20 years ago, I started having stomach problems and was diagnosed with IBS. Soon after the birth of my 1st child (8 yrs ago), I was having chronic bladder infections. I saw a urologist who told me that my urethra was too small, sediment was getting into it and causing these infections. I had a procedure to widen my urethra as a child and he (the urologist) did not feel that it was a good idea to have another procedure because I would have problems with bladder leakage. Anyway, he instructed me to take an antibiotic every time before I had intercourse. I did this for a few years and then my infections seemed to cease.

14 months ago, after the birth of my 3rd child, I began having problems with yeast infections, bladder infections and staff infections in my nose. I was put on several rounds of antibiotics which would temporally help. I seem to have the bladder and staff infections under control; but the yeast infection is horrible. My OBGYN has prescribed almost everything on the market and I have had no RELIEF! He wanted to put me on put me on 200 MG of Nizorl for 6 months and instructed that I return to have blood work done every 2 months to check my kidney and liver function. This scared me and that is when I started to look into the natural approach. I was referred to a NSP Manager who is also an iridologist. That was about 6 weeks ago. She put me on a strict Candida Diet(which I have followed pretty strictly) She also suggested I take the following, which I have: Super Algae, COQ10, Herbal Pumpkin, Artemisia, Intestinal Soothe and Build, Stress Pack, Kava, Kava, Master Gland, Yeast/Fungal Detox, Caprylic Acid, Dandelion, and Kidney Drainage. I have also been douching with water, Lavender Oil and Bergamot Oil after reading a testimony on this forum.

Last week I visited my OBGYN for an annual pap and I again tested for yeast. He wants to check me for diabetes because he said that a chronic yeast infection can be a sign of diabetes.

I have never had a yeast infection this bad. It has been a long time since I have had a pair of DRY underwear. I have a constant, irritating discharge. Since I have been douching, I have gotten much relief; but if I miss a day, the discharge returns. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP! I also have a constant mucus buildup on my throat causing me to constantly clear my throat. I initially thought it was due to sugar allergies; but I haven't had any sugar for 6 weeks and the mucus is still there. Can this be related to the YEAST Buildup also. I was also told by my NSP Manager that IBS can also be a symptom of Candida. -Brooksie Hebert
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Something that worked for a client was Olive Leaf Extract. The book named that has several examples of people with your same symptoms. Because of die off you must take Psyllium Hulls to help absorb toxins, start with two a day, increasing daily until you are taking at least six daily. Two weeks minimum on that dosage of six is necessary. Bifidophilus is an important supplement and a capsule opened in a small (2 Tablespoons)amount of boiled water(cooled), is very soothing as a douche since the discharge is quite irritating. Wearing a pad saturated with this water and Bifidophilus is beneficial. Nature's Fresh sprayed topically is healing as well as relieving. Olive Leaf Extract has been an amazing product for this particular yeast problem. Hope it works for you. Order more than one bottle so you take it continually and for several weeks. When you think you have the problem beat continue to take for several weeks. Also, bleach all underwear, towels, that come in contact. I suggest that husbands be treated as well, as you can reinfect yourself if your husband has been exposed as well. Bleaching or soaking in bleach is more important than you think. -Neva Russell
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Staph is something that's usually spread by bacteria carried/picked up with your hands, then you touch wherever and transfer the bacteria there. NSP Oregon Grape Liquid Herb is specific for Staff.

You MUST do bowel cleansing while you are trying to rid your body of the yeast and bacterial infections. Read the various cleanses on the FAQ page also. . . . Very important.

I read an article the other day suggesting that chronic bladder infections can also be an indicator of food allergies.
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It has been determined that individuals that experience frequent symptoms of urinary infections may, in fact, be suffering from food allergies or in tolerances. To determine if you have a urinary tract infection, it is now possible to do a home test using test strips which you can purchase from your pharmacist. If the test strips do not show bacteria, you may be suffering from food allergies.

To determine if you have food allergies or intolerance, eliminate all occurrences of one food at a time. Be sure to read labels on all foods you eat and check with the pharmacist on ingredients that may be in your prescriptions as well. Once that food has been successfully eliminated for one to two weeks, reintroduce the food into the diet and observe the effects on the body. If symptoms reoccur, then food allergies are likely the cause. If they do not, eliminate a different food and repeat the process until you have either discovered the offending food (there may be more than one) or you have determined that food allergies are not to blame. It is important to note that certain allergies may be related to food but may actually be due to pesticides or other additives. Make sure you take this into account when testing.

To deal with food allergies, you can eliminate the food from the diet and slowly reintroduce it over a period of a few weeks to a couple of months. This will allow the body to readjust to the food. It may also be helpful to add Food Enzymes to assist with digestion.

Other products that may be beneficial for food allergies include:

Aloe Vera Juice Bowel Detox CleanStart Proactazyme Plus Small intestine Detox
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Q: Good morning everyone, I received this email and was needing some help with this. I'm use to helping teenagers and adults with yeast infection but not a 3 year old. Could someone give me advice. Thanks so much . Deb
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My daughter who will be 3 in January has had a chronic yeast infection around her mouth for about 3 months now.

I used a prescription cream called Mycelex which helped a lot, but it comes back as soon as I stop using the cream.

I have never seen a yeast infection around the outside of someone's mouth before, but it sure is virulent.

She is a bit messy when she eats, so I am constantly wiping and drying her mouth after she eats and drinks. This helps, but it's not enough.

I know I need to cut out all sugar from her diet for at least 3 weeks, and I am already giving her the good bacteria in her morning milk. (Is milk OK, or should she have only water right now?)

Can you recommend anything else I should do for her or herbs I might try giving to her? She's a tiny little thing at 24 pounds, so I don't want to overload her little system.

I would really appreciate any suggestions you can offer. Thanks so much! Sincerely, Sharon Beverly
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Deb, I work a LOT with children with yeast, even babies right after they are born. Here are the supplements I would recommend:

Bifidophilus (stronger than Acidophilus) given on an empty stomach in the morning, and bedtime.

Proactazyme Plus enzyme given with the Bifidophilus at both times.

Colostrum at bedtime.

Colloidal Silver to apply to the mouth area. It won't sting and has no taste.

Colloidal Silver (1/2 t) + Pau d' Arco liquid (5-7 drops) after breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Reduce milk as much as possible. Fresh squeezed lemon wedge into a glass of water if child will drink it. A drink of milk, alternating with a drink of water, milk, water. Do your best.

Cut out fruit juices and sugared snacks as well as foods with nitrates in them like ham, bologna, etc. If you can't cut out fruit juice water it down 1/2 and 1/2.

If child has itching in vaginal area apply colloidal silver with a cotton ball and let air dry. -Carol Matz
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I am quite confident that if the child took 1 Bifidophilus 3x per day (you can open up capsule and but it in water or right directly in mouth, preferably on empty stomach), and the colloidal silver; Can swab the colloidal silver with a q-tip on the outside area and inside the mouth as well as take 1/2 tsp 2x per day, she will see total reversal in about 7 days. -Lourdes Martinez
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Q: I have a pregnant customer in her first trimester who has a vaginal yeast infection and she needs some relief right away! Other that Bifidophilus, I wasn't certain what would be safe during pregnancy. Thanks! -Toni
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Protease based enzymes, like Proactazyme Plus or Protease Plus would be starters. Have her take 1 capsule in the morning on an empty stomach along with the Bifidophilus. Then 1 capsule before each meal and then 1 more at bedtime with another Bifidophilus. Pau d' Arco is wonderful for dealing with yeast infections. She can either take the capsules, take the liquid preparation, or make the tea from the bulk tea container ~ NSP offers all 3 options. Bifidophilus is also good for populating the intestinal tract with good friendly flora. If she is experiencing itching in the vaginal area - a quick relief is to open a capsule of Bifidophilus in a little water, stir it up(don't make it pasty, you want it to be watery), dip a cotton ball into the water and swab the whole vaginal area with it. Keep swabbing the area until all the water is gone. Use a fresh cotton ball with each dip. If possible have her lie down and let some air dry the area instead of putting underwear on right away. Do this as often as necessary for relief. -Carol Matz
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